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Monday, September 24, 2012

Them's the choices??

In Missouri, they are saying - and by they, I mean Democrats - that the 1% gap between the two choices for Congress is worrisome. I agree. But not for the reasons they - again, the Democrats - are saying.

Here's the email from Jennifer Granholm - you know her, the former Canadian governor of Michigan - about the situation in Missouri.

"Despite Todd Akin belittling rape survivors, the Tea Party’s largest Super PAC is considering throwing millions behind him. And today, projections show Republicans could take over the Senate by a single seat. Here are the latest polls:
September 22, 2012
MissouriClaire McCaskill (D)-45Todd Akin (R)-44
MassachusettsElizabeth Warren (D)-48Scott Brown (R)-46
ArizonaRichard Carmona (D)-43Jeff Flake (R)-44

An Akin victory could actually hand Republicans control of the Senate. 
You have only eight days to stop them — we’re up against the final and most vital end-of-quarter deadline."

So here is my thought . . . Them's the choices?? Holy crap, I don't want to see either one of these scatter-brained nitwits anywhere near the seats of legislative power in this country. I mean, it is a no-brainer that a stupid, neanderthal such as Akin should not only be booted to some curb but be placed in solitary confinement so he doesn't hurt anyone. So, I don't think I really need to go any further. This man is simply put an embarrassment to both men and humanity. End of discussion.

But McCaskill is so liberal that it has got to make her eye teeth hurt just to think or speak.

McCaskill's voting record is s sight to behold. Really. Here, just go and behold it. She is willing to vote for just about anythynig that has a mandate but no way to pay for it. She won't limit handouts to farmers who really don't need it. She won't prohibit drug companies from delaying the release of generic drugs - oh but she will mandate you gotta get Obamacare. She will demand more taxes be paid by those who are already paying the lion's share (thus ensuring they don't have any capital to create jobs - while MILLIONS of Americans suffer without work) but WILL pass a tax cut to the middle class equating to NOTHING that will do the middle class any good.

The only thing of late she has steered clear of voting on is - sugar subsidies. Guess her liberal sweet tooth couldn't stand that much saccharine.

So, the choices in Missouri are just an example of what choices Americans have at the polls. Between two evils. Just like in the Presidential race.

Obama or Romney.

But thats the media for you. They will TELL you these are your only choices.

Just like in Missouri - where the choices are ACTUALLY Akin, McCaskill OR Jonathan Dine - on the Presidential scene, in most states (47 right now) there is the choice between Obama, Romney OR Gary Johnson. Now, you might not really like Dine in Missouri, but he does offer a third choice.

And you might not like Johnson, but he offers a third option - a LEGITIMATE option to having to choose between the lessor of two evils.

Johnson is the former two-term Governor of New Mexico. He has an impressive list of accomplishments as Governor, battling things that this President has not been able to tackle properly. He has definitive things to say about the issues. Not just vague promises of Hope and Change.

So, despite what the popular media - whose ethics should be called into question daily - would have you believe the choices are limited to the ones THEY want in office, the choices are actually bigger than you thought. An informed voter makes for a better America. A popularity contest makes for a worse world.

You decide.

Agree, disagree . . . I don't care. Just get informed, use your brain, and stop swallowing the drivel they - the politicians, the media, the spin doctors - are forcing down your throats. Do that and it will be better all around. As for me, as usual, I'm just here Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


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