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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texas Education? NOT!

This is what passes for education in the Texas school system. A teacher - whom the students say felt uncomfortable teaching this but it was "in the curriculum" - has students dressing up like Islamists, calling terrorists "freedom fighters" and sugar coating genocide (referring to the Holocaust as "ethnic cleansing").

Understanding other cultures is one thing, blatantly waxing over evil is something completely different.

If you are form Texas, you should be embarrassed by this story. If you are in the military, you should be outraged that this is what you are defending. If you are a victim of terrorism (here or in any where in the world) - which is, in my mind, nothing but the actions of cowards - you should be stunned and hurt. If you are an American, you should be calling the state officials responsible for this out!

The Holocaust was systematic murder with the intent of wiping out an entire culture, religion, heritage, genetic group. It was the actions of madmen who felt that simply by virtue of birth they were superior. ALL ETHNIC CLEANSING is this, no matter it was in Germany, Serbia, Uganda, Rwanda, ANYWHERE! It was / is murder. Cold, calculated, deliberate and premeditated murder. To say otherwise is sick. To teach otherwise is dangerous and reprehensible.

Islam has a long history of being a culture of advancement, beauty and richness. The modern version of extremist Islam is nothing but a bunch of thugs and manipulators with insane agendas. To represent it as anything else is not education, it is brainwashing.

Go ahead . . . agree or disagree. I don't care. But think about what this truly is and how it impacts not only the students of this twisted school system, but the future of this country. And decide if you want murderous thugs being portrayed as the good guys. If you do, shame on you. If you don't, get those letters and phone calls and emails flying to the Lone Star State! They need to be made aware of their sickness. But hell, what do I know? This is just me, after all, Thinking Out Loud.

Try to have a good day.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Afghans . . . good riddance

I am so sick and tired of reports like this and actions from Middle East (so-called) leaders.

BBC report of Afhan President ordering US Special Forces out of a particular province.

And even more sick and tired of our SO-CALLED leaders - from the White House on down - who cower from pompous, dictatorial, (oh I would so like to use profanity at this point) jerks.

An Afghan politician is "ordering" US Special Forces out. Who the hell do our boys and girls work for? OUR {PRESIDENT, not some loser who can't handle his own people. This jackal can ASK our President to remove our troops from a particular location. But just who the hell does this limp noodle terrorist puppet on a string think he is ORDERING our military ANYWHERE?!?!?!

So here is what I would do as President. (Which I know our loser commander-in-chief that couldn't lead his way out of a paper bag among REAL Americans will NEVER do because he is such a wimp!)

I would immediately order the start of removal of ALL our troops from these savage nations. (Don't get me wrong. This area of the world was once rich in culture and science and art - but is no longer due to fanatical losers who are brainwashed into blowing their own dumbasses up and taking their poor kids with them.) At the samer time, I would revoke all visas to anyone from this section of the world. I wouldn't care who they were, who they loved or what their situation was. They would be gone. Then I would restrict travel of anyone from this area of the world into the United States. They would all be routed to an airport that could be under 100% government control and had security out the ying-yang. (This would free up Americans who travel from having to have their three-year old wheel chair bound child from being patted down and traumatized.)

AND AT THE SAME TIME, I would cut off all foreign aide to these deplorable centers of fear, hate and cowardice (and letting them know this is exactly what they are and what they represent) and "redistribute" this wealth to our own people starving and homeless and without healthcare in OUR OWN COUNTRY.

Because charity begins at home.

some may say this is a bit extreme, but how should the United States react when they are constantly berated (and for actions that are the responsibility of their own people, not ours) for military actions but at the same time pleaded with to be the world's police force? How should the United States react when they are being called the "evil empire" with venom while at the same exact time being bled dry by people who can't take care of themselves?

The reason there are so many homeless, sick, poor, jobless, broken and hungry people in America (which is always being lauded as the richest nation in the world) is because we take care of so much of the world, we don't take care of our own.

As President, this is the first thing I would fix.

Well, maybe the second.

The first would be to get rid of all the special interest laden, self serving political structure that has been failing to lead us for decades.

But THEN I would send a message to the world.


Enough begging from us. Enough trying to kill us for your own shortcomings. Enough spewing your hatred at us, while all the time asking for our help. ENOUGH!

You take care of yourselves and we will take care of ourselves. Don't like it? Tough! Get your money and your rice and your oil revenues from somewhere else.

Which would be the third thing I would fix in this country if I were President.

But I'll leave that for later. maybe for my announcement in forming and exploratory committee to run for President in 2016.


Anyway, you all know the drill, agree or not, it doesn't matter to me. So long as I get you thinking for yourselves instead of listening to the spin and acting like sheep, then I will consider my job done for the day.

Have a great day.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Why liberalism without conservative oversight fails

I know its been a while but things have been kind of crazy here. And by crazy, I mostly mean just trying to survive. Since I started my self employment gig a year and a half ago, its been a month to month just trying to survive. Even though I JUST pay my rent and phone, and can contribute a little to my household bills (no TV or superfluous items in this house), I get NO assistance from the government. Sure, I could probably be eligible for some kind of assistance - food stamps and the like - I refuse to do so.

Stubborn, you say? Not really . . . okay, maybe a little. But honestly, I know there are plenty of people much worse off than me that really NEED our government to help them out. So I will not be a burden and possibly take food from hungry young mouths that have no other means.

But then I see things like this and it makes my blood boil.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the government spent $2.2 BILLION dollars subsidizing phones for people, Cell phones. Fancy cell phones with lots of bells and whistles. Which really wouldn't bother me so much because even I have found the necessity of modern times where we all must stay connected. What really burns my butt is this:

"Until last year, FCC rules didn't require carriers to certify to the FCC that subscribers were eligible. Consumers could self-certify, and in many states documentation wasn't required."

And what is the government response to this failure?

Julius Genachowski pretty much summed it up. According to the WSJ article, the FCC Chairman said "The program rules we inherited were designed for the age of the rotary phone and failed to protect the program from abuse."

Come on. Really? But what can we expect from a government official simply following his great leader's example? Put the blame on the last guy to be in charge.

But I am not going there. Not right now. Where I am going is to express that THIS is a prime example of why liberalism without proper conservative oversight is a huge fail. (Note the lack of capitalization here. "liberal" and not "Liberal".)

To want to help your fellow man and fellow American is ingrained in our very existence. It is not just a religious idea (i.e. - Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, etc), it is an American ideal framed into our founding by men and women who KNEW what persecution and elitism and ignoring the poor and weak was really like. Dig into your history books and look at the glorious wrong doings of European leaders as they ignore the pleas of the hungry, hunted down and persecuted those whose religious beliefs were not in line with the powers that be, stole from those who had little to enrich their own lives. The founding fathers had left this world to create a new one. America.

So, yes, we all feel for those who need help. But without the common sense conservatism brings to the table, such programs of aide can be abused and can run amuck.

The poor in this country need help. And seeing how the government is wholly responsible for this condition, they have an obligation, a duty, to see to the needs of these people. But the lazy and the greedy (which includes ALL levels of American society and NOT just the top money makers, Mr President) and the unscrupulous not only need not apply, but should be prosecuted and forced to work off their debt.

The latter statement, of course, does not mean prison. Oh no, I am NOT paying for these people to get three squares a day (which many Americans do not), free healthcare (of which many Americans do not have), free internet and free education (again, which many AMericans cannot afford). No. They need to work off their debt by helping the very same people whom they have hidden among and stolen from.

There always needs to be a balance or things will swiftly tilt to the extreme. Dark must have light, good must have evil, wrong must have right. And liberalism must have conservatism. The ideals presented by various groups in this country have skewed the perception of Americans that one or the other is evil. The truth, however, is that without the balance of liberalism, extreme conservatism would leave far too many in dire needs. And without the balance of conservatism, extreme liberalism would bankrupt the nation and leave everyone in dire straits.

Liberalism is the heart of America. Conservatism is the common sense of America. And those who recognize this fact are the soul of America.

Agree or disagree, it doesn't really matter to me. But take a side, for God's sake, that doesn't rely on someone else telling you what to think. Not even me. Look at everything and make an INFORMED decision. Stop being sheep, stop listening to the spin of those who only have their own interest at heart. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Until next time, take care and have a great day.