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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Friend of Mine

The presumption and audacity of these political emails is getting just too much for me. I kept getting them even though they were getting just too much full of BS than I could take. Because that is part of my job - keeping up with the campaigns and all they are saying and doing. But now I have to just "unsubscribe" because lately they have gotten way out of hand.

Like this recent one I got from Kal Penn. You know Kal, the actor who thinks he's a public servant - no, wait, he's an actor - nope, nope, he's a public servant. He keeps bouncing back and forth between an Administration position and acting, which he keeps resigning and can't figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

So, anyway, Kal writes:

Friend (yes, we're friends) --

In 2007, I spent a few months in Iowa before the caucuses, getting all sorts of folks fired up to cast their vote for this guy named Barack Obama.

What I remember most: It was shockingly, painfully cold. And fun.

Actually, super fun. And easier than I thought, to talk to total strangers and ask them to vote. That's why I traveled to 25 other states for the President in 2008, and why I'm volunteering again. Well, that and because we don't want to see the progress we've made on everything from student loans to health care get turned back.

You could play that role this year, by joining Vote Corps -- a group of the most dedicated organizers out there.

If you join, you'll be doing exactly what I did -- going to one of the most critical states for a few weeks leading up to Election Day, and making sure people there go to the polls.

You'll make phone calls, knock on doors, and have one-on-one conversations with people about why you support President Obama. It's important, fun stuff.

Yeah, you'll be a volunteer, but the local staff, fellow volunteers, and people you meet will make it worth your while in donuts, love, and appreciation (and let's face it, donuts are legit).

Whenever you arrive, they'll want you to stay through Election Day -- and take my word for it, that'll be the best part. On Election Day in 2008, I was in Florida with a bunch of awesome young volunteers (and their sweet robot, pic below). Where will I go this year? Where will you go?

Sign up now to join Vote Corps, and a really nice organizer will drop you a line to tell you more:

Just tell them Kal said you should do this. Because I did. And then fist bump and hug it out with your new friends. Smell that? It's freedom.



Sorry, Kal, but you are no friend of mine. If you were, you would know that I don't consider it progress to have hundreds of millions out of work. Not just out of work, but no longer looking for work. I don't consider a great man one who would discount these Americans because it makes a statistical upswing when they fall off the rolls of the unemployed assisted people onto the rolls of the forgotten. Obama complains about Romney's 47% gaff. Yet he consistently ignores that many and more when he talks about how many people want him to keep "moving forward."

Kal, if you were really a friend, you would know that I only keep the truly delusional ones like you because I personally like them. I don't even think your acting is all that great. And as for liking you for you, I don't even know you. So how could I decide to keep such a delusional friend.

Really, Kal, you need to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Until then, you need to leave politics to the adults.

As for volunteering for ANYTHING political, I certainly won't be doing so just because some actor - be you Kal Penn or Clint Eastwood - TOLD me I should. Most actors don't know their political truths from a hole in their butt. they live in Hollywood's make believe vault.

So Kal, one last bit here. Stop sending me emails. I have unsubscribed. Can't the political morons who populate these campaign offices even figure out that a do not call and do not email list actually has the word "NOT" in it?

Anyway, as usual, you can decide for yourself what you think. In fact, I PREFER you start thinking for yourself and stop listneing to twitlets like Kal Penn, or anyone who would tell you to do something "because they said so." Because this is, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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