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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Being a man in 2013

I love this letter by John Ransom on advice for how to be / what is a man.

John writes "Firstly, God has put a special responsibility upon you to help and protect those weaker than yourself, those less fortunate than yourself and those in distress. The measure of a man is in how he meets these challenges. A good man treats those around him with kindliness and consideration especially under trying circumstances."

Responsibility. This is what separates a man and a boy. A man accepts that he has responsibilities that do not include me, me, me. And takes responsibility for his own actions. A man acts responsibly, in public and in private.

One of those responsibilities, as John points out, is protection of those weaker and less able. That is the kid being bullied, the special needs person who just wants to live their lives in dignity without being ridiculed, the elderly and the infirmed who deserve respect as human beings. The measure of difference between man and boy is such that a man does it out of kindness and compassion. A man protects those who need him not out of some hero swaggering reason. He does it because it is right to do so. A boy does it to make himself seem important.

To head off the feminist and women who would claim this ideal of manliness must mean I am misogynistic or a throwback to the days of female oppression. Neither is true. As John himself points out "It does not however mean the man is the boss of everyone. It consists of accepting the responsibility of making decisions, without any prejudice, for the good of your family; and then being accountable to God for the outcome."

Women are important in life and in the household. But a man, as head of household, does not abandon his family for selfish reasons. He does not leave a mother and children to fend for themselves. And he does NOT lord it over them. A marriage is a partnership and a family is a unit. A man will accept responsibility for tending to and protecting his family. A man understands that it is not "my word is law" in a household; he will do what is good for the family, not what makes him feel good about himself.

One of the probelms with the world today is that there are too many boys playing at being men and not enough role models for them to look up to. Celebrities who abandon their families and responsibilities, who offer up as models to young boys "ownership" of women and poor treatment and the axiom that toys make you happy. These are childish, un-manly activities. But this is what young boys see.

And they see childish boys in government acting in childish ways. NOT doing what is good for their "family" of constituents, NOT being men of responsibility, NOT looking out for the weaker ones (that is, those without the power these "men" in high office have).

If more men of honor and responsibility stepped up and offered true inspiration, perhaps this country and this world would take on a more positive hue.

Until then, it is up to pundits like John to point out the boy behavior of those who claim to be men so that the young can see the truth in their actions and NOT model themselves after such children.

Agree or disagree, it doesn't matter to me. So long as I get you to think, then all will be well.

Have a wonderful and happy 2013. Make a resolution to avoid the Spin and stop being sheep.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Morgan Freeman is wrong

Good, now that I have the attention of celebrity hounds, maybe I can enlighten you.

Morgan Freeman supposedly weighed in on who is to blame. True or not, it has sparked a wave of people who "blame" the media for "glorifying the killer." A poll at the end of the article linked above showed that an overwhelming majority of the 1500 plus people (at the time of this writing) indeed blame the media. Very few said it was that some "people are beyond reason."

Neither one of those is truly accurate. But it is proof that the real blame lies deeper. And it lies with all Americans.

I just have to say that although I commend anyone for maintaining the focus on the victims of these senseless events and I am often at odds with my colleagues in the media, I msut - to their defense - say that it is not them who makes these "household names." In fact, I will bet my next print paycheck that there would only be maybe 1 in 100 - hell, 1 in 1000 - who can name the shooters from these past crimes beyond a week or a month after the events. I don't speak the names of the Columbine shooters at my house. I would have to look them up if I were to refer to them in an article. And I bet dollars to doughnuts that as brilliant an actor as Morgan Freeman is, even HE had to look these names up. Its the news. It gets reported. It SHOULD teach us a lesson. But if the lesson it taught Morgan is that kids will want to emulate these sickos, then he got the wrong message. (Although, as stated above, it has come out that maybe Morgan did not say this, it certainly feels like something he would say in light of his recent public statements.)

So, just going to say it. People will get pissed but they can just get over it. Two things about gun control. 1) You pass a law to ban gun ownership and you end up living in a country where there is no protection from a possible dictatorship or military coup. 2) CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS NOW, so why the hell do you think they would do so with some NEW law?? Okay, one more. 3) There are laws NOW about 
what a citizen can own, how they can own it and when they can own it . . . if the law can't uphold THESE laws, what good is passing a new one?

What happens when people kill lots of other people has nothing to do with gun ownership. It has to do with a society that has become lazy. When I was a kid, we knew if we did something wrong our parents would find out because our neighbors would tell them. We knew that actions have consequences. But in America today TOO MANY people don't even know who their neighbors are, they hide behind closed doors and curtains if they hear kids doing bad things outside and there is no belief in actions = consequences anymore. Not where there is no personal responsibility anymore.

Americans are responsible for these tragedies that are happening. If we want them to stop, we have got to make some DRASTIC changes on how we live our lives. Find out who your neighbor is, get involved in your community, ACTUALLY care about the people in your community, stop holding stupid grudges, smile once in a while, be more concerned about the quality of life than the quantity of things in life, hold yourself / your kids / others accountable for their actions and don't make lame excuses for bad behavior, get into the lives of those around you and get the government out of them. Otherwise, sick people will continue to go unnoticed, signs of erratic / irrational behavior will go unchecked and more and more these things will continue to happen.

I'm done now. Yell, scream, rant, rave. Whatever. But deep inside . . . you know I'm right.

Agree or disagree, it matters not to me. What matters is you stop being hypnotized by others and come up with conclusions for yourself by using your own brains. Look at the world around you, dig deep for facts (not speculation, innuendo or what the latest celebrity or politician has to say about it) and formulate your own opinion. Do that and I will have done what I set out to do. Because, after all, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

America is STILL a sovereign nation

The UN should not be allowed to run anything that is American. PERIOD!

They should not be allowed to tell us how to write our laws. They should not be allowed to tell us how to handle our gun rights. They should not be allowed to run our military. They need to keep their grubby hand out of our wallets. And they should definitely keep their collective mitts off our internet.

We are a sovereign nation. We fought a war 236 years ago that says so. We broke from a distant regime that tried to rule us then and we should not allow these foreigners any power to do so today.

I don't mean we should not cooperate with our neighbors in this world. But let them run their own damn countries and leave ours alone. The internal workings of America is OUR business, not theirs.

The minute our leaders abdicate our rights in the name of world cooperation is the minute we kick their collective butts out of office. And I mean that. I don't care if its a Democrat or Republican controlled government Administration. The UN has no business trying to run our country. Despite what has been going on the last several decades, America is run by Americans. True, the people have had very little say in our own government, but that is OUR fault. Collectively, we have given up our rights to an ever expanding Federal control. But it is still our American Federal government. The folks at the UN have a different idea.

And that simply cannot be allowed.

Get involved. Call and / or write your local, state and Federal officials. Tell them not only NO but HELL NO! to the UN takeover of America!

You can agree or disagree with this that the UN needs to stay out of America's business. You can agree or disagree that we need to maintain the sovereignty we fought to get and maintain over the past 236 years. But whatever you do, do NOT sit idly by as our leaders sell us down the river. Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Women rightfully complain but are also hypocrites

Okay, here is a video I think is very important in term of message about women needing to rail against the media's massively disgusting imagery of women.

But at the same time, they sit and whine about something halfway through that just pisses me off.

They rightfully state that 51% of the US populations women and yet only 17% of Congress is women. There are more women in politics in China, Iraq, and Cuba than in the United States. In fact, the US stands at number 90 in terms of women in legislative positions.

But these are the same women who jumped right on the band wagon of misogyny in 2008 when all the media attacks against Sarah Palin derailed an important election. I don't care who you wanted or who you voted for in that election, you cannot deny the downturn in American politics that took place amidst all the bitch, ditz and sexist comments about a former Governor. All efforts were made to minimize the fact that she had immense qualifications for office, a proven track record of non-partisan efforts for the citizens of her state - just so they could remind everyone she was a beauty pageant contestant, meaning she couldn't possibly have a brain. (Remember the bikini clad, gun totting Palin photoshopped picture circulating around the internet and in print magazines? Remember the Tina Fey SNL parody that was often erroneously quoted as having been said by Palin herself . . . and the liberal folks at SNL who perpetuated the lie?)

All these women were right there with the major media dismissing Palin, jumping on the Misogyny Bandwagon. Why? Why would these people who complain about being 90th in the world for women in legislature demean a woman? I couldn't tell you why these women are such hypocrites.

They also did it to Hilary Clinton, but to a lesser degree. That was just as wrong.

So how can you take what they say now seriously when they are such hypocritical sods?

Well, no matter where you fall on their hypocrisy, their message against an industry that thinks this is how we view / should view women is still valid.

So, watch. React. Fight against this and all stereotypes. Call the television stations, write the advertisers. Threaten boycott. Or better yet, ACTUALLY boycott. Threats do nothing, but when they see their sales TANKING . . . well, you know the old saying. Money talks.

Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, whiners are whiners, right? So Obama won. Big deal. Get over it.

This is the call from the left.

Its a mandate, some cry out. You lost. Stop whining you big babies.

All the Chris Matthews of the world clamber.

So what is with the rush by 30 states now to file petitions on the government's We The People website?

Is it really a bunch of people who lost the election crying in their beer that they didn't get their way? Is it a bunch of rich white people who hate poor black America? Is it thieving, conniving  Republicans who want to steal money form little old ladies, push grandma over a cliff and rip-off poor young students? Is it a bunch of racist pigs who want to stop poor latinos from getting into America?

Or is it something more? Could it be a reaction by true patriots who want to stop the madness that has left America on the brink of third world status? Could it be anger of the other half of America who don't want to see the country plunge into the abyss of European socialism? Could it be citizens who understand what the Federal government has been doing over the past several decades in gathering power they were never meant to have?

Maybe its just a bunch of pissed off people who are tired of a government intent on treating fully grown adults as irresponsible children all the while acting like the mindless irresponsible morons who couldn't figure out that 25 cents a pound is better than $60,000 a ton.

Maybe its a way for the common people to actually get a deaf government - who thinks they know better and we would too if they could only explain it better to us - to LISTEN to us.

The real issue behind the petitions of secession is to place the President on notice that there was no landslide, no mandate, and that the Federal Government as envisioned by the founders (read the Federalist Papers to understand how far we have traveled away) has been seriously eroded. Madison argued for a central federal government by dismissing claims that it would become too powerful and steal the rightful power of the states and the people. Despite Madison's assurances, this is exactly what has happened. These petitions are a response by a frustrated and angry citizenry. The President, Congress and the Federal government as a whole need to listen. If they don't, it will only get worse. These petitions of secession are not threats but cries for a government out of control to return to one of the people, for the people and by the people.

Agree, disagree, but stop listening to the Party apparatus on both sides. Research the things this is about, check out what the actual people are saying, ignore what the SPIN masters are saying and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF what you think about it. No matter how you come to a thought on this issue make sure it is YOUR thoughts. No matter what you decide, so long as YOU decide, then I will have done what I set out to do. After all, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eliminate FEMA? Hell yes!

People are so upset that Romney wants to eliminate FEMA.

But what the heck is so wrong with that? I mean, FEMA is a federal agency, right? How are federal agencies funded? By us, thats who! Through taxes! So we pay less federal taxes. We will still need to pay taxes, but to the state emergency management agencies.

Think about it.

Local taxes to be distributed by local agencies for local emergencies. Makes more sense to me. Instead of having to go through all the federal red tape when we need emergency situation funding, we do it through our local agencies. No more crap from the feds on what is and what is not an emergency. instead of our governors begging for money from the federal government, they can just take care of it themselves.

$3.6 BILLION dollars to fund FEMA. But what if the states had access to that right away? faster response, better services and more accountability of the state governments to their local citizenry.

Americans have gotten so used to the nanny state mentality of the federal government. They have forgotten that when the founders created the federal government they envisioned a weak form that was accountable to the states and not the other way around. They have forgotten that if the federal government oversteps their bounds, the states have not only a right but a RESPONSIBILITY to stop them.

We need MORE federal government agencies cut! Not less.

But thats just my thoughts. Gotta go now because I have no power (thank you Hurricane Sandy) and have to leave where I am. So agree or not, doesn't matter, just so long as I get you to think and stop listening to the SPIN. This is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day and be safe.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders full of women? Seriously?

"Binders full of women"?? Seriously, this is what you people have to talk about?

Good God in heaven . . . don't you trolls have anything better to do than find NON-ISSUES to make a big deal out of? Is this a liberal or Democratic flim flam? Because I cannot imagine people of good intellect taking that statement and running amok with it . . . 

Okay, so I am re-thinking this. Most people are willing to be told what to think. So I should not be surprised when someone is making a positive statement about how there are LOTS of women qualified to fill positions out there. And that this person went out of their way top break the stereotypical response of just hiring qualified men. AND THEN people go completely ape**** over the comment.

And THIS is the important thing you take from a debate over important issues.

You people are 100% daft!

To quote a fictional President, "We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them."

We need serious people to solve our problems. I just don't think there is anyone in politics that takes anything serious unless it has to do with their pay, what favors they can get for their cooperation and keeping their political office until they have milked it for all they can.

Another couple of quotes from that same movie has a lot to say about the people who are voting these morons into office. 

"Lewis Rothschild: People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand.

President Andrew Shepherd: Lewis, we've had presidents who were beloved, who couldn't find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight. People don't drink the sand because they're thirsty. They drink the sand because they don't know the difference." 

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the voting public. The American people are inundated and flim-flammed by so much spin, they just don't know the difference between charismatic and true leadership.

And they don't realize they will be paying the price for their stupidity.

To that thought, if the point of the President's debate strategy was to point out that Mitt Romney is a "rich guy who doesn't care about the middle class", this dumbo-eared nit wit needs to look in the mirror. He has (not single-handedly because there are hundreds in DC who are the same) destroyed the middle class in this country. And, um, he might want to peer at his checking account because he is a pretty "rich guy" himself.

Agree, disagree, it really doesn't matter. If I can get you to turn your on brain back on and stop listening to the guys who get paid the big bucks to tell you what to think, then there may be hope. EIther way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

But remember, there is less than a month until election day. Something needs to give.

Have a great day.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not a celebration? Really?!

A high school in Pennsylvania celebrated communism and the Russian Revolution at a football game half time show. This is disturbing. But also more disturbing than the issue of a high school band in the US that would not only have this as a theme but would also have their members wander around with sickles and hammers – what is more disturbing is the ignorance (go look up the definition before you start freaking) of our high school age children. Here is the response to the news article by one young lady who, by the sound of it, goes to the school. Young Ms Miller said, Are you kidding me? It's a marching band for jeez sakes. Just because we do a war theme, doesn't mean that we're celebrating it! This "reporter" has failed to do his research, which should have been done better, and didn't realise that in the past we have done Freedom, The Homefront, and Medieval Images. Just because a marching band has a theme doesn't mean that that's what they celebrate. So does that mean that when the theme is spy, the whole band automatically become spies? NO. Or when they do a theme that has the colorguard dress like flappers, does that mean their whores, NOPE. So why is it as soon as a band does something that ONE parent doesn't think is right, everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and makes a big deal about it? We're all just highschool kids. We'll go along with anything that has a killer drumline and where we get to put our instruments down and actually do something other then march around the field and play. You don't see them out there marching around with smiles and jumping for joy. They are in no way CELEBRATING the Russian Revolution. All these comments make me sick to my stomach, talking about it being no different then marching around with a swastika, that's a HUGE difference. We live in such a messed up society today.”

First, my response to Ms Miller is, OMG (slang for Oh My Gawd, for those of you not up to speed), are you serious child? I continued:

The “reporter” (her brackets, not mine) did indeed do their So if Hitler were alive today, or Stalin, or if Manson were free, you would follow them because they offered you something with a "killer drumline"?? Do you learn nothing in school? "Just high school kids" who will "go along with anything"??? Not only don't you know or understand history, or the fact that when "a band does something" they are intentionally celebrating it. Are they not celebrating the music of the fifties when they do a "rock around the clock theme"? Are they not, as you mentioned the freedom theme, celebrating "freedom" with that? Even a teenage high school child should have more common sense than that. It is a messed up society where kids celebrate mass murder, cheer on celebrities who do drugs and abuse their spouses, and have no clear idea of what this country stands for. I not only blame the schools, but the parents who allowed the schools to teach our children these screwed up values and ideals.

There were some who read this article that were as delusional as this poor child. They encouraged her and said she had some good points. I have to wonder what points they felt were “good”? If they were all marching around with American flags it would indeed have been a celebration. So what would it have meant of they were all marching around with swastikas? Pretty freaking sick. And for all those who suffered under the results of the Russian Revolution – the victims of Stalin's own ethnic cleansing (the ethnicity being anyone who was against the state, anyone who placed God above the “common good of the state) – hearing of these high school children running around the symbols of oppression would definitely have felt the same as all those who decry the example of the swastika.

No matter how you slice it, the marching band, the half time show, were celebrating the Russian Revolution. And they must live with the pain they have caused. Man up. Take responsibility for your actions. If you admit it was a celebration, do it. If you realize “oh, crap, we did something insensitive” than grow up and apologize. Don't justify it as simply just doing what you were told.

That excuse has been used by so many to justify so much horror.

Agree or not. Doesn't matter. This is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Friend of Mine

The presumption and audacity of these political emails is getting just too much for me. I kept getting them even though they were getting just too much full of BS than I could take. Because that is part of my job - keeping up with the campaigns and all they are saying and doing. But now I have to just "unsubscribe" because lately they have gotten way out of hand.

Like this recent one I got from Kal Penn. You know Kal, the actor who thinks he's a public servant - no, wait, he's an actor - nope, nope, he's a public servant. He keeps bouncing back and forth between an Administration position and acting, which he keeps resigning and can't figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

So, anyway, Kal writes:

Friend (yes, we're friends) --

In 2007, I spent a few months in Iowa before the caucuses, getting all sorts of folks fired up to cast their vote for this guy named Barack Obama.

What I remember most: It was shockingly, painfully cold. And fun.

Actually, super fun. And easier than I thought, to talk to total strangers and ask them to vote. That's why I traveled to 25 other states for the President in 2008, and why I'm volunteering again. Well, that and because we don't want to see the progress we've made on everything from student loans to health care get turned back.

You could play that role this year, by joining Vote Corps -- a group of the most dedicated organizers out there.

If you join, you'll be doing exactly what I did -- going to one of the most critical states for a few weeks leading up to Election Day, and making sure people there go to the polls.

You'll make phone calls, knock on doors, and have one-on-one conversations with people about why you support President Obama. It's important, fun stuff.

Yeah, you'll be a volunteer, but the local staff, fellow volunteers, and people you meet will make it worth your while in donuts, love, and appreciation (and let's face it, donuts are legit).

Whenever you arrive, they'll want you to stay through Election Day -- and take my word for it, that'll be the best part. On Election Day in 2008, I was in Florida with a bunch of awesome young volunteers (and their sweet robot, pic below). Where will I go this year? Where will you go?

Sign up now to join Vote Corps, and a really nice organizer will drop you a line to tell you more:

Just tell them Kal said you should do this. Because I did. And then fist bump and hug it out with your new friends. Smell that? It's freedom.



Sorry, Kal, but you are no friend of mine. If you were, you would know that I don't consider it progress to have hundreds of millions out of work. Not just out of work, but no longer looking for work. I don't consider a great man one who would discount these Americans because it makes a statistical upswing when they fall off the rolls of the unemployed assisted people onto the rolls of the forgotten. Obama complains about Romney's 47% gaff. Yet he consistently ignores that many and more when he talks about how many people want him to keep "moving forward."

Kal, if you were really a friend, you would know that I only keep the truly delusional ones like you because I personally like them. I don't even think your acting is all that great. And as for liking you for you, I don't even know you. So how could I decide to keep such a delusional friend.

Really, Kal, you need to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Until then, you need to leave politics to the adults.

As for volunteering for ANYTHING political, I certainly won't be doing so just because some actor - be you Kal Penn or Clint Eastwood - TOLD me I should. Most actors don't know their political truths from a hole in their butt. they live in Hollywood's make believe vault.

So Kal, one last bit here. Stop sending me emails. I have unsubscribed. Can't the political morons who populate these campaign offices even figure out that a do not call and do not email list actually has the word "NOT" in it?

Anyway, as usual, you can decide for yourself what you think. In fact, I PREFER you start thinking for yourself and stop listneing to twitlets like Kal Penn, or anyone who would tell you to do something "because they said so." Because this is, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Them's the choices??

In Missouri, they are saying - and by they, I mean Democrats - that the 1% gap between the two choices for Congress is worrisome. I agree. But not for the reasons they - again, the Democrats - are saying.

Here's the email from Jennifer Granholm - you know her, the former Canadian governor of Michigan - about the situation in Missouri.

"Despite Todd Akin belittling rape survivors, the Tea Party’s largest Super PAC is considering throwing millions behind him. And today, projections show Republicans could take over the Senate by a single seat. Here are the latest polls:
September 22, 2012
MissouriClaire McCaskill (D)-45Todd Akin (R)-44
MassachusettsElizabeth Warren (D)-48Scott Brown (R)-46
ArizonaRichard Carmona (D)-43Jeff Flake (R)-44

An Akin victory could actually hand Republicans control of the Senate. 
You have only eight days to stop them — we’re up against the final and most vital end-of-quarter deadline."

So here is my thought . . . Them's the choices?? Holy crap, I don't want to see either one of these scatter-brained nitwits anywhere near the seats of legislative power in this country. I mean, it is a no-brainer that a stupid, neanderthal such as Akin should not only be booted to some curb but be placed in solitary confinement so he doesn't hurt anyone. So, I don't think I really need to go any further. This man is simply put an embarrassment to both men and humanity. End of discussion.

But McCaskill is so liberal that it has got to make her eye teeth hurt just to think or speak.

McCaskill's voting record is s sight to behold. Really. Here, just go and behold it. She is willing to vote for just about anythynig that has a mandate but no way to pay for it. She won't limit handouts to farmers who really don't need it. She won't prohibit drug companies from delaying the release of generic drugs - oh but she will mandate you gotta get Obamacare. She will demand more taxes be paid by those who are already paying the lion's share (thus ensuring they don't have any capital to create jobs - while MILLIONS of Americans suffer without work) but WILL pass a tax cut to the middle class equating to NOTHING that will do the middle class any good.

The only thing of late she has steered clear of voting on is - sugar subsidies. Guess her liberal sweet tooth couldn't stand that much saccharine.

So, the choices in Missouri are just an example of what choices Americans have at the polls. Between two evils. Just like in the Presidential race.

Obama or Romney.

But thats the media for you. They will TELL you these are your only choices.

Just like in Missouri - where the choices are ACTUALLY Akin, McCaskill OR Jonathan Dine - on the Presidential scene, in most states (47 right now) there is the choice between Obama, Romney OR Gary Johnson. Now, you might not really like Dine in Missouri, but he does offer a third choice.

And you might not like Johnson, but he offers a third option - a LEGITIMATE option to having to choose between the lessor of two evils.

Johnson is the former two-term Governor of New Mexico. He has an impressive list of accomplishments as Governor, battling things that this President has not been able to tackle properly. He has definitive things to say about the issues. Not just vague promises of Hope and Change.

So, despite what the popular media - whose ethics should be called into question daily - would have you believe the choices are limited to the ones THEY want in office, the choices are actually bigger than you thought. An informed voter makes for a better America. A popularity contest makes for a worse world.

You decide.

Agree, disagree . . . I don't care. Just get informed, use your brain, and stop swallowing the drivel they - the politicians, the media, the spin doctors - are forcing down your throats. Do that and it will be better all around. As for me, as usual, I'm just here Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama and Romney Hammered

A person by the name of Hugh Atkin (don't know if that's their real name or not, or of its actually a group of people, or whatever – but hell, it doesn't matter really) created some great videos. I heard the first one on the radio this morning and found the second when I looked the first up on the internet. Here's the two of them. They will make you think. And laugh. Or not.

When President Obama said “you didn't build that” he set off a FIRESTORM of controversy among Republicans, Independents, business people and just about anyone with a brain. Atkin put together this piece set to MC Hammer's “You Can't Touch This” song. (

But to be equally cognizant of issues everyone (independents, conservatives and liberals) have with Mitt Romney, he put out this little video to an Eminem song. (Disclaimer – I am not thrilled by a particular word in the song. It must be Eminem's originally but I don't listen to him, so can't figure why Atkin put it in.) (

Now, here's another video, not by Atkin, that I think you should check out. (

Just saying.

Agree or not, laugh or not, it doesn't matter. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The politics of hypocrisy

Okay, so I get an email from the Democrats. Here's what it said.

"National Republicans have just launched blatantly deceptive attack ads against Dr. David Gill, our Democratic candidate for Congress in southern Illinois. If you haven’t seen the ads, they’re a shameful attempt to confuse voters in a key race that could help us win a Democratic House majority."

Now here is the reason I say it is not only hypocrisy but its lunacy. Because all you have to do is substitute the other side and it is just as legitimate an argument.

"National Democrats have just launched blatantly deceptive attack ads against Rodney Davis, our Republican candidate for Congress in southern Illinois. If you haven’t seen the ads, they’re a shameful attempt to confuse voters in a key race that could help us keep a Republican House majority."

See, the GOP could run the same ad.

But the rest of the email could actually be used by both parties.

"The truth is Dr. Gill will work with President Obama to expand access to health care . . ."

If you're a Democrat, you LOVE this guy. If you're smart - er, I mean - a Republican, you HATE this guy.

Anyway, I think voting for NEITHER party would be best for America. Lets throw all the jerks out on their back sides and start with people who remember it is not supposed to be a CAREER to be in politics. You were never meant to stay in COngress for DECADES. You were supposed to do your civic duty, represent your neighbors and then GO HOME. Some of these cretins just forgot to go home. So its time for us to tell them to do so.

As for President, the two gunning for the job - one a donkey and the other an elephant, make what you will from those true references - are not worth our spit. They continue to "blame the other guy" instead of telling us EXACTLY how they are going to fix things. (Four years ago, the country's majority went with the vague HOPE and CHANGE guy without getting specifics and we can see what a complete shambles that has wrought us.)

So why not go with Gary Johnson? He has specifics. He is talking about what we want government to do. (At least those of us not too lazy to work for a living, dream for a brighter future and are willing to take responsibility for ourselves.) Less government intrusion into our loves. Smaller government. Which, of course will lead to less taxes because THAT is what our taxes are supposed to be for - paying to run the Federal government, not pay down some ludicrous debt.

So lets all vote out as many of these losers as we can and fill the seats with citizen servants and NOT politicians.

I actually dare you, America.

Agree with me or not, just think about it. I do that and we have as possible better future. DON'T THINK and you get what you have . . . and in my book, thats pretty pathetic.

Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of muslims??

I will state right off the bat, I HAVE NOT seen the short film "Innocence of Muslims." Nor will I see it. There are some things I have no interest in watching. Like Seinfeld. Just not my cup of tea.

That being said, I am appalled at the violence sweeping the Muslim world against anyone they damn well feel like.

Someone made a movie that insults them. Hell, they insult me 24 hours a day with their BS rhetoric and their hate! See me bombing their buildings? See me Killing anyone I damn well feel like and justifying with BS rhetoric? NO!

I am getting really really pissed off at not only these damn cowards . . . and make no mistake, they ARE cowards who I believe that Mohammed himself would condemn . . . who kill just because they LIKE killing. They need no excuse.

Proof? Okay, see any of them marching up to the front door of the people how made the movie they are mad about and showing their anger or displeasure? NO! They freaking go and attack a building that has NOTHING TO DO with the movie! The kill people who have NOTHING TO DO with the movie!!


And our freaking President is always treating them with kid gloves, damn near apologizing to them for being an American. His lackluster condemnation of these acts by people who are no less than TERRORIST is deplorable.

I say cut off all aid to these ridiculous terrorist nations. Stop sending them money. Stop sending them food. Stop fixing their roads and buildings and farms. Stop dealing with them until they decide to act like civilized people and not crazed barbaric animals. Because that is what they are behaving like. Animals.

This may seem harsh but it is being borne out of anger. Anger that they are allowed to get away with it. ENCOURAGED to continue this behaviour by a world who is too afraid to tell them to stop. Too afraid to tell the spoiled little tantrum prone children to stop.

And for all you bleeding hearts who say "oh but they're just being bad because we've been so mean to them" all I have to say is this.


But I can be.

And I don't mean sinking to their level and flattening their entire country (although I am angry enough to want to do this). I mean boycotting Muslim business here and abroad. Calling my elected officials and threatening not voting for them if they don't immediately sanction their countries. Calling on everyone to do the same. And demanding aid organizations stop rewarding their bad behaviour.

You can agree or not. It doesn't matter. Parents reprimand children who throw tantrums. Can we do any less to those who would resort to murder and violence because someone said something they didn't like? You can go along with me and contact those who can do something about these terrorist or you can just ignore their sick and abhorrent actions. Either way, this is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a better day.


Monday, September 10, 2012

We need responsible people EVERYWHERE

(This is from Townhall's Conservative Cartoons of the Day.

THIS is what I have been talking about.

But its not just bozo politicians. It is the insipid nature of people who are frustrated, confused or apathetic who also need ot take some responsibility.

We wouldn't need government involvement in so many parts of our lives if people would just take responsibility for their lives and their situation.

Ah, forget it. Talking to you people about this is like talking to a wall. Except the wall might actually absorb some of what I say.

Have a . . . whatever day.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This "racism" crap is getting OLD

This is not getting ridiculous, this IS ridiculous!

I am so sick and tired of the racism crap that is being slashed around the political arena and being repeated by the mindless drones of their ideological parties! This is just the latest BS, and the {President needs to come out and tell his supporters he will fire any staffers who repeat this drivel. So should Romney. I not only dare them to do this, I DEMAND they do this.

Am I naive or stupid enough to think racism doesn't exist? Of course not. Are there white people who hate black people simply because they are black? Yes. Are there black people who hate white people simply because they are white? You better damned well believe it. So long as there are people who are so lazy as to blame others for their lot in life, then there will be bigotry of many sorts.

But for politicians and political groups who continue to USE racism as an excuse or a weapon, well, this is unconscionable and they should not be in the public servant arena. And that includes Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Judges, Presidential candidates, et al.

Constantly shouting racism at anyone who disagrees does a disservice to America. And anyone who keeps doing it is un-American. They are not only NOT patriotic, but they are traitors to the ideals of America.

Yes, I went there. They are traitors. America is about the celebration of freedom by ALL diverse groups. America was founded by English, German, Polish, Jews, Christians, Afrikaner . . . all manner of peoples. Their common link was a desire for freedom. A desire to live among like minded freedom lovers. Sure there are diverse cultures. There are diverse skin tones. There are diverse religions. And all are invited and excited to live in a country where you can be all of these without fear of someone coming in the night to cart you off and never be heard from again.

In America, you don't have to belong to a specific religion. In America you don't have to be quiet when you disagree with the government. In America, a rich boy or a poor girl can grow up to be whatever they want . . . even President.

That is the promise of America. And those who purposefully try to divide this country just so they can get the lion's share of the vote do America, its citizens, founding fathers and the promise a disservice.

Prejudice of any kind has NO PLACE in the service of American. Without the diversity of America, it is no more. Without the faiths of America, it is no more. If there is no business to provide jobs and no employees to provide a workforce, it is no more. If there is no entrepreneurial or patriotic spirit among the people of America, IT IS NO MORE!

I repeat my call.

PRESIDENT OBAMA, fire anyone who would divide this country. And stop using rhetoric yourself doing this. Including your ridiculously foot-in-mouth addled VP!

MR. ROMNEY, fire anyone who would divide this country. And stop playing the political games your "advisors" are presenting you with. No more references to birth certificates.

This country has serious problems without our politicians waging race and class warfare.

Keep it up, and come November I will plead, call for, demand cajole everyone I know and everyone they know and so on and so on, to vote for anyone BUT you two.

You have one week to declare your campaigns free of this nonsense. Then I start advocating for ANYONE other than you two.

You say what is one lone voice in the wilderness? I say it is an American voice. I don't matter. But America matters. Americans matter. The ideals that framed this country MATTER. You two do not. I remind you of many instances in American history where one voice mattered.

In 1800, one vote decided a Presidency. In 1839, one vote decided the Governor of Massachusetts. In 1845, one vote brought Texas into the union and in 1846, one vote decided entrance into war. And in 1920, one vote gave women the vote.

So, one voice can make a difference. And even if it doesn't, then does it really matter to you? Agree or disagree with me, does it matter? But if I get you thinking for yourself instead of listening to the SPIN of people who do NOT have your interest or the interest of America at the forefront, than I will have done something useful. But hell, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

There is NO Fact Checking from a biased media

I love this post by Ed Morrissey over at!!

True, it has its own leaning. I mean he is defending his "side", but he is also pointing out the failure of today's media in not only their duties as the Fourth Estate but in their professionalism. How sad that they can't even do something as simple as research before stating "facts" that are easily proven wrong.

Which brings me to my main gripe (and no, its not the failure of today's so-called professionals in journalism).

Okay, yes it is.

I am so sick and tired of these people making all this money NOT doing the job they are supposed to be doing. All of them! CNN, FOX, NY Times, etc . . . every last one of these cretins who make big bucks while those of us in "alternative" media struggle. We have been holding BOTH sides accountable for the past (nearly) decade. And we make either NOTHING or peanuts. Not that I don't get other, personal, benefits from doing what I do. But it annoys me that these "professionals" make a mockery of journalism by getting paid to do something that is NOT journalism.

So why do we, the alternative media, do it? I can't answer why anyone else does it. I know there are ways to make money on blogs, but I have been unable to figure that out. I know there are ways to reach the "right" people and turn your successful blog into an earning opportunity. Those in positions of help don't seem to be reading mine.

So I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

And that is kind of the point of why I do it. I have a passion for it. I have a need to vent my feelings and make use of this small talent I possess to get people to think for themselves. I believe in the fourth estate. I believe that those in power need to be held accountable by the people and that the people need to be protected from those in power. Because, lets face it, even those with the best of intentions can be pulled from the straight and narrow path of "serving" their constituents. And it is our duty, those of us who have a modicum of skills in news gathering and presentation to remind them of their duty to the people.

Maybe those in the mainstream media who lean one way or the other have forgotten the passion. Maybe they never had it in the first place. I don't know. I just know they are far from the professionals they claim to be. Sure they make the money, but they don't do the job.

Anyway, enough of that particular rant. It doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. The point is that I just want you to start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to politicians who TELL you what to think, and these so-called professionals in the media who use their gifts to SPIN their thoughts into yours. Do that and I will consider my work done. Either way, its okay. Because this is, as usual, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Politicians and the economy - maybe we need NEW ones

Back in August of 2010, when I was living in Columbia, SC - before my life was laid waste by a young woman with a serious mental illness - when I was the Columbia Conservative Examiner, I wrote an opinion piece.

It was called "Sometimes you just need a new one."

It bears repeating here. And I'll tell you why afterwards.

My five-year old grandson came up to me with a small inflatable basketball. He asked me to blow it up. I suspected that there was a hole in it but I went ahead and wore out my lungs blowing the darn thing up anyway. Sure enough, there was a small leak in it. Slowly, it began to deflate again.

"Sorry, pal," I explained to him. "It won't stay inflated. It has a hole in it." I then squeezed on the ball to show him where the air was coming out. He took the shriveling plastic globe and looked at it for a second. Then he said, "I know how to fix it."

"You can open it up,” he thoughtfully explained to me. “And put money inside. That will fix it."

I explained that putting money in it would not fix the hole. But he insisted it would. I then showed him the tube and said money would not fit in there.

"Yes, it will," he insisted. Then he looked around, spied a dime and said, "It just has to be a little money."

I took the dime and showed him it would not fit in the tiny tube.

"Sorry, pal," I explained. "Money won't fix the problem." Sadly, he took the ball, looked at it for a second then cheerfully turned to his brother and said, "Wanna go play in our room."

And off they went, deflated ball forgotten on the floor. Ah, the resilience of youth.

Then I wistfully wondered why Democrats are not so easily taught. You can show them the tube, explain that not only will the money not fit into the tube, it won't fix the problem. And they will keep trying to shove that dime or penny or quarter into the hole and insisting it will fit and it will fix the problem.

The stimulus money, what little was actually spent trying to stimulate anything, was a total bust. But what do they (those in power - aka the Democrats and the Obama Administration) want to do? They want to keep trying to shove money into that tube. Even if they force the tube wide enough to accept the dime, no amount of money is going to cover up a hole in the ball. It may sit on it for a little while, keeping some air from escaping. But in the long run, the air will still keep whistling out of the hole, the money will shift, and the initial problem will not get fixed.

And then you have the problem of closing the hole you widened to get that dime through in the first place.

The only way to fix a hole in a plastic ball is to use the right patch for the job, wait for it to set, then slowly re-inflate the ball to make sure the patch stays. And sometimes, you have to just accept the fact that the ball is not going to be fixed and you need to just go ahead and get a new one.

But as much as some politicians act like a five-year old, we just have to accept the fact that they're not as smart. And we have to just go ahead and get some new ones. Politicians that is, not five-year olds.

Now, the reason I bring this back up, because the economy is still in the toilet. The whole has still not been patched and the powers that be thing it needs MORE money shoved into it. Not only are they delusional, but they are using the problems in this country to consolidate power into their own hands and OUT of the hands of the people.

Don't get me wrong. Both parties are playing these stupid games of consolidation. Both parties are steering America off a cliff. The Obama Administration with its stupid politics of fiscal ruin and European style revision. It didn't work for them, it sure as HELL is not going to work here.

AND the Grand Old Party is doing with controlling manipulation and sneaky politics.

AND BOTH PARTIES are doing it with the extreme division of this great nation.

Look, it takes the heart of a liberal and the common sense of a conservative to find and administer solutions. Compassion to want to help those in need and a steely eye to make sure those who would take advantage of another's compassion to make sure there is the means to help those in need.

You can agree or disagree. I don't care. But if you want this country to regain its footing as the greatest nation on the earth and begin leading the way again, then you need to stop listening to all those spinners out there and start thinking for yourself. If I get you to at least do that, than I will consider this time well spent. But hey, this is just me, as usual, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney chooses Ryan and Democrats choose same old lies

Romney chooses Ryan and the Democrats choose to go with the same old lies that didn't work months ago.

Here's an email, which came out just after Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate.

This from Obama for America staffer, Patty Murray:

"The news just broke: Mitt Romney has announced GOP Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan is best known for the extreme budget that bears his name -- one that would end Medicare as we know it while giving huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. A Romney-Ryan ticket is a frightening prospect for the middle class and anyone who might one day need Medicare or Social Security."

Problem is, that denounced this is patently untrue back in April, May, July, etc, etc.

So why go with the same old lies?

Because the party faithful and the uneducated masses out there will believe it. Say it enough times and people will just believe you on anything. At least that is what President Obama and the Democratic machine want you to do. Believe everything they say no matter how false, unprovable or just plain stupid it is.

Anyway, Ryan was a good choice, and one that I had been saying for some time privately. (I don't go about speculating on running mates because they never pick who you SAY they will. And you just end up looking stupid.)

He is an intelligent, well spoken, passionate patriot who really has shown he has a backbone and won't back down to opposition pressure. He has represented his state well while keeping the needs of the country forefront in his mind. This is how all members of Congress should act. But they don't, of course. The only downside to Ryan being chosen as Romney's VP, is that it will be one less intelligent voice in Congress when Romney wins the White House in november.

That's right. I said WHEN Romney wins the White House in November.

I think with the choice of Paul as his VP, Romney has swung enough Republican voters to actually voting in November. So many were of the opinion that it didn't matter because Romney was not their choice and he didn't stand a chance of winning.

I predict (which I will rarely do in print) that the polls will show a dramatic increase in Republicans and independents for Romney. I predict a majority of states will be leaning toward Mitt by late September and early October. I predict that Obama's "slight edge" in the polls will slip markedly after Ryan and Biden participate in the VP debate on October 11.

So, as the Democrats whip up the frenzy of the Party drones and uneducated America, just remember, you heard it hear first. This will be the first of many "really stupid moments" in the 2012 Democratic campaign now that the tickets are complete.

Anyway, agree or not, doesn't matter to me. Your use of that gray matter between your ears does matter to all of America. Use it instead of leaving for others to fill. Think about what is being said. Look into the truths and lies. Decide for yourself. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Holder's incompetence not just a headline

You may say I don't like Eric Holder simply because he is part of the Obama Administration. And I obviously don't agree with much the Obama Administration has done since taking office nearly four years ago.

BUt the fact is, I just don't like Eric Holder.

He is incompetent and arrogant and, quite frankly and in my opinion, a racist.

But it is much worse than that. Holder's incompetence is much, much more than just a headline to be splashed about in an election year. He is a menace to people's lives. And I don't say that in a grandiose frame. I mean he is a menace to very specific individuals' lives.

Take, for example, the case of Special Agent Jay Dobyns.

This ATF agent has had his family threatened and nearly murdered, his home burnt down b y criminals in retaliation for putting them in prison, his job on the line for demanding his supervisors follow up on the investigation of the fire and the protection of his family, and even been the subject of an investigation as a retaliation by his own department. He is one of the whistleblowers who brought evidence of the incompetence and corruption of his bosses in the Fast and Furious case.

But since Holder is teflon on that case, it seems he is teflon on all cases of his own incompetence. But his incompetence and arrogance is not only becoming a a block to the Constitutional freedoms of Americans (as in his dismissals of cases involving the rights of Americans to vote without intimidation), but he is dangerous to individual lives as well.

Eric Holder is, simply put, a hinderance to the security of America, of American idealism and to American's indvidual rights and very lives. His arrogance makes him feel it not necessary to resign. His incompetence makes it IMPERATIVE he be removed from office. Obama's reluctance to demand either gives him confidence, as the ATF supervisor had and has by his own removal not happening, to stay right where he is.

If Obama does NOTHING else of any significance in the days leading up to and after the elections, he has to gather his scrawny little testicles and FIRE this dangerous man.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it until it happens. ERIC HOLDER MUST GO!

Come on, Mr President, grow a pair. Make him resign today or fire him!

Anyway, you can agree with me or not. So long as I get you to think about what is going on and use that brain of yours to decide what to do without anyone, even me, telling you what to think, then I feel I have done something worthwhile. This is America, after all. The land where individual courage, strength of conviction, passionate enthusiasm and brilliant innovation has been leading the world for 236 years. No matter how you feel about what I say, though, its okay. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Democratic mouthpiece mum on Reid's outrageous claims

Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Democratic Congressman from the state of New York, is also the spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee. She is always running her mouth about one thing or another. But about Harry Reid's outrageous claims on the floor of the U.S. Senate, in his capacity as majority leader of the Senate, she has nothing to say.

Last week, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said he had evidence that Mitt Romney has not paid his taxes in over a decade. But he will only say it is an "anonymous source", reportedly someone form Bain Capital.

To start, Romney has not worked at Bain Capital in over ten years. So what the hell would someone, an Anonymous Source from there, know about Romney's taxes.

Second, if Reid has evidence of a Presidential candidate committing a felony like this, he needs to come clean with all the information.

Third, if I had an anonymous source and no back up information and released this in an article, I would be an irresponsible journalist. Yet, if a politician only has one source - sketchy at best - of information, apparently they are given carte blanc to present this to the world.

And Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the mouthpiece that doesn't stop running, cringes from questions about whether Reid "should make a charge like that with no more evidence than an anonymous source?" Instead of answering the question she deflects to other talking points.


How do New Yorkers allow this woman to keep representing them when it is so obvious all she is there to do is represents the interest of the Democratic Party and all the divisive money baggers who fund them?

She keeps pitching claims that have since been proven incorrect or exaggerated. Yet New Yorkers are willing to keep her around. Its my guess they just don't care about being represented. Or maybe they like to outsource their representation. I mean, do they really think that Soros and all the other special interest investors in the Democratic Party know what's best for New Yorkers? Guess so.

They must be okay with not having federal transparency - because Schultz voted against that legislation. They must be okay allowing unborn children who can feel pain to be aborted - because Schultz voted against that legislation. They must not care about the military's budget - because Schultz didn't even vote on that legislation. They must not care about domestic energy, jobs, economic growth or Homeland Security - because Schultz voted against those pieces of legislation as well. Guess what they DO care about is unions and illegal immigrants getting more benefits and rights - because Schultz DID vote for all of that legislation. In fact, they must be very into obstructing the government from getting anything meaningful done, as Schultz has voted no to more legislation that she has voted for anything else.

But I guess New Yorkers only care about either voting for someone who DOES NOT represent them or they are just so lazy, they vote Party line no matter who is on the ballot. The latter would seem to justify the case for New Yorkers (at least in the 20th District - soon to be the 23rd District) wanting their representation outsourced to the highest Democratic bidder.

Anyway, you can agree or not. If you have your own opinion, that you thought out carefully without input from the SPIN doctors or talking heads of the left, and don't agree, thats fine. So long as you think for yourself. If you don't agree but can't come up with anything better than what others think for you, don't bother. But hey, it makes no difference to me. Because, as usual, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

MoveOn? Seriously, time to MOVE ON!

Why is MoveOn still in existence? Why do they still have the ear of ANYBODY in the public?

These sleaze-bucket perpetuators and ultimate HATE mongers should be out the door with yesterday's trash. But for some reason, all of you people out there who lay claims to HATERS in America still listen to these blowhards.

To what am I referring to now?

The slimebucket ad about Mrs. Romney's horse in the Olympics. Read about it here because I WILL NOT LINK to the ad itself.

ONE - The candidate's wife has MS (thats multiple sclerosis for all you dimwits)
TWO - She first started riding as a therapy for her MS
THREE - She promotes programs to help others get riding therapy for their debilitating illnesses
FOUR - As much as all the left wing liberals want to KEEP promoting class warfare, it smack of hypocrisy when compared to the First Lady's jet-setting, clothes horse lifestyle
FOUR - Candidate's families, unless they hold office or commit a crime or meddle in politics, are OFF LIMITS . . . so says Michelle Obama, your own queen
FIVE - If you can't win on your actual record or proposed ideas then you have no business running for office. If all you can do is belittle your opponent and their family, you have no business trying to be a representative of the people.
SIX - If you are a sleaze bucket organization who is willing to offer tips to criminals on how to beat the system, make tons of false accusations against people who expose you for the sleaze you are and try to exert influence over large groups of the populace by perpetuating hate speech and stereotypes - you should just MOVE ON and get the hell out of America.

But you know, that is just my opinion. You can agree or not and quite frankly I don't care. I am just trying to get you to stop listening to influence peddlers who don't really care about you and your needs - they have their own agenda. I don't even want you to just blindly agree with me. Check it out. Think for yourself. STOP BEING SHEEP! Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Politics are NOT small

President Obama, in a recent cry for more donations (still think this is tantamount to asking Walmart to pay for an ad campaign telling them why they should hire you), he made a statement that I think is not only wrong but very telling.

He said, "Sometimes politics can seem very small. But the choice voters face in this election couldn't be bigger."

I think he also has a video that says this same thing. I saw it on Hulu.

The thing I think that is wrong about this is that politics is never small. It is the politicians who are small and petty and whiney and insincere and lots of other adjectives. Politics is very big. And very important. It is the governing dynamic of our country and thus something to be paid very close attention to.

But it is also very telling about the people who feel this way. They would never admit that it is them who are small . . . and petty and all the other things I mentioned above. They always blame everything on the "other guy." They never, ever take blame for what is going on. Whatever happened to "the buck stops here" mentality?

I know its a basic leadership lesson, but these people in the political game (and I really hate calling it that because its our lives and freedoms at stake, but they treat it like a game) don't seem to know it.

Take responsibility for things that are your responsibility. He is the President. He signed on for this. Everything in DC and the country is his responsibility. If the economy is going bad, take the blame. Then work on fixing it. If your hand-picked head of a government agency (DoJ) goes off the reservation, take the blame - you hired him - and fix the problem. Stop laying blame for what others do simply because it is politically expedient to do so.

Hell, if the President screws up, we the American people take the blame. We hired him. And we fix it by firing him.

Here is a simple list (from the Burlington County, NJ court system) about what defines someone who has transformative leadership:
• Have followers – Not subordinates
• Charismatic, transformative, quiet style
• Good with people (people-focused)
• Give credit to others
• Take blame for problems
• Understand problems and hurdles are natural
• Risk-taking – Open to new ideas
• Break the rules to get the job done
• Followers work for intrinsic rewards
• Be inspired in heart and mind – Show It
• Commitment to life-long learning

Sound like any leader you know?

Nope. Well, maybe some aspects. Lets look at how the President rates.

• Have followers – Not subordinates - The President has MANY "followers" . . . but kind of cultish, if you ask me.
• Charismatic, transformative, quiet style . . . Oh yeah, he is a silver tongued so-and-so
• Good with people (people-focused) . . . god - oops, good - with SOME people, I'll give him that (author's note - that really was a typo but it did fit.)
• Give credit to others . . . Nope, just blames others and credits himself
• Take blame for problems . . . Not even once
• Understand problems and hurdles are natural . . . Nope, makes huge deals out of it so he can seem either superhuman for offering solutions or just human for not being able to fix them
• Risk-taking – Open to new ideas . . . Only if those ideas are his
• Break the rules to get the job done . . . Only to get his agenda done, not his job
• Followers work for intrinsic rewards . . . . Follows work for quid pro quo - whats in it for them
• Be inspired in heart and mind – Show It . . . Only shows things he feels will forward his agenda, or get re-elected
• Commitment to life-long learning . . . Commitment to life long teaching, explaining, whinning - hasn't learned a thing since in office

Now realize, I am only picking on Obama because he is the one who said it. Pick any politician and hold them up to this list. Bet you won't find a single one who can prove their leadership by it.

Agree or disagree, makes no difference. All I ask is that you stop listening to the SPIN, stop being SHEEP, and think for yourself. Use that grey matter between your ears for something other than Xbox or Olympic statistics. Wrap your minds around the issues of this country and listen to the politicians with logical reasoning. Don't let them "play" on your emotions. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.