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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carville thinks we are stupid and forget

James Carville thinks we are stupid. He thinks, just like Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrat hypocrites, that we can't rmemeber from one day to the next, or one year to the next.

In an email, he screams outrage that Republicans

But we don't forget. How about the time in August of 2008 when Pelosi shut off the lights and mics and went home, leaving the GOp still talking about gas prices.

In an email, Carville says "The Republicans think they can shut us up. When Democrats demanded a vote on the payroll tax cut yesterday, Republicans cut their microphones, tucked tail and ran right off the House floor. Speaker John Boehner even cut off the TV cameras!"

Yet there was no problem when the Deomcrats did it in 2008. But unlike the Democrats, the GOP did not refuse to balance the budget and go home in 2010, like Pelosi did. Nor did they completely shut down their esteemed colleagues from representing the people that sent to office as Pelosi did when she opened the new Congress in 2009, after Barack Obama won the election. In her esteemed wonderfulness, San Fran Nan Pelosi made it so the new Congress would not let the minority members introduce legislation, amendments nor make any changes to any legislation proposed. Thus denying those who elected them to have their voice in government.

But now, Carville has the audacity to whine and whinny like a baby that the GOP turned out the lights and turned off the microphones. WHo the hell does he think he is kidding? Does he think we can't remember that all those political hacks, and the people like him who spin for them, have no real interest in doing what is right for the people of America? Does he think we are stupid sheep who would listen to spew mouths like him who wold lie to their mother in order to get an advantage for the guy what pays him? Does he think that Americans a re so stupid as to believe a word that comes out of his or any politician's mouth . . .

Oh wait. Yea, I guess he has a point. Americans ARE so stupid as to believe the spin he puts on lies. Americans ARE sheep enough to follow the liars and hypocrites from DC who fight back and forth with each other and don't give a rat's fat fanny what it means to the average citizen. After all, they are going to vote Barack Obama in again in 2012.

The average citizen will cast their ballots next year for Barack "I don't care if I am a one term President" Obama. They will do this, even though they know he lies, even though they know he doesn't understand how government works or business works or the regular folk like you and me have to survive amidst the in-fighting and bickering of politicians who suck up over $170,000 a year - each - of OUR hard earned money. And don't really do anything in return.

Except for Sen. Pat Toomey (PA-R). Or at least the wonderful people who work for Sen. Pat Toomey. They were the only ones to respond to that urgent call for help I sent out over the ethernet.

No response form the President (or the White House), who let this happen to America. (Yes, he was a member of Congress when all this BS went down and he continued the process after assuming office, so I don't want to hear all you Bush bashers and haters start screaming again. OBAMA is president, its about time he - and all of you - started acting like it and stop blaming "the former administration.")

No response form any other member of Congress. No response from the GOP candidates. No response from the lame-stream media.

Just Toomey's office. And their efforts actually got the (third in line - gotta love those derivatives) mortgage company to listen. They took the house off sheriff's sale and are working with that inspirational American woman, who is out in her community saving and impacting lives every day.

But Carville, and all the other Washington, DC blowhards can just go pound sand. I can't get behind any of their anti-American monkey business. They ALL lie, for one reason or another. They ALL suck up to the special interest and money fat cats instead of listening to us Americans.

You can agree or disagree. It doesn't matter to me except that if you disagree, you have fallen victim to the spin and are SHEEP! SO BAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHH! My job is make sure you start thinking for yourselves. It is so frustrating because so many of you LOVE being sheep. BAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! But if I CAN get you to think for yourselves, then I have done my job. If not then BAAAAAHHHH! Either way, this is just me, you know, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. (Baa)


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