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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Friend of Mine

The presumption and audacity of these political emails is getting just too much for me. I kept getting them even though they were getting just too much full of BS than I could take. Because that is part of my job - keeping up with the campaigns and all they are saying and doing. But now I have to just "unsubscribe" because lately they have gotten way out of hand.

Like this recent one I got from Kal Penn. You know Kal, the actor who thinks he's a public servant - no, wait, he's an actor - nope, nope, he's a public servant. He keeps bouncing back and forth between an Administration position and acting, which he keeps resigning and can't figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

So, anyway, Kal writes:

Friend (yes, we're friends) --

In 2007, I spent a few months in Iowa before the caucuses, getting all sorts of folks fired up to cast their vote for this guy named Barack Obama.

What I remember most: It was shockingly, painfully cold. And fun.

Actually, super fun. And easier than I thought, to talk to total strangers and ask them to vote. That's why I traveled to 25 other states for the President in 2008, and why I'm volunteering again. Well, that and because we don't want to see the progress we've made on everything from student loans to health care get turned back.

You could play that role this year, by joining Vote Corps -- a group of the most dedicated organizers out there.

If you join, you'll be doing exactly what I did -- going to one of the most critical states for a few weeks leading up to Election Day, and making sure people there go to the polls.

You'll make phone calls, knock on doors, and have one-on-one conversations with people about why you support President Obama. It's important, fun stuff.

Yeah, you'll be a volunteer, but the local staff, fellow volunteers, and people you meet will make it worth your while in donuts, love, and appreciation (and let's face it, donuts are legit).

Whenever you arrive, they'll want you to stay through Election Day -- and take my word for it, that'll be the best part. On Election Day in 2008, I was in Florida with a bunch of awesome young volunteers (and their sweet robot, pic below). Where will I go this year? Where will you go?

Sign up now to join Vote Corps, and a really nice organizer will drop you a line to tell you more:

Just tell them Kal said you should do this. Because I did. And then fist bump and hug it out with your new friends. Smell that? It's freedom.



Sorry, Kal, but you are no friend of mine. If you were, you would know that I don't consider it progress to have hundreds of millions out of work. Not just out of work, but no longer looking for work. I don't consider a great man one who would discount these Americans because it makes a statistical upswing when they fall off the rolls of the unemployed assisted people onto the rolls of the forgotten. Obama complains about Romney's 47% gaff. Yet he consistently ignores that many and more when he talks about how many people want him to keep "moving forward."

Kal, if you were really a friend, you would know that I only keep the truly delusional ones like you because I personally like them. I don't even think your acting is all that great. And as for liking you for you, I don't even know you. So how could I decide to keep such a delusional friend.

Really, Kal, you need to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Until then, you need to leave politics to the adults.

As for volunteering for ANYTHING political, I certainly won't be doing so just because some actor - be you Kal Penn or Clint Eastwood - TOLD me I should. Most actors don't know their political truths from a hole in their butt. they live in Hollywood's make believe vault.

So Kal, one last bit here. Stop sending me emails. I have unsubscribed. Can't the political morons who populate these campaign offices even figure out that a do not call and do not email list actually has the word "NOT" in it?

Anyway, as usual, you can decide for yourself what you think. In fact, I PREFER you start thinking for yourself and stop listneing to twitlets like Kal Penn, or anyone who would tell you to do something "because they said so." Because this is, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Them's the choices??

In Missouri, they are saying - and by they, I mean Democrats - that the 1% gap between the two choices for Congress is worrisome. I agree. But not for the reasons they - again, the Democrats - are saying.

Here's the email from Jennifer Granholm - you know her, the former Canadian governor of Michigan - about the situation in Missouri.

"Despite Todd Akin belittling rape survivors, the Tea Party’s largest Super PAC is considering throwing millions behind him. And today, projections show Republicans could take over the Senate by a single seat. Here are the latest polls:
September 22, 2012
MissouriClaire McCaskill (D)-45Todd Akin (R)-44
MassachusettsElizabeth Warren (D)-48Scott Brown (R)-46
ArizonaRichard Carmona (D)-43Jeff Flake (R)-44

An Akin victory could actually hand Republicans control of the Senate. 
You have only eight days to stop them — we’re up against the final and most vital end-of-quarter deadline."

So here is my thought . . . Them's the choices?? Holy crap, I don't want to see either one of these scatter-brained nitwits anywhere near the seats of legislative power in this country. I mean, it is a no-brainer that a stupid, neanderthal such as Akin should not only be booted to some curb but be placed in solitary confinement so he doesn't hurt anyone. So, I don't think I really need to go any further. This man is simply put an embarrassment to both men and humanity. End of discussion.

But McCaskill is so liberal that it has got to make her eye teeth hurt just to think or speak.

McCaskill's voting record is s sight to behold. Really. Here, just go and behold it. She is willing to vote for just about anythynig that has a mandate but no way to pay for it. She won't limit handouts to farmers who really don't need it. She won't prohibit drug companies from delaying the release of generic drugs - oh but she will mandate you gotta get Obamacare. She will demand more taxes be paid by those who are already paying the lion's share (thus ensuring they don't have any capital to create jobs - while MILLIONS of Americans suffer without work) but WILL pass a tax cut to the middle class equating to NOTHING that will do the middle class any good.

The only thing of late she has steered clear of voting on is - sugar subsidies. Guess her liberal sweet tooth couldn't stand that much saccharine.

So, the choices in Missouri are just an example of what choices Americans have at the polls. Between two evils. Just like in the Presidential race.

Obama or Romney.

But thats the media for you. They will TELL you these are your only choices.

Just like in Missouri - where the choices are ACTUALLY Akin, McCaskill OR Jonathan Dine - on the Presidential scene, in most states (47 right now) there is the choice between Obama, Romney OR Gary Johnson. Now, you might not really like Dine in Missouri, but he does offer a third choice.

And you might not like Johnson, but he offers a third option - a LEGITIMATE option to having to choose between the lessor of two evils.

Johnson is the former two-term Governor of New Mexico. He has an impressive list of accomplishments as Governor, battling things that this President has not been able to tackle properly. He has definitive things to say about the issues. Not just vague promises of Hope and Change.

So, despite what the popular media - whose ethics should be called into question daily - would have you believe the choices are limited to the ones THEY want in office, the choices are actually bigger than you thought. An informed voter makes for a better America. A popularity contest makes for a worse world.

You decide.

Agree, disagree . . . I don't care. Just get informed, use your brain, and stop swallowing the drivel they - the politicians, the media, the spin doctors - are forcing down your throats. Do that and it will be better all around. As for me, as usual, I'm just here Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama and Romney Hammered

A person by the name of Hugh Atkin (don't know if that's their real name or not, or of its actually a group of people, or whatever – but hell, it doesn't matter really) created some great videos. I heard the first one on the radio this morning and found the second when I looked the first up on the internet. Here's the two of them. They will make you think. And laugh. Or not.

When President Obama said “you didn't build that” he set off a FIRESTORM of controversy among Republicans, Independents, business people and just about anyone with a brain. Atkin put together this piece set to MC Hammer's “You Can't Touch This” song. (

But to be equally cognizant of issues everyone (independents, conservatives and liberals) have with Mitt Romney, he put out this little video to an Eminem song. (Disclaimer – I am not thrilled by a particular word in the song. It must be Eminem's originally but I don't listen to him, so can't figure why Atkin put it in.) (

Now, here's another video, not by Atkin, that I think you should check out. (

Just saying.

Agree or not, laugh or not, it doesn't matter. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The politics of hypocrisy

Okay, so I get an email from the Democrats. Here's what it said.

"National Republicans have just launched blatantly deceptive attack ads against Dr. David Gill, our Democratic candidate for Congress in southern Illinois. If you haven’t seen the ads, they’re a shameful attempt to confuse voters in a key race that could help us win a Democratic House majority."

Now here is the reason I say it is not only hypocrisy but its lunacy. Because all you have to do is substitute the other side and it is just as legitimate an argument.

"National Democrats have just launched blatantly deceptive attack ads against Rodney Davis, our Republican candidate for Congress in southern Illinois. If you haven’t seen the ads, they’re a shameful attempt to confuse voters in a key race that could help us keep a Republican House majority."

See, the GOP could run the same ad.

But the rest of the email could actually be used by both parties.

"The truth is Dr. Gill will work with President Obama to expand access to health care . . ."

If you're a Democrat, you LOVE this guy. If you're smart - er, I mean - a Republican, you HATE this guy.

Anyway, I think voting for NEITHER party would be best for America. Lets throw all the jerks out on their back sides and start with people who remember it is not supposed to be a CAREER to be in politics. You were never meant to stay in COngress for DECADES. You were supposed to do your civic duty, represent your neighbors and then GO HOME. Some of these cretins just forgot to go home. So its time for us to tell them to do so.

As for President, the two gunning for the job - one a donkey and the other an elephant, make what you will from those true references - are not worth our spit. They continue to "blame the other guy" instead of telling us EXACTLY how they are going to fix things. (Four years ago, the country's majority went with the vague HOPE and CHANGE guy without getting specifics and we can see what a complete shambles that has wrought us.)

So why not go with Gary Johnson? He has specifics. He is talking about what we want government to do. (At least those of us not too lazy to work for a living, dream for a brighter future and are willing to take responsibility for ourselves.) Less government intrusion into our loves. Smaller government. Which, of course will lead to less taxes because THAT is what our taxes are supposed to be for - paying to run the Federal government, not pay down some ludicrous debt.

So lets all vote out as many of these losers as we can and fill the seats with citizen servants and NOT politicians.

I actually dare you, America.

Agree with me or not, just think about it. I do that and we have as possible better future. DON'T THINK and you get what you have . . . and in my book, thats pretty pathetic.

Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of muslims??

I will state right off the bat, I HAVE NOT seen the short film "Innocence of Muslims." Nor will I see it. There are some things I have no interest in watching. Like Seinfeld. Just not my cup of tea.

That being said, I am appalled at the violence sweeping the Muslim world against anyone they damn well feel like.

Someone made a movie that insults them. Hell, they insult me 24 hours a day with their BS rhetoric and their hate! See me bombing their buildings? See me Killing anyone I damn well feel like and justifying with BS rhetoric? NO!

I am getting really really pissed off at not only these damn cowards . . . and make no mistake, they ARE cowards who I believe that Mohammed himself would condemn . . . who kill just because they LIKE killing. They need no excuse.

Proof? Okay, see any of them marching up to the front door of the people how made the movie they are mad about and showing their anger or displeasure? NO! They freaking go and attack a building that has NOTHING TO DO with the movie! The kill people who have NOTHING TO DO with the movie!!


And our freaking President is always treating them with kid gloves, damn near apologizing to them for being an American. His lackluster condemnation of these acts by people who are no less than TERRORIST is deplorable.

I say cut off all aid to these ridiculous terrorist nations. Stop sending them money. Stop sending them food. Stop fixing their roads and buildings and farms. Stop dealing with them until they decide to act like civilized people and not crazed barbaric animals. Because that is what they are behaving like. Animals.

This may seem harsh but it is being borne out of anger. Anger that they are allowed to get away with it. ENCOURAGED to continue this behaviour by a world who is too afraid to tell them to stop. Too afraid to tell the spoiled little tantrum prone children to stop.

And for all you bleeding hearts who say "oh but they're just being bad because we've been so mean to them" all I have to say is this.


But I can be.

And I don't mean sinking to their level and flattening their entire country (although I am angry enough to want to do this). I mean boycotting Muslim business here and abroad. Calling my elected officials and threatening not voting for them if they don't immediately sanction their countries. Calling on everyone to do the same. And demanding aid organizations stop rewarding their bad behaviour.

You can agree or not. It doesn't matter. Parents reprimand children who throw tantrums. Can we do any less to those who would resort to murder and violence because someone said something they didn't like? You can go along with me and contact those who can do something about these terrorist or you can just ignore their sick and abhorrent actions. Either way, this is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a better day.


Monday, September 10, 2012

We need responsible people EVERYWHERE

(This is from Townhall's Conservative Cartoons of the Day.

THIS is what I have been talking about.

But its not just bozo politicians. It is the insipid nature of people who are frustrated, confused or apathetic who also need ot take some responsibility.

We wouldn't need government involvement in so many parts of our lives if people would just take responsibility for their lives and their situation.

Ah, forget it. Talking to you people about this is like talking to a wall. Except the wall might actually absorb some of what I say.

Have a . . . whatever day.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This "racism" crap is getting OLD

This is not getting ridiculous, this IS ridiculous!

I am so sick and tired of the racism crap that is being slashed around the political arena and being repeated by the mindless drones of their ideological parties! This is just the latest BS, and the {President needs to come out and tell his supporters he will fire any staffers who repeat this drivel. So should Romney. I not only dare them to do this, I DEMAND they do this.

Am I naive or stupid enough to think racism doesn't exist? Of course not. Are there white people who hate black people simply because they are black? Yes. Are there black people who hate white people simply because they are white? You better damned well believe it. So long as there are people who are so lazy as to blame others for their lot in life, then there will be bigotry of many sorts.

But for politicians and political groups who continue to USE racism as an excuse or a weapon, well, this is unconscionable and they should not be in the public servant arena. And that includes Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Judges, Presidential candidates, et al.

Constantly shouting racism at anyone who disagrees does a disservice to America. And anyone who keeps doing it is un-American. They are not only NOT patriotic, but they are traitors to the ideals of America.

Yes, I went there. They are traitors. America is about the celebration of freedom by ALL diverse groups. America was founded by English, German, Polish, Jews, Christians, Afrikaner . . . all manner of peoples. Their common link was a desire for freedom. A desire to live among like minded freedom lovers. Sure there are diverse cultures. There are diverse skin tones. There are diverse religions. And all are invited and excited to live in a country where you can be all of these without fear of someone coming in the night to cart you off and never be heard from again.

In America, you don't have to belong to a specific religion. In America you don't have to be quiet when you disagree with the government. In America, a rich boy or a poor girl can grow up to be whatever they want . . . even President.

That is the promise of America. And those who purposefully try to divide this country just so they can get the lion's share of the vote do America, its citizens, founding fathers and the promise a disservice.

Prejudice of any kind has NO PLACE in the service of American. Without the diversity of America, it is no more. Without the faiths of America, it is no more. If there is no business to provide jobs and no employees to provide a workforce, it is no more. If there is no entrepreneurial or patriotic spirit among the people of America, IT IS NO MORE!

I repeat my call.

PRESIDENT OBAMA, fire anyone who would divide this country. And stop using rhetoric yourself doing this. Including your ridiculously foot-in-mouth addled VP!

MR. ROMNEY, fire anyone who would divide this country. And stop playing the political games your "advisors" are presenting you with. No more references to birth certificates.

This country has serious problems without our politicians waging race and class warfare.

Keep it up, and come November I will plead, call for, demand cajole everyone I know and everyone they know and so on and so on, to vote for anyone BUT you two.

You have one week to declare your campaigns free of this nonsense. Then I start advocating for ANYONE other than you two.

You say what is one lone voice in the wilderness? I say it is an American voice. I don't matter. But America matters. Americans matter. The ideals that framed this country MATTER. You two do not. I remind you of many instances in American history where one voice mattered.

In 1800, one vote decided a Presidency. In 1839, one vote decided the Governor of Massachusetts. In 1845, one vote brought Texas into the union and in 1846, one vote decided entrance into war. And in 1920, one vote gave women the vote.

So, one voice can make a difference. And even if it doesn't, then does it really matter to you? Agree or disagree with me, does it matter? But if I get you thinking for yourself instead of listening to the SPIN of people who do NOT have your interest or the interest of America at the forefront, than I will have done something useful. But hell, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.