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Sunday, November 13, 2011

And you think American politicians are off

Okay, so I thought I would give a break to the politicians I usually shine my glaring floodlight on. Here is politician in Romania who embodies a combination of Imelda Marcos,

Elena Udrea, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, is one very odd duck. She speaks of empowering woman and ridding her country of corruption. Yet she does such wacky things. Like taking high heels to flood victims. Although it was part of about 20 tons of aid she brought with her, she defended the heels because she said women wanted to have the " chance to be elegant and to not have to wear Wellington boots any more." And her recent decision to pose for the country's fashion magazine tabu in various fashions donned by "powerful women" seems to have not only angered her fellow Romanians but others throughout Europe as well.

Udrea also advocates killing all the stray dogs in Romania. Even though she calls it a "last resort," she obviously thinks that killing these strays is best for the people of Romania for health and safety reasons. “Politicians are always or most of the time hypocritical because part of society understands that no matter what solution we find, in the end we must not have any more stray dogs in the street, endangering people’s lives, and another part of society defends animals all the way without necessarily generating alternative solutions. Politicians oscillate between these two categories of voters and often act hypocritically. I have asked for public debates and finding solutions before this last variant, of euthanasia,” Udrea explained.

But not to leave out my US targets, Harry Reid thinks that closing brothels in Nevada (LEGAL business entities that pay taxes and employee people) will fix the tarnsihed image of his honme state. But doesn't make any suggestions to fixing the real problems with the sex trade, as in the illegal prostitutes, the mob and the drugs related to the unsafe and dangerous trade peddled on Nevada's major city streets. Wonder if Udrea would find Reid's call to close the brothels hypocritical? Or if she would think his efforts are meant to lessen or improve the empowerment of women? Maybe Sen. Harry can pose on Maxim or some other magazine in rubber suits to get his message across.

Maybe not.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this side step of "all things American" to peek into our neighbors' homes overseas. Hey, maybe Mr. President will enjoy my "investment" of time and observances of our foreign friends.

Oh well, as usual, agree or disagree, no skin off my back. Just as long as I got you to think about things for yourself and not just follow blindly the views of others, then I have done my job. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. (Vă doresc o zi plăcută!)


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