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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barney Frank is to blame

I don't care what Ezra Klein says (Or Brad Plumer, whoever) about this, It IS Barney's fault.

For me, my dislike – no, make that near hatred – of Barney Frank (D-MA) is so very personal.

Because of Barney Frank, personally, my sister is losing her home. Because of Barney Frank, a wonderful human being, a dedicated American who has given so much to her community without asking for anything, is going to be homeless. Not without some place to live. No that will be difficult, but she will make do with whatever she can because that is how she has always lived. No she will be HOMEless. Without her HOME. A HOME she has made over the past 9 years. A place for her daughter to live with her when she was in rough straits. A place for her grandchildren to come visit Nana. A place she shares with her pot bellied pig and her pig's pet kitten. A HOME, from where she has been able to go out and save lives as an EMT, both as a job and as a volunteer for the Milford Fire Department. A HOME from where she studied, at the start of her 5th decade on this earth, to become a paramedic. A HOME from which she has gotten up in the morning and drove miles to another state to take care of an elderly couple in the 80's, and then returned to in order to get what little rest she feels she needs. Of course, this rest is often interrupted with tones going out telling her someone needs her skills at the scene of a motor vehicle accident or a structure fire. She has saved lives of adults, teenagers, fire fighters and even little infants – ask her to tell the story of an infant whom she performed CPR and used her finger to do the compressions and you will hear her voice crack.

And it is all Barney Frank's fault.

Did he lose her previous job and only give her a less salary at the job she got to replace – which she would do again because it is for a non-profit ambulance service – during this difficult economy? No.

Was he the one who callously denied her the chance to make changes to her mortgage arrangement, like so many others have availed themselves of because Congress forced banks to do so? Was he the one who spoke to her with such disrespect and dismissively because she wasn't a protected minority and wouldn't sue if they denied her this chance? Was he the heartless mortgage company and bank who would rather foreclose and sell off the property to a third party so they wouldn't have to DEAL with it, or her? No.

Was he the one who actually came up with the disturbingly pyramid effect of the mortgage derivatives that eventually precipitated the collapse of the housing market in such a way that it took it with it so many other sectors of banking? Mmmmm, no not really. I mean, he didn't come up with it. So, no.

But he is guilty of causing my sister, a wonderful, giving and more than caring individual to lose her home.

It was Barney Frank who refused to let the government continue an investigation into Raines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He did so with the claims of Republicans being racist. He did so with the claims that poor Mr. Raines was being persecuted by heartless conservatives who just didn't like him because he was a successful black man. He blocked his colleagues again when they wanted to investigate more claims of Raines illegal activities, where he was making millions on the backs of others in suspected criminal ways. He did so, one last time, demanding Republicans stop making claims against poor Mr. Raines and Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac, all of whom dream of owning a home, which didn't ALL Americans deserve no matter what, a possibility. (The latter disastrous ideal I lay at the feet of President Carter.)

And so, when the whole derivatives effect collapsed the markets and caused the economic situation we find ourselves in, where a hard working, giving American – an Inspirational American – is treated with such disdain and is forced to watch as her HOME is taken from her.

And I blame Barney Frank for ALL of it. He is either the stupidest person ever to walk the halls of Congress or he is one of the most corrupt SOBs ever to be elected over and over again to public service. I dare him to let us know which it is. I demand that before this sorry excuse for a member of the once august body of government service gets to “retire” and take not only his ill-gotten gains during his years in the House of Representatives but his retirement “benefits” of taking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of OUR money each year, they investigate his actions and his role in the collapse of our economy. I demand they get him to come face to face with the Americans, like my sister, whose lives he so irrevocably ruined or destroyed or dismantled without nary a thought in his head.

And yes, this is my opinion, which you can either agree with or disagree with. I don't really care which. If I can get even ONE person to open their eyes and see the truth of those who supposedly “serve” us in government, and stop listening to the spin of PR people, lawyers, politicians and the like – to think for themselves through examination of the FACTS and mulling the logic of it all – that I have done my job. Because this is, as always, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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