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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why is 18-Year Old HS Student drawing Governor's ire?

Why is an 18-year old high school student drawing the ire of Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS)? Did she lie about anything the Governor did? Lord knows we have had enough scandals in the Governor's mansions in our country. Did she lie about something he said? Plenty of examples of politicians putting their foot in their mouths. DId she hurl a shoe at his head while he was speaking at her school?!?!?

No, what this young woman did, probably not for the most political of reasons and not in any elegant way, was to tweet that she had said a mean comment at him. She said he sucked. And she used the twitter-verse hashtag of #heblowsalot.

Was it true? Did she say it? No. But she wanted to because she was mad at him for saying he was going to cut the entire arts budget for the state.

Who cares, you ask? Who would care what an 18-year old girl tweets, out of the millions of tweets out there? Apparently the Governor's staff cares. They actually contacted the girl's school and demanded a letter of apology from her.

Okay, lets take a moment to raise our collective jaws off the floor.

She has since decided not to write the letter. In a tweet she writes, "I've decided not to write the letter but I hope this opens the door for average citizens to voice their opinion & to be heard! #goingstrong."

And bravo for her for doing so. First, the only thing she MAY have done to warrant anyone being upset is that she was tweeting during a school event. No biggie. Slap on the wrist from the school. Second, no one should tell another person that they have to apologize when they did nothing to warrant an apology.

Third, well third, shame on Brownback, his staff and the school administration.

Shame on the Governor's staff for thinking this young girl's tweet, which meant nothing until they decided to attack - would never have even seen the light of national attention (equating to national attention of the Governor's plans to cut the arts), had they just shook their heads and moved on.

Shame on Governor Brownback for allowing his staff to take this action and to continue allowing them to attack a young woman's freedoms.

Shame on the school for going along with the members of the Governor's staff in demanding the letter of apology. Going so far as to tell her what talking points she should use in it. They should be protecting her rights, not allowing some gung-ho toehead to bully her. And that is just what this is. Bullying. By a government official.

Shame on the lot of them and cheers for Ms Sullivan for standing up for herself.

Agree or disagree, I don't really care. Just as long as I get you to think for yourself on the issue of our freedoms and who is in the right in this case, then I have done my job. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Urgent call for help

Dear Mr. President, Federal Government, elected officials, bailed out bankers, and all those who shamefully help those who will get you re-elected and fail the rest of the deserving Americans who have fallen through your bail out cracks.

Here is a tale, not so much of woe, but a tale of shame. Shame because you are too interested in giving hand outs to special interest citizens than to offering a hand up to those who fall outside your demographics. It is the story of a woman, not young by most means but not so old as to be in your senior citizen grouping. She is a white woman, so she doesn't measure up to your minority pandering. She works, so she isn't one of the millions on unemployment you so blatantly appeal to.

It is the story of a woman, however, who is an inspirational American. (Click on the previous link to read WHY she is inspirational.) A woman who thoughtlessly gives so much to so many and is hardly willing to beg for help. A woman, who would rather quietly try to work things out than complain loudly to her friends and neighbors and whoever else might listen.

It starts out, not so long ago when she lost one of her three jobs. She found herself unable to make the $800 a month mortgage. So she went to her mortgage lender, DHM, and told them she had lost her job and needed help readjusting her payment.

In a letter, this simple woman wrote to them and explained the situation of her income, the fact she did get another job - making a little less, - and that she not only worked locally but that she was very active in her community.

“I don't wish to move anywhere,” she wrote. “[O]r wish to be homeless, either.” A sentiment most Americans can respect and relate to.

She explained that her grown daughter had been in and out of the hospital, her sister (several hours away) had been fighting cancer and that in her quest to make more money to be able to afford her mortgage she had gone back to school (paid for by local private company) and received her certification as a paramedic. (Her next step of taking her National Registry exam has been hampered by her lack of funds to take the exam and the time to finish her practicals in New Hampshire.) She recounted how she had been taking care of the home – replacing the heater that had caught fire and getting a new well pump installed.

“I know most owners would walk away,” she wrote. “[B]ut this is not just a house its my home.”

Now to this woman, who has dedicated her time to helping so many in need and selflessly does for others without batting so much as the proverbial eyelash, and who gave them suggestions as to how things could be worked out for both parties – retooling the mortgage to a 40-year term at 2-2.5% interest (down from 5.5%) and commenting that within 6 to 12 months she could return to paying a higher rate once back on her feet – the mortgage company said “no.”

When she spoke with their representative, she asked him if he would rather let the house go to foreclosure instead of working out a deal that would mean the lender would continue getting money, he callously said “yes.” When he told her he couldn't lower the interest rate, she told him she knew there were programs out there that were helping people by lowering their mortgage rates, he said he wouldn't do it. When she explained she was not going anywhere, that the lender would get ALL their money if they worked with her. “You mean you are willing to lose all that money by letting my house go to foreclosure?” she asked.

“We'll just lose it,” he said flippantly. And that was that.

Now, even though this true American doesn't spend her money frivolously (no microwave, cable, internet – not even basic television service because its just “too expensive”), who worked hard all her life, never working less than two jobs, and often working more, will lose her home in two weeks. On December 14, this home will go up for sheriff's sale. She will be homeless. In no position to help house her two grandchildren while her daughter goes back into military service. No longer able to able to be in a position to help others as she has always done. Stripped of the dignity she has always lived by, forced to beg for the help that should be available to ALL Americans, not just a chosen few who meet the demographics politicians, who are only interested in help in their next election, have set. Forced by financial institutions that so readily have taken taxpayer dollars yet so insensitively flaunt that money by NOT helping those who deserve it.

Though this woman is extremely deserving of not just the help freely offered to those who are not as responsible and to be treated with more dignity than the likes of DHM and the Bank of NY Mellon have done, her story is not a solitary tale. Far too many people have found themselves on the losing end of looking for help in these tough economic times, times put into play by some disreputable financial institutions and moguls, made possible by politicians who failed to protect the people they should have in order to protect their “friends” who contributed so lucratively to their political careers. It is more than sad that we should even be discussing a situation like this in America. It is a sad commentary on an Administration and political atmosphere whose sole idea of the job at hand is to mire the situation with their intractable ideologies and than blame the other side. It is sad that an average, responsible citizen like her is forced to lose everything while those in power speechify and stump to say how much they are trying to help, but in reality do little more than that.

President Obama, if you really want to show the people you are serious about doing something, start with this woman. Congress, if you want to prove that you are not being partisan, come together and help this woman, and go to work helping all those in similar situations. After all, you DO hold a majority stake in these banking institutions. To all those banks out there that are tired of the Occupy backlash you are getting, fearful of the strong support building to strip you of your power in American finances and losing ground everyday in the area of public relations, then help this woman keep her home. To all the above, I demand you do something for this woman, and all those like her, who do not seek hand outs, bail outs or something for nothing. Give aid to all those seeking help to be able to stand up on their feet and feel the dignity that all Americans have been able to enjoy for hundreds of years.

As for my closing tag line of not caring if you agree or disagree, I will not use it. For even though this is me Thinking Out Loud, it is also me demanding of those in power stop letting people like this woman fall through the cracks. If you are so stonyhearted enough to disagree that those who want to work things out rather than just “walk away” like most owners have been doing (the ever popular use of “jingle mail” of 2010 – where the owners simple walked away and mailed the keys to the mortgage lender), than I say shame on you. For all those bleeding hearts that so willingly plead the case of illegal immigrants and non-tax paying freeloaders but would let people like this woman go homeless, I say double shame on you. I not only want you to think for yourself, but in this case I want you to share in the outrage. I want you to think about 'what if.' What if this were you? What if this were your mother or your sister or your daughter? What if this were the woman who took care of your mother and father when no one else would? What if this were the woman whose volunteer work with the local ambulance and fire service saved the life of your kid in that traffic accident at 2am? Would you really not care? Could you really be that cold and callous?

Please note, this is not a plea by this woman for any donations. It is not some scam or hoax. I know this woman. She is my sister. All she wants is help saving her home. And for all Americans in similar situations to get the help they deserve. This situation has gone on for far too long without a face to put to the story. For too long the problem has been given vague statistics and been argued academically. Well, here is a face. And if you look closely enough to your neighbors, you will see more faces. It is about time to fix this problem in America. And it is something you can do to help, that is as simple as sending an email to your politicians, to the President, to your banks and mortgage lenders.

After reading this, forward it to everyone you know. Tell them to contact the President and all the others, and tell them to do something. Tell them that enough is really enough and they need to stop all the political crap and work for ALL Americans. Put it up on Facebook, tweet it, Digg it, everything we can to get the most people seeing this. Because if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on . . . maybe we can finally get the powers that be to do something right.

If you do this, have a great day. If you don't, than I hope you reap what you sow in your inaction.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dinner with Barack

In an email from Rufus Gifford, it reads "We just launched our next Dinner with Barack contest, and this time there's a big new twist: Each winner can invite a guest."

Gee, doesn't that sound comfy cozy? Dinner with Barack. Oooooo, gets one all tingly. AND you can bring a guest if you win. Don't that really sound nifty? Ain't it just so nice of the President to get down and close with average Americans?

And all you have to do is donate some money to his re-election campaign.

Wait a minute. Is that really allowed? I mean, give money to his election campaign and you get to dine with the President. At the White House.

Isn't there some misuse of American funds and property here or something. I mean, if someone uses their Congressional staff or the mailroom or the copy and such on their re-election campaign, I know they get into trouble. But if the President uses the White House and the staff and such to cater to people who donate money to his re-election campaign, its okay??

What is up with that?????? Isn't there anyone out there in the media that is questioning this?

Oh, wait. I am.

Silly me. I guess if I am questioning it, then that means the media is all over it and the likes of CNN or ABC News or Fox News don't have to bother.

I know I can have a swelled head about my impact on the web and in such things as politics. But really? Me making this issue a household topic of conversation? Maybe if you all pass along this article to two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on . . .

All I can say is, even if this passes the test of whatever passes for ethics in DC these days, it is still wrong in my book. If the President wants to hobnob with the average American, then he can do it with whoever wants to put their name in the hat. Not with only those who give him money. I remember when they were complaining about a President who "sold" the privilege of sleeping kin the Lincoln bedroom to people who donated money (Clinton years revisited anyone?). But this is just totally disconnected for Obama to do this. It was a bad idea by whoever in his campaign who suggested it. It was a bad idea for the President to go along with it. It was a bad idea of a White House Chief of Staff who is going along with it. And it is a bad idea for the media to totally ignore it.

Agree with me, disagree with me, think it is a non-issue as many Americans did during the Clinton years. No matter. But I just think YOU ought to have a problem with it, since so many are opposed to special privileges for some and not everyone these days. Either way, as long as I get you to think for yourself and come up with an opinion, then I have doen my job. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey Super Committee! I have an idea!

What is the average Congressman's salary? $127,000? $172,000? I don't know. Let me go look it up.

WHAO! $174,000 a year! The Speaker gets $223,500 a year, while the Majority and Minority leaders each get $193,400.

In retirement, according to the Congressional Research Service, out of 455 retired members receiving benefits, 275 were making over $69,000 a year in retirement pay and the other 180 were getting over $40,000. (If that link doesn't open, try this and click "Download report". It doesn't actually download, just opens a PDF.)

Okay. so if we take $15,000 off each Congressman, they will still be set. But that would mean over $8 million dollars in savings each year. And if we cut the retirement pay of those 275 to the same levels as the 180, we'd save another nearly $8 million. For a total of $16 million saved a year.

There is just one idea to cut the budget. And its an easy one. Simple solution, if you look at it. So where else could we cut the budget? Where else can we curb spending so we get rid of this multi trillion dollar disaster?

Why is it so hard, if an outsider, just looking at one small thing, can trim over $16 million. With the size of the Federal government and all the things it spends money on, it cannot be as hard as they say it is to trim the fat. I just did it. And no one lost their jobs. I just reduced the deficit by a big chunk of money just by looking at one group in one part of the US government. And it really won't hurt much. Heck, it won't hurt the average taxpayer anything. Nor will it hurt the average American at all. (I separate these two groups because only 40 some percent of Americans actually pay taxes.)

In his book, The Good Fight, Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) states quite plainly that “[m]ost United States senators have plenty of money and live comfortable lives. So time is the most valuable commodity most of us have” (7-8).

If they live comfortably and have 'plenty of money,' then they can afford to make a little less. The average person makes do on a WHOLE lot less than what the average Congressman makes. And maybe we can cut some of those entitlement things that Congressman have. Maybe make them pay a portion of their healthcare if they want to keep it. Or opt out all together. Now there would be a patriotic gesture. And if they stop getting their overly gracious pay each year in retirement, then maybe we can save a whole lot more than $16 million.

Hey, this is kind of fun. Remember the movie Dave, where the fake President, played by Kevin Kline, brought in his friend the accountant, and they cut the budget? It was kind of like watching the movie. I know I have offered some really big cuts in the past, but this was more fun than usual. Hey, Harry and company, let me at the budget. I bet I get us on a profitable footing in no time.

Now, how much does the President make? The Supreme Court Justices? What about all those staffers that are actually related to the person their working for? You know, the Uncle Bill and Aunt Ginny the elected official's spouse made them hire once they got into office.

I need a paying job, so why not put a bid in for Secretary of Really Big Budget Cuts. And I can commute to DC, no need to actually live there. Heck, this job would be so much fun, I'd be willing to pay for the gas. But you know, some of you out there won't agree with me . . . okay, okay, a lot of you out there won't agree with me. But agree or disagree, you all know we need to trim the fat and waste in government. And you know we can get that multi trillion dollar disaster down a whole lot. But it doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree, whether you think I could do a better job than any dumb old Super Committee or not. It really doesn't matter to me. So long as I get you thinking along some new lines other than the ones the spin doctors of the government are spoon feeding you, then I will have done my job. Because, you know, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Non-internet Source
Reid, Harry, with Warren, Mark. The Good Fight. New York, NY. G B Putnam & Sons. 2008. Print.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The cost of doing business in America

A good friend and I were having a discussion of how people are feeling polarized He was speaking of a simple image of someone NOT placing their hand over their heart during the National Anthem, and how it brought out so many hate filled comments (from both sides), and people made so many assumptions (again from both sides) as to the purpose of posting the photo.

This got us going onto several other subjects, one of which was the "OccupY' movement. And he said something that kind of stuck in my mind. Dan said that high taxes were simply the "cost of doing business in America." He did not agree with the popular concept of take from the rich and giving it to the poor, a redistribution of wealth. But he said that business should realize that paying taxes was just something businesses should expect in order to be IN business in the greatest country on earth.

What struck me was this; on one hand, I agree with my friend that businesses should realize that there is a cost to operated their businesses in the United States of America. On the other hand, I think that businesses should decide how to deal with that cost.

What I mean is this, Bill and Melinda Gates have a foundation. I don't always agree with how they pony out the money from this organization. But Bill understands the TRUE cost of doing business in the United States of America. In order to have the privilege to operate their businesses in the US of A, they need to give back. But taxes are not the way. Bill and Melinda realize that in order for people to fully take advantage of America, they should help people who have not had it as good as they.

But the reason government has to tax the crap out of businesses, is that companies do not do the right things by the communities they serve. They should be like Bill Gates. They should be more altruistic. They made it, they should help others make it, too. But big business does not do this. And why should they, when they are vilified by their President and Congress? Why should they when they have to put up with unions and the entitlement crowd - which seems to be growing everyday?

I would never begrudge a company who does well and has large profits. It is their money, after all. They earned it . . . not me and not you. But they need to realize that the cost of doing business in a free society, where they don't have to worry about the government seizing the business, is not taxes. It is altruism. It is the notion of "pay it forward."

I don't think they are necessarily greedy. But they have not been schooled in the proper ways of business in America. In the centuries past, long before the Milkens of the 80's and the Me generation of capitalists of the 90's, businessmen (and women) knew the need to be OF the community as well as IN the community. Walmart has some sense of this, as do several others. But not enough. Give back to the community. Work with the people of your community, in good times AND bad.

And pay your taxes without trying to find ALL the little loopholes. AND I am talking about those like Warren Buffet who snarkily comment that their secretaries are paying more taxes then they do. I mean, really Warren, if you KNOW this then FIX this. But don't agree with the Obamas of the world who want to redistribute wealth that others did not earn. If YOU want to pay MORE taxes, there is nothing stopping you.

Being a good neighbor is the cost of doing business in the United States. It should never be taxing businesses more. (How can they hire if they have to pay even more?) And it should never be about redistributing money they earned to those who do nothing.

Obama is wrong. Buffet is wrong. The Occupy movement is wrong.

And the sooner they all get this, the sooner America can get back on track. To hell with Italy and Greece and Europe and all the countries out there who embrace socialism and fascism and all the other -isms that are NOT America.

Agree, disagree, but check it out, think about it and learn. Don't let the small minded, do nothing but expect everything crowd tell you how it is. Either way, it doesn't matter to me. So long as I get you thinking on your own. Because, heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

(And don't forget to check out the new eBook on Smashwords.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

And you think American politicians are off

Okay, so I thought I would give a break to the politicians I usually shine my glaring floodlight on. Here is politician in Romania who embodies a combination of Imelda Marcos,

Elena Udrea, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, is one very odd duck. She speaks of empowering woman and ridding her country of corruption. Yet she does such wacky things. Like taking high heels to flood victims. Although it was part of about 20 tons of aid she brought with her, she defended the heels because she said women wanted to have the " chance to be elegant and to not have to wear Wellington boots any more." And her recent decision to pose for the country's fashion magazine tabu in various fashions donned by "powerful women" seems to have not only angered her fellow Romanians but others throughout Europe as well.

Udrea also advocates killing all the stray dogs in Romania. Even though she calls it a "last resort," she obviously thinks that killing these strays is best for the people of Romania for health and safety reasons. “Politicians are always or most of the time hypocritical because part of society understands that no matter what solution we find, in the end we must not have any more stray dogs in the street, endangering people’s lives, and another part of society defends animals all the way without necessarily generating alternative solutions. Politicians oscillate between these two categories of voters and often act hypocritically. I have asked for public debates and finding solutions before this last variant, of euthanasia,” Udrea explained.

But not to leave out my US targets, Harry Reid thinks that closing brothels in Nevada (LEGAL business entities that pay taxes and employee people) will fix the tarnsihed image of his honme state. But doesn't make any suggestions to fixing the real problems with the sex trade, as in the illegal prostitutes, the mob and the drugs related to the unsafe and dangerous trade peddled on Nevada's major city streets. Wonder if Udrea would find Reid's call to close the brothels hypocritical? Or if she would think his efforts are meant to lessen or improve the empowerment of women? Maybe Sen. Harry can pose on Maxim or some other magazine in rubber suits to get his message across.

Maybe not.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this side step of "all things American" to peek into our neighbors' homes overseas. Hey, maybe Mr. President will enjoy my "investment" of time and observances of our foreign friends.

Oh well, as usual, agree or disagree, no skin off my back. Just as long as I got you to think about things for yourself and not just follow blindly the views of others, then I have done my job. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. (Vă doresc o zi plăcută!)


Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 - Not the mystical but the heroic

The date is 11/11/2011. The eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh year of the new century. (Actually it is the 12th year, but lets not tell the mystically inclined.) But today is special for another reason.

It is Veteran's Day. Ninety-three years ago, on November 11, 1918, hostilities ended in a cease fire and armistice for the 'war to end all wars.' A year later, the President (Woodrow Wilson), officially proclaimed it to be Veteran's Day, a day "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…"

And in 1967, this was the day that the North Vietnamese released prisoner's of war. Unfortunately, they didn't release them all. Still, on the 48th Veteran's Day, it should have been a event cheered by the public. It wasn't. VietNam vets are only recently getting the recognition for serving their country that they should have gotten decades ago.

Let us hope that the vets who serve today will never know the denigration received by those earlier brave patriots.

But no matter how you view this day's, as a observed holiday where no government offices or banks are open, or whether you know its history and significance, try stop for a moment to think of all the things you enjoy because there are those who have served and are willing to serve in the protection of this country and the American way of life.

Thank a veteran today, or write a letter to one, or just think about how much they sacrifice in order for you to stop by the coffee shop on your way to work, cross state lines without having to 'produce papers' or even say negative things about your government without fear of being roused in the middle of the night and made to disappear. All the freedoms you have available to you are secured and kept safe by those who 'stand guard at the wall and on the front line.'

This is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not from MY wallet you don't!

Occupy this street, give me a piece of that pie, I want my fair share, redistribution of my wallet contents.

Seriously, I am getting so fed up with all this stuff. Obama's lie peddling that the American Dream is somehow taking from one person and giving to another person . . . whether they deserve it or not.

GAWD!!!! I just want to scream at all of these idiots. Even the rich pukes out there (you know who you are, Warren) who peddle this drivel out of their mouths at Obama's request. They make me want to throw up and scream and pound my fist into the sidewalk and ask "Who the hell are you kidding?!?!"

Look, I am not happy with a corporate executive, banking or otherwise, who spends his money on wine, women and fast cars. I think that in an economy like ours today and a country like ours has been for over 250 years, they can find more altruistic ways to spend their money. I know I would were I in their shoes. But the point is, they made the money. They earned what they have and have every right to do with it what they please.

Now there are people like Bill Gates out there who do spend the ridiculous amounts of money they make to help others have better lives. But it is no the business of government to take it away. It is not Buffet's or Obama's or Holdr's or Geithner's job or prerogative to tell people "hey, these are the bad guys, lets go after them." Because they aren't necessarily the 'bad guys' and they are not the ones to go after. If Warren or Barack want to redistribute their own wealth, then I say go for it. But all these loonies, and they are - just look at all the incongruities about them (explained further on) - who are following these lame brained politicians, politicos and political wannabes.

They obviously do not have jobs (they're out there in tents protesting day in and out). So they don't pay taxes. And they don't contribute anything to the society they feels OWES them something. They obviously have some money, they walk around with iPods and iPads and cell phones and BlackBerrys, because they're calling and taking pictures and posting on Facebook and tweeting their sols away. Not to mention that a large portion of these loonies are morally reprehensible. Mothers leaving their little kids in tents all day so they can whine about not being given everything for nothing, women being raped (yes, raped) and being told to be quiet about it, they will handle it themselves. Gawd these jackals who want something for nothing and allow such atrocities are in my book not worthy of even being listened to anymore.

Lesson One - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch ("TANSTAAFL") and you don't get something for nothing. That is something I learned as a kid and understand it all too well today. Even if someone gives you a handout, they want something from you. A good feeling for what they've done or a favor in return . . . like maybe your vote. Think about it. Politicians today only do something because they want to get re-elected. So they will pander to the lowest common denominator with the highest voter turnout.

Lesson Two - I worked hard for what I have. If you can't work hard for anything except to complain that life isn't being fair to you, grow up, grow a pair and get over yourself. If you want what I have, work for it . . . not whine for it. But honestly, what little I have, you ain't getting any of it anyway. And if the President thinks he is going to legislate it away from me . . . . November is coming around next year is all I have to say to him. That and "bye-bye."

Lesson Three - Yes this is America. Yes you have a right to say anything you want - that's what makes this country better (and sometimes more troublesome) than anywhere else in the world. But I also have a freedom. It is a freedom to call you the dumbs***s that you are and stop listening to anymore of your whining. And if that doesn't shut you up, then maybe when your hero of the free handouts to make you more beholden to him and his cronies gets dumped out on the sidewalk of Pennsylvania Avenue next November will.

But as usual, you can agree or disagree with what I have to say. It really doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that I get you to start THINKING (you know the process of combining thoughts in that brain mtter between your ears and critically analysing all the input) for yourselves. If I get you thinking, then I have done my job. Cause heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.