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Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of muslims??

I will state right off the bat, I HAVE NOT seen the short film "Innocence of Muslims." Nor will I see it. There are some things I have no interest in watching. Like Seinfeld. Just not my cup of tea.

That being said, I am appalled at the violence sweeping the Muslim world against anyone they damn well feel like.

Someone made a movie that insults them. Hell, they insult me 24 hours a day with their BS rhetoric and their hate! See me bombing their buildings? See me Killing anyone I damn well feel like and justifying with BS rhetoric? NO!

I am getting really really pissed off at not only these damn cowards . . . and make no mistake, they ARE cowards who I believe that Mohammed himself would condemn . . . who kill just because they LIKE killing. They need no excuse.

Proof? Okay, see any of them marching up to the front door of the people how made the movie they are mad about and showing their anger or displeasure? NO! They freaking go and attack a building that has NOTHING TO DO with the movie! The kill people who have NOTHING TO DO with the movie!!


And our freaking President is always treating them with kid gloves, damn near apologizing to them for being an American. His lackluster condemnation of these acts by people who are no less than TERRORIST is deplorable.

I say cut off all aid to these ridiculous terrorist nations. Stop sending them money. Stop sending them food. Stop fixing their roads and buildings and farms. Stop dealing with them until they decide to act like civilized people and not crazed barbaric animals. Because that is what they are behaving like. Animals.

This may seem harsh but it is being borne out of anger. Anger that they are allowed to get away with it. ENCOURAGED to continue this behaviour by a world who is too afraid to tell them to stop. Too afraid to tell the spoiled little tantrum prone children to stop.

And for all you bleeding hearts who say "oh but they're just being bad because we've been so mean to them" all I have to say is this.


But I can be.

And I don't mean sinking to their level and flattening their entire country (although I am angry enough to want to do this). I mean boycotting Muslim business here and abroad. Calling my elected officials and threatening not voting for them if they don't immediately sanction their countries. Calling on everyone to do the same. And demanding aid organizations stop rewarding their bad behaviour.

You can agree or not. It doesn't matter. Parents reprimand children who throw tantrums. Can we do any less to those who would resort to murder and violence because someone said something they didn't like? You can go along with me and contact those who can do something about these terrorist or you can just ignore their sick and abhorrent actions. Either way, this is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a better day.



  1. I don't know why "Anonymous" wants me to watch the video. If they think it would justify the violence and murder happening in the Middle East, then they are sadly mistaken. If Jews or Christians acted this way (today) they would be condemned by the whole world and hunted to the ends of the earth. But since its Muslims, people think "oh those poor persecuted people". Give me a freaking break. Saying something you don't like DOES NOT justify what they are doing.