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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not from MY wallet you don't!

Occupy this street, give me a piece of that pie, I want my fair share, redistribution of my wallet contents.

Seriously, I am getting so fed up with all this stuff. Obama's lie peddling that the American Dream is somehow taking from one person and giving to another person . . . whether they deserve it or not.

GAWD!!!! I just want to scream at all of these idiots. Even the rich pukes out there (you know who you are, Warren) who peddle this drivel out of their mouths at Obama's request. They make me want to throw up and scream and pound my fist into the sidewalk and ask "Who the hell are you kidding?!?!"

Look, I am not happy with a corporate executive, banking or otherwise, who spends his money on wine, women and fast cars. I think that in an economy like ours today and a country like ours has been for over 250 years, they can find more altruistic ways to spend their money. I know I would were I in their shoes. But the point is, they made the money. They earned what they have and have every right to do with it what they please.

Now there are people like Bill Gates out there who do spend the ridiculous amounts of money they make to help others have better lives. But it is no the business of government to take it away. It is not Buffet's or Obama's or Holdr's or Geithner's job or prerogative to tell people "hey, these are the bad guys, lets go after them." Because they aren't necessarily the 'bad guys' and they are not the ones to go after. If Warren or Barack want to redistribute their own wealth, then I say go for it. But all these loonies, and they are - just look at all the incongruities about them (explained further on) - who are following these lame brained politicians, politicos and political wannabes.

They obviously do not have jobs (they're out there in tents protesting day in and out). So they don't pay taxes. And they don't contribute anything to the society they feels OWES them something. They obviously have some money, they walk around with iPods and iPads and cell phones and BlackBerrys, because they're calling and taking pictures and posting on Facebook and tweeting their sols away. Not to mention that a large portion of these loonies are morally reprehensible. Mothers leaving their little kids in tents all day so they can whine about not being given everything for nothing, women being raped (yes, raped) and being told to be quiet about it, they will handle it themselves. Gawd these jackals who want something for nothing and allow such atrocities are in my book not worthy of even being listened to anymore.

Lesson One - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch ("TANSTAAFL") and you don't get something for nothing. That is something I learned as a kid and understand it all too well today. Even if someone gives you a handout, they want something from you. A good feeling for what they've done or a favor in return . . . like maybe your vote. Think about it. Politicians today only do something because they want to get re-elected. So they will pander to the lowest common denominator with the highest voter turnout.

Lesson Two - I worked hard for what I have. If you can't work hard for anything except to complain that life isn't being fair to you, grow up, grow a pair and get over yourself. If you want what I have, work for it . . . not whine for it. But honestly, what little I have, you ain't getting any of it anyway. And if the President thinks he is going to legislate it away from me . . . . November is coming around next year is all I have to say to him. That and "bye-bye."

Lesson Three - Yes this is America. Yes you have a right to say anything you want - that's what makes this country better (and sometimes more troublesome) than anywhere else in the world. But I also have a freedom. It is a freedom to call you the dumbs***s that you are and stop listening to anymore of your whining. And if that doesn't shut you up, then maybe when your hero of the free handouts to make you more beholden to him and his cronies gets dumped out on the sidewalk of Pennsylvania Avenue next November will.

But as usual, you can agree or disagree with what I have to say. It really doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that I get you to start THINKING (you know the process of combining thoughts in that brain mtter between your ears and critically analysing all the input) for yourselves. If I get you thinking, then I have done my job. Cause heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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