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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Not ANOTHER year in review article

Everyone has the traditional "year in review" articles. So many cars crashed and buildings burned. So many celebrities got married / divorce. So many of them went to rehab / jail / some third world country. Storms lashed parts of the country, earthquakes struck parts of the world, the moon was see in this or that phase. For every niche paper or magazine or news show or music insert, there is a "year in review."

But NOT here. For my regular readers, you have been keeping up with what the year has held. For those not so regular, the beauty of the internet is that you can go back and look things over.

(Which leads me to the shameless plug for my new book, Thinking out Loud - The Book. If you want to know what went on during the 2008 election cycle and the President's first year in office WITHOUT the spin and the lies and the misconceptions, just buy my new e-book. It is loaded with all kinds of links to references that will show you and tell you what REALLY happened, so you can make an INFORMED decision come November. Not a decision based on what others want to tell you happened. It is on Barnes & Nobel's Nook website.)

There is no need to do a year in review because you all lived through the disaster our government has created. You have dealt with the unemployment, the lack of basic understanding of business concepts by our governing body and the absolute disconnect between what the people want them to do and what the politicians think we want them to do.

So let us look to the future. Let us look to 2012 and decide what we are going to do moving forward. Obama thinks he doesn't need Congress. Since he already doesn't feel he needs the American people, this is not a good thing. He has already shown us that he thinks we are all imbeciles, whom he needs to lecture so that we "understand" what it is he is trying to do.

We KNOW what he is trying to do. And we don't want him to do it. (Some do, but these are either the misguided who can't tell the difference between someone out and giving them a handout - or they are the lazy who don't want to work for even the handouts.) But the American people are so disorganized, between political party rhetoric, losing focus on what the priorities should be and the sheep among us who keep confusing the conversation with the spin, we don't have a firm enough solidarity to stop the politicians from destroying what tenuous grasp we are holding onto now.

So here is what we do. STOP LISTENING TO THE SPIN! Stop listening to the politicians, they just want to keep their jobs - despite not really DOING their jobs. Stop listening to the talking heads because they ARE doing their jobs in order to KEEP their jobs. STOP BEING SHEEP!!

That should be the New Year's Resolution of EVERY American. In 2012, we will STOP BEING SHEEP! I want you to pass this along to every person you know. Have them read this. Or just TELL them to make this resolution. Repeat after me, "I WILL STOP BEING SHEEP!"

All you Occupy types, STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you Obama-nites, who can't see that he CAN do wrong, STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you Conservatives with the capital "C" STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you liberals who don't understand you can be helpful without being irresponsible, STOP BEING SHEEP!

Now you can, as usual, agree or disagree with me. That doesn't bother me either way. What I find most distressing is, after reading what I have to say here, you still listen to those out there who don't have YOUR best interest at heart. And I KNOW they don't because the only one who has YOUR best interest at heart is YOU. So, STOP BEING SHEEP, and I will consider my job done well. Start thinking for yourselves, and I will know I have done what I set out to do. Even one person. Just STOP BEING SHEEP! But, no matter, because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have yourself a great day. A happy New Year! And be SAFE out there tonight (and every night).


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

PC be damned. I'm going to say it.

Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Hanukah, too. But no one seems to get offended when you say that.

And I am going to do something that liberals would scream is so not conservative. But that is because they don't know what the heck they are talking about.

If you are in the northeast area of Pennsylvania (NW New Jersey or SW New York), stop by Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe and donate or volunteer or simply shop for something. The proceeds go toward purchasing food for local food pantries.

Or if there is any place near you that is doing something for someone else, then go help out. And not just because it is Christmas (or Hanukah). Do it because it is the human thing to do, the American thing to do.

Why do I say liberals would scream that this idea is coming from a liberal? Because so many liberals scrunch their noses or snicker a little "ha ha ha" if I do charitable work. Because not only do they think that charity is the purview of the bleeding heart liberals of the world, they have a firm notion in their head that conservatives are heartless.

Truth is, the very foundation of this country and conservative beliefs everywhere is that it is our duty to help those in need. Conservatives, however, differentiate between those in real need and those who are just too lazy to do for themselves. And it is this act of differentiating that makes liberals everywhere decry the conservative as heartless.

Agree, disagree, whatever. Its the holidays and I am just doing my usual, Thinking Out Loud.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, whatever holiday event you are celebrating this time of year. And be safe out there.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carville thinks we are stupid and forget

James Carville thinks we are stupid. He thinks, just like Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrat hypocrites, that we can't rmemeber from one day to the next, or one year to the next.

In an email, he screams outrage that Republicans

But we don't forget. How about the time in August of 2008 when Pelosi shut off the lights and mics and went home, leaving the GOp still talking about gas prices.

In an email, Carville says "The Republicans think they can shut us up. When Democrats demanded a vote on the payroll tax cut yesterday, Republicans cut their microphones, tucked tail and ran right off the House floor. Speaker John Boehner even cut off the TV cameras!"

Yet there was no problem when the Deomcrats did it in 2008. But unlike the Democrats, the GOP did not refuse to balance the budget and go home in 2010, like Pelosi did. Nor did they completely shut down their esteemed colleagues from representing the people that sent to office as Pelosi did when she opened the new Congress in 2009, after Barack Obama won the election. In her esteemed wonderfulness, San Fran Nan Pelosi made it so the new Congress would not let the minority members introduce legislation, amendments nor make any changes to any legislation proposed. Thus denying those who elected them to have their voice in government.

But now, Carville has the audacity to whine and whinny like a baby that the GOP turned out the lights and turned off the microphones. WHo the hell does he think he is kidding? Does he think we can't remember that all those political hacks, and the people like him who spin for them, have no real interest in doing what is right for the people of America? Does he think we are stupid sheep who would listen to spew mouths like him who wold lie to their mother in order to get an advantage for the guy what pays him? Does he think that Americans a re so stupid as to believe a word that comes out of his or any politician's mouth . . .

Oh wait. Yea, I guess he has a point. Americans ARE so stupid as to believe the spin he puts on lies. Americans ARE sheep enough to follow the liars and hypocrites from DC who fight back and forth with each other and don't give a rat's fat fanny what it means to the average citizen. After all, they are going to vote Barack Obama in again in 2012.

The average citizen will cast their ballots next year for Barack "I don't care if I am a one term President" Obama. They will do this, even though they know he lies, even though they know he doesn't understand how government works or business works or the regular folk like you and me have to survive amidst the in-fighting and bickering of politicians who suck up over $170,000 a year - each - of OUR hard earned money. And don't really do anything in return.

Except for Sen. Pat Toomey (PA-R). Or at least the wonderful people who work for Sen. Pat Toomey. They were the only ones to respond to that urgent call for help I sent out over the ethernet.

No response form the President (or the White House), who let this happen to America. (Yes, he was a member of Congress when all this BS went down and he continued the process after assuming office, so I don't want to hear all you Bush bashers and haters start screaming again. OBAMA is president, its about time he - and all of you - started acting like it and stop blaming "the former administration.")

No response form any other member of Congress. No response from the GOP candidates. No response from the lame-stream media.

Just Toomey's office. And their efforts actually got the (third in line - gotta love those derivatives) mortgage company to listen. They took the house off sheriff's sale and are working with that inspirational American woman, who is out in her community saving and impacting lives every day.

But Carville, and all the other Washington, DC blowhards can just go pound sand. I can't get behind any of their anti-American monkey business. They ALL lie, for one reason or another. They ALL suck up to the special interest and money fat cats instead of listening to us Americans.

You can agree or disagree. It doesn't matter to me except that if you disagree, you have fallen victim to the spin and are SHEEP! SO BAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHH! My job is make sure you start thinking for yourselves. It is so frustrating because so many of you LOVE being sheep. BAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! But if I CAN get you to think for yourselves, then I have done my job. If not then BAAAAAHHHH! Either way, this is just me, you know, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. (Baa)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sad that we NEED an amendment to the Constitution

Okay, so picture this. You're standing at the altar. The officiator (priest, justice, rabbi, whatever) and you are told to repeat the following. "I (fill in your name here) do solemnly vow to love, honor and cherish (or obey in there if you want) - and I swear, under penalty of no sex, not to go into debt, overdraw the family credit card or spend more than we make combined - in sickness or in health, through good times and bad . . ."

You get the picture.

SO this is what it is like to have to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment.

An amendment to our NATIONAL Constitution is a BIG DEAL! It is not something to go into lightly because, lets face it, the other Amendments have been around a REALLY long time. The first ten alone have been written down for some two hundred and thirty years. I mean, those suckers last. (Unless you count that whole prohibition thing. But, pshaw, you know.)

As far as a Balanced Budget Amendment, it is a travesty that we are considering it. As in the above example, can you imagine how the two people getting married would feel about having it in their vows not to spend more than they make, under penalty of whatever? Kind of takes the shine off of the day, you know.

Having said all that, and as unfortunate as I feel it to be, I support an amendment to our Constitution that says government HAS to be fiscally responsible and NOT spend more than we take in. Because these yahoos who get elected sure don't think this is important.

"Sure they do," you decry. "They try to be responsible. And, heck, government NEEDS to have debt."

All I have to say to all of that is . . . TRILLION!?!?

The politicians in office have been really stupid. Most do not know what to do about finances. They think that running a government HAS to be different from running a household.

So not true. Continually raising the debt ceiling, constantly going from year to year with no idea where the money is going or how you're going to raise more or what kind of spending you are going to do is completely irresponsible. And this "marriage" we have is not one borne out of love. It is of necessity. So putting in our vows that they have to be fiscally responsible is SO NEEDED. These nimrods have got to be taken to task. They have to understand that if they don't understand business and finances they need to go with the experts on this. Paying down debt is a GOOD thing. Not running up NEW debt is a good thing. Spending less than what you take in is a good thing. Being fiscally conservative with OUR money is a GOOD THING!

I don't know about you but I NEED my money. I can't be paying more and more in taxes and watching those who have the purse strings frivolously throwing it around for turtle crossings and bailing out people and businesses that refuse to use it for the purposes stated and bailing out countries that can't keep their houses in order and all the other BS that our government does on a daily basis.

Not to mention,FORCING them to balance the damn thing will make them look at some of the things they spend OUR money on that really can't be in this day and age. Like Congress getting retirement pay ad nausea, along with all the other unfundable mandates they pass off as legislation.

Agree, disagree, it doesn't really matter to me in the long run. I know I can use my right to vote to effect changes. But what I really want is for you to start thinking about these things for yourself. Put two and two together and get to an answer without the powers that be TELLING you what answer to come up with. If I can get you to think for yourself and stop being sheep, than I consider my job done. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud. (Just like my new book. Yea, shameless plug.)

Have a great day.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barney Frank is to blame

I don't care what Ezra Klein says (Or Brad Plumer, whoever) about this, It IS Barney's fault.

For me, my dislike – no, make that near hatred – of Barney Frank (D-MA) is so very personal.

Because of Barney Frank, personally, my sister is losing her home. Because of Barney Frank, a wonderful human being, a dedicated American who has given so much to her community without asking for anything, is going to be homeless. Not without some place to live. No that will be difficult, but she will make do with whatever she can because that is how she has always lived. No she will be HOMEless. Without her HOME. A HOME she has made over the past 9 years. A place for her daughter to live with her when she was in rough straits. A place for her grandchildren to come visit Nana. A place she shares with her pot bellied pig and her pig's pet kitten. A HOME, from where she has been able to go out and save lives as an EMT, both as a job and as a volunteer for the Milford Fire Department. A HOME from where she studied, at the start of her 5th decade on this earth, to become a paramedic. A HOME from which she has gotten up in the morning and drove miles to another state to take care of an elderly couple in the 80's, and then returned to in order to get what little rest she feels she needs. Of course, this rest is often interrupted with tones going out telling her someone needs her skills at the scene of a motor vehicle accident or a structure fire. She has saved lives of adults, teenagers, fire fighters and even little infants – ask her to tell the story of an infant whom she performed CPR and used her finger to do the compressions and you will hear her voice crack.

And it is all Barney Frank's fault.

Did he lose her previous job and only give her a less salary at the job she got to replace – which she would do again because it is for a non-profit ambulance service – during this difficult economy? No.

Was he the one who callously denied her the chance to make changes to her mortgage arrangement, like so many others have availed themselves of because Congress forced banks to do so? Was he the one who spoke to her with such disrespect and dismissively because she wasn't a protected minority and wouldn't sue if they denied her this chance? Was he the heartless mortgage company and bank who would rather foreclose and sell off the property to a third party so they wouldn't have to DEAL with it, or her? No.

Was he the one who actually came up with the disturbingly pyramid effect of the mortgage derivatives that eventually precipitated the collapse of the housing market in such a way that it took it with it so many other sectors of banking? Mmmmm, no not really. I mean, he didn't come up with it. So, no.

But he is guilty of causing my sister, a wonderful, giving and more than caring individual to lose her home.

It was Barney Frank who refused to let the government continue an investigation into Raines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He did so with the claims of Republicans being racist. He did so with the claims that poor Mr. Raines was being persecuted by heartless conservatives who just didn't like him because he was a successful black man. He blocked his colleagues again when they wanted to investigate more claims of Raines illegal activities, where he was making millions on the backs of others in suspected criminal ways. He did so, one last time, demanding Republicans stop making claims against poor Mr. Raines and Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac, all of whom dream of owning a home, which didn't ALL Americans deserve no matter what, a possibility. (The latter disastrous ideal I lay at the feet of President Carter.)

And so, when the whole derivatives effect collapsed the markets and caused the economic situation we find ourselves in, where a hard working, giving American – an Inspirational American – is treated with such disdain and is forced to watch as her HOME is taken from her.

And I blame Barney Frank for ALL of it. He is either the stupidest person ever to walk the halls of Congress or he is one of the most corrupt SOBs ever to be elected over and over again to public service. I dare him to let us know which it is. I demand that before this sorry excuse for a member of the once august body of government service gets to “retire” and take not only his ill-gotten gains during his years in the House of Representatives but his retirement “benefits” of taking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of OUR money each year, they investigate his actions and his role in the collapse of our economy. I demand they get him to come face to face with the Americans, like my sister, whose lives he so irrevocably ruined or destroyed or dismantled without nary a thought in his head.

And yes, this is my opinion, which you can either agree with or disagree with. I don't really care which. If I can get even ONE person to open their eyes and see the truth of those who supposedly “serve” us in government, and stop listening to the spin of PR people, lawyers, politicians and the like – to think for themselves through examination of the FACTS and mulling the logic of it all – that I have done my job. Because this is, as always, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Shameless campaign to bully and American business" over

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has dropped its complaint over Boeing's opening of a plant in South Carolina, at the request of the union that opened the suit in the first place.

NLRB spokesman (and President Obama appointee), Lafe Solomon, stated that the case was "never about the union or the N.L.R.B. telling Boeing where it could put its plants . . . [t]he case was always about the loss of future jobs in the Seattle area. This agreement has resolved that issue. There is job security in the Washington area."

Others thought differently.

The U.S. Chamber of COmmerce felt different. Even though they welcomed the boards decision, Randell K Johnson, Sr. VP of labor, said that more "needs to be done to prevent this outrageous overreach in the future.”

Republican lawmakers and GOP Presidential candidates decried it as a regulatory overreach by the Obama Administration. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the complaint "frivolous." Rep. Joe Kline (R-MI) called the case a "shameless campaign to bully an American business."

And Boeing, who has maintained all along that the suit was without merit, expressed their gratitude of all the support received from across the country.

I also made comment on this case (as I, until recently, resided in SC and was intimate with the case).

However, I feel compelled to greet this decision with a bit of tempered elation. Tempered, because it only came after Boeing came to an agreement with the unions in Washington state. Both the union and the NLRB can view this decision as a victory. And they would be correct in that assumption. Because they were indeed able to bully an American business through the cooperation of a government agency. The Obama Administration's bedtime relationship with the unions can only be overturned by either a full force determination to block any future nominations by the POTUS to this board, or by his termination as President in November of 2012.

The latter seems a difficult prospect at best, given the current crop of GOP candidates and the fact that they are not really thrilling the rank and file of the Republican base.

I salute the determination of Boeing and our Republican lawmakers to the successful public airing of this issue. But I fear that future union / NLRB joint efforts to destroy American business will have more success. Unless we, as a people, stand up and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Block Obama nominations to this board. Stop union efforts to undermine business for their own personal, monetary and power grab gains. (Defeating Card check legislation, as one example.) Vote this President, who is intent on destroying this country in the name of social change, OUT of office in November 2012.

These are only a few ways, but by far the best ways, of telling the people in power that WE give them that power and WE CAN TAKE IT AWAY!

Agree or disagree, it doesn't really matter to me. So long as I get you to stop being mindless sheep and start thinking for yourselves, I have done my job. But,a s usual, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Politicians are SO FULL OF IT!!!!

Alright, "San Fran Nan"? Do you want to extend the tax cuts "which contributed to the deficit," like you said not much more than a year ago? Or are you telling Americans they cannot let Congress go home without passing these tax cuts for "for millions of hardworking Americans at a time when they are trying hard to get back on their feet," like you said in your email today and to the press?

I am so fed up with POLITICIANS!!!!!!!! All of them.

We have a current crop of GOP candidates who want to be President next year that I wouldn't let dog sit for me. And the Democrats in office are so full of caca that if you get too close you need toilet paper to wipe off the spittle coming from their frothing mouths.

Obama is delusional. Pelosi is a lunatic who really can't keep straight which lie she is spreading this week or which group she is supposed to be pandering to. Boehner keeps missing the opportunity to let the public know WHY the GOP is opposing the President, and maybe doesn't even really know himself. Reid is too busy trying to shut down houses of ill-repute in Nevada, probably due to his guilt over sex or something.

And 90% of the rest of the elected officials, that is the politicians in government, are too busy either trying to build up re-election coffers for themselves or their compatriots to really pay attention to what the hell is really going on in America.

I think maybe we should just go out there in our Facebook, Twitter and blog would and get the Glenda Sturkies elected to all levels of government. I don't know if it will be better but it will certainly send a message out to all these "Professional" public servants, like Barney Frank, who screw up the country for their own personal gain or that of their friends and then live off our dime after they have made millions and retire. (Where they still live off our dime.)

Let us get a bunch of people who will agree to keep certain key personnel (like the Secretary of Defense - you know, to keep the country safe while we transition from a career politician run government to the government "of the people, for the people, by the people") in place when they assume office, and get them elected.

Crazy idea, I know. Agree or disagree, I don't care. So long as I get you thinking for yourselves and not being zombies of the current crop of losers and their cronies like the unions, I have done my job. Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its finally done!!

I am so excited. I finally completed the book. Not just the book, but THE BOOK!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the ultimate anti-SPIN book for the 2012 elections. It is the resource book you can go to and see what REALLY was going on. At least from my point of view. And I think I am typical of the average American, don't you?

Anyway. It is here. It is an e-book, so anyone, anywhere can find it and buy it and have it with them to dispute the SPIN the politicians are going to whip out to confuse you during the 2012 election cycle and Obama's first year in office.

Yes. It is HERE.

Yes, that is the link. Or you can look to the right or left of this blog and see the link. Click on it. Buy it. Read it. You can't get most of what is there on the web because the website had my blog on at the time is no longer in existence.

Anyway. After that bit of self promotion, I will be back tomorrow to my usual Thinking Out Loud column.

You all have a great day! I know I will.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Usual rhetoric from DC shows ignorance of reality

Dear Readers, Don't forget to read about this inspirational American who is in dire need of voices to help her stay in her home.

Meanwhile, in DC . . . .

A recent email from the Democratic Party reveals more stupidity, or at least more intention to deceive. In the email, it states:

"In case you missed it -- yesterday Congress voted on a bill that gave them two simple choices:

A) Let President Obama's payroll tax cut expire, raising a typical family's taxes by more than $1,000 next year, or

B) Extend and expand the tax cut, helping 160 million people and letting that same family keep $1,500. Click here to find out what it does for you.

The payroll tax cut would be paid for by requiring millionaires and billionaires to pay a little more. But some in Congress think millionaires and billionaires should get to keep paying the already-low rate they get, thanks to the Bush tax cuts.

This one isn't complicated. And for a party whose leaders and candidates have pledged not to support any tax hike ever, taking money out of the pockets of middle-class families should have been unacceptable.

But almost every Republican in the Senate went with option A -- blocking President Obama's proposal, and refusing to make the wealthiest among us contribute their fair share to help struggling families and strengthen the economy."

But this is not how to make the "wealthiest among us contribute their fair share." The way to do that, as many Republicans have pointed out, is to close loopholes. Even Obama fawner Warren Buffet proudly announced he was paying less taxes than his secretary. If those "loopholes" in the tax code were closed in a way that did not hurt charities, then the wealthiest wouldn't be able to claim them. And then they would be paying the tax rate they should be. AND thus, Warren's secretary will be paying LESS taxes than he is.

Also, for those like Obama, who is a millionaire, as are many in government, there is a line on the tax form that says if you want to pay more, you can. But does Obama and Buffet ever use this. NOPE!!!!!!

So their criticism of those stupid bills Obama and the Democrats keep trying to shove down our throats will do nothing in the end. Except keep us from moving forward and out of this economic down cycle.

They truly have no concept of what they are doing. And they keep trying to tell us it is "the other guys' fault", like some sophomoric school kid trying not to get into trouble.

C'mon, Democrats and Mr. President. Stop trying to hoodwink and mislead the American public. There are enough nitwits out there who will always believe your rhetoric because they not only don't know any better, but they are the ones who want something for nothing and are not willing to work. Remember what Thomas Jefferson wrote so long ago.

“The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

AGree, disagree, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you start thinking for yourselves and stop listening the inane pandering rhetoric of these so-called leaders, and I will consider my job done. ANyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.