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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sometimes you just need a new one - Columbia conservative

Sometimes you just need a new one - Columbia conservative

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More bailouts? Really?

Come on now, really? more bailouts that the American public is not too keen on? When the hell is Washington going to wake up and smell the creditor's bill come due? Are they going to start ignoring China's telemarketers calling to remind them of the dunning notices? They going to block the *** numbers or the ones that say caller ID "Not Provided?"

When the White House switchboard answers their phones and the person on the other end says "Is Mister Obama there? This is the Beijing Collection Agency." are they going to say "Sorry you have the wrong number." Or are they going to say "I'm sorry, Mr. Obama is not at home right now, can you please leave a message."?

But it's for the teachers, you whine. Yeah, its for the teachers and every other government union job out there. This is a union demanded, government caving stupid bailout. It is the states who have to tighten their collective belts and stop looking to Washington for even more handouts. And our politicians have to stop bowing and scraping before these union b*****ds. It is not just teachers this thing is bailing out. It is government union jobs. We need to stop bailing people out. Give them a hand up not a hand out.

Do you know what this HANDOUT, this SOCIALIZED approach to FIXING things is going to cost you? Sure, "San Fran Nan" tells you it is paid for. Not to worry. Yeah, paid for by all those needy families on food stamps. A teacher will be able to get more money in a cash strapped system. But the kids he/she is teaching won't have had breakfast, or even dinner the night before. So how is that kid going to learn?

States want to keep their teachers? Fine. Find a way. Cut something non-essential. Stop wasting money on bullshit projects. Time to pull yourselves up by the boot straps and make the hard choices, like all those great Americans did before you.Do what every American family is having to do. Cut out some non-essential stuff for a while. Yeah, arts are great, but maybe they don't need to fund the artist doing wonderful things with matchsticks and manure for a while. And how about all the money spent on frivolous parties and such by the elected officials to celebrate their wins on the voter's dime? There is so much waste in government, duplicate efforts, that they really don't need.

Instead of growing government, like Obama is stupidly doing, we need to TRIM the government fat.

Feed a man a fish and he's not hungry anymore today. Teach a man to fish and he is not hungry anymore for a lifetime. hand out money we do not have to these union and state whiners and they will be happy today, but will come back for more tomorrow. Show them how to tighten the belt to fund the things they want and they will be good through the lean times and through the good.

But as always, this is just my opinion and there are a slew of so many opinions out there on the web and in the media for you to choose from. The only difference between me and all those other fools is that I am willing to say I could be wrong. In fact I don't want you to just take my word for it. TYo can say I am full of it or just a mean spirited old man. Or you can think I make a whole lot of sense. It makes no difference to me what you think of me. I just want you to THINK FOR YOURSELF; look at all the evidence from the real sources and decide for yourself! Don't just listen to me or any other moron with a keyboard and soap box. AND ABSOLUTELY STOP LISTENING TO EVERY WORD ANY POLITICIAN SAYS! Liberal, conservative or other. They are not looking out for you as a rule.

But heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have yourself a great day!