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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter is coming . . . who you voting for?

Can you believe it. Some astounding and unbelievable thin gs are happening.

For one, winter is HERE - not just coming. I am looking at getting about 18" of snow where I am. And it is not even Halloween yet! Sheesh. Amazing. Reporters are saying there is no one alive who can remember the last time a big one hit this bad this early. But you know what I think of the research done by most media people. Anyway, it is still astounding.

And the second thing is that the first Primaries are scant sixty days away - and most Republicans say it is too early to commit to deciding on their chosen candidate.

Good news, I guess, for the candidates. But what it says is that none of the current field are thrilling the voters. Which means that it will really be a crap shoot on who they set up to go against Obama next year.

Not good for us. Means four more years. Of the same lackluster economy and failing of government to listen to the people. because they do not know what they are doing. They need to listen to SOMEONE about the way they are all failing, GOP and Dems alike.

Gotta run. Library computer, you know.

Anyway, agree or disagree, I don't care. Just start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to the morons who are supposedly in charge. If this is a "ship of state," then no one really has the wheel, do they? But hey, what do I know? This is just me, Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy This, you putzes!!!!

Okay, this "Occupy Wall Street" thing is just stupid. Bizarro and stupid!

Not only is it an idea that has no basis in reality, but it has soared over the waters and is hitting foreign shores. And why? They don't know. Just ask them. They heard America was doing it and thought they would, too.

These twits would blame investors who saw the housing crisis and did what they do best, read the signs and make smart decisions.

And the signs were there. Barney Frank and his cronies selling the public on the lies of "everyone deserves to own a home" no matter the reality of their situations. Barney Frank and his Democratic bleeding hearts ignoring the real world and protecting the people running Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground. Liberals in their thinking that everyone deserves to get everything without having to work hard for it.

This is not real life people! This is not only a stupid way of looking at life but a dangerous one. Look at all the harm caused by people who think this way. And now look at all the twits who still believe that everyone deserves a handout.

Friends ask me all the time, in their arguing their liberal views over my conservative values "don't you think you deserve free medical since you are on hard times, after all the years of working and paying taxes etc"?

No, I don't 'deserve' a free hand out. I don't deserve to get some help right now because I've fallen on hard times. I am fully capable and still out there looking for work and doing what temp and freelance I can find. And as long as I am not dying, I will not "just go to the emergency room because they HAVE to see" me, and then ignore the bill when it comes. this is the credit card mentality of people living beyond their means. And yes, my health is like everything else in my life. If it is not absolutely necessary to do and I can't afford it, I won't.

It is the mentality of those bleeding heart liberals who feed the line to the public that everyone deserves a hand out instead of just a hand up that has brought America and the American dream to its knees. It is this selfish belief that just by breathing you deserve to be lazy and irresponsible all you want.

Herman Cain is right. Want someone to blame, look to your own actions. For my part, I did not forsee and was nto prepared to meet this particular crisis in my life. Does this mean I can just be lazy about it? No! It means I have to tighhten my belt, make responsible decisions and not be a burden to anyone else.

Agree with me, disagree with me, it doesn't matter. I can't make you stop being lazy, I can't make you be more responsibile, I can't make you think one way or the other. but If I can get you to stop blindly follwoing those who would seel you a bill of goods for their own purposes, if I can get you to start using that grey matter between your ears, than I have done my job. Because hey, this is just me, Thinkiing Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yaeh, Liberals and Conservatives can work together - but not in DC

Its the air. Its the water. Its the long term exposure to the fumes that encircle the capital on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, it is evident that those in Washington, DC do not know the meaning of working together for the best interest of America.

And I don't mean on some ideological basis. I mean working on getting people back to work, companies back on track and the pride of a nation back to being what it was and always should be.

I am so sick and tired of a president who doesn't know that he doesn't know. I am sick and tired of a Congress who is more intent on weinning the next election than winning the war on unemployment. I am sick and tired of all the sicophants from all political parties who would cut off the noses to spite their big toe. Yes, not only doesn't that make sense but one has ntohing to do with the other. Exactly.

I am not feeling very charitable right now (as I am among the - mostly - unemployed), and I will lambaste ANYONE who gets in the way of my soapbox.

Boehner, Reid, Obama, Romney, Eric Erikson, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Sean hannity, Obermann, all of y'all can just stick a fistfull of dirt if you are not willing to do your jobs, to do your best, to get America on TRACK. Not a liberal track, not a conservative track, not a track that roams the landscape of the upcoming election or the "winning" of some philosophical issue.

Philosophical issues do not hold fmailies together. Political chest thumping does not put food on the tabel. Nor does it keep gas in the car. And it sure don't make people happy with their lot in life if that lot includes beating the pavement for the fiftieth week in a row without getting so much as a nibble.

Obama. Mr President. Listen close. America is not your personal experimenting ground. Do your experimenting during better times. Or better yet, as you sit in retirement and write your memoirs. This is not the time for you to be whining about how no one is willing to work together out of one side of your mouth while you stump and browbeat and make snippy remarks about your "opponents" in DC and beyond. You should be worrying about how much you don't know about business and economics. You should be looking at all those stupid lousy decisions to squander your opportunities to have been a pretty decent President by getting America and Americans back on track.

Congress. It is really pissing me off how you are so small and self centered that all you care about is "the next election." ~ "We're gonna win the White House!" ~ "We've got to stop their take over attempts!" ~ "The other guys are screwing America!"

Guess what, you petty little tweeps, YOU are screwing America.

How about this. How about we (the American voting population) tell you that we are not going to vote for ANY of you, not matter what your party affiliation, next election?! How about we let you know that you will not have a job after next election cycle?! At least not one paid by us. THEN will you stop bickering and get down to doing the job we put you in there in the first place for? Will you start getting the bills together that make sense? Will you stop STOPPING the next opposite party legislation and clean it up to mkake it workable?

I want to work. I am willing to do most any job. (I really have a problem with shoveling slop for 8 hours a day. Not because "its beneath me," but because i would be throwing up for nine hours a day. You have to know your limitations.) But you are making it so businesses don't know what you're doing next. They can't plan on hiring. They can't plan on expanding. They can't start up those new businesses. Because you are making the next month, let alone the next year or next five (which is the minimum they plan for as a rule), uncertain. They don't know what the hell you guys are going to do next. What bill you are going to put up, shoot down, villify or praise.

Stop it. Stop it now. Tell us if us promising NOT to elect you will get you serious about doing your job.

If a worker in America did the lousy job y'all do, we'd be fired in a heart beat. THINK ABOUT IT!

Agree with me or not, I just don't give a rat's behind. Think for yourselves. Look at all the things this President, this Congress, these media types, those potential candidates . . . look at what they are doing and NOT doing. And THINK FOR YORSELVES! But hey, this is just me, fuming, and Thinking Out Loud.

Anyway, have a great day.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Harry Reid to destroy US Senate

Harry Reid has decieded, in his almighty status as head of the US Senate, to destroy a deliberative body that has stood for centuries as a means of legal jurisdiction and citizen representation.

In a move to protect his Democrat colleagues, he turned around a Senate rule that allowed for conversation, albeit often fraught with arumentative and fractious debate, into a pass for anyone having to make tough votes that may get them booted their next election cycle.

For this move alone, Reid and all his croney buddies should get the boot. Their should be recalls and citizen outrage.

But what will happen?

Nothing. Because the President, the Congress and so many rich loud mouth politico wannabes will squash any attempt to do so. They will do it with page 23 news of Reid's move, lashing out at anyone who makes an issue of it and burying any news article that attempts to inform the general public that it is being done.

This is what is wrong with this country. Not the TEA party movements, not the talking heads of media circus shows, not the legitimate disagreement between people who have a differing view of things. It will not be done by business, it will not even be done by unions (although they are quite often behind the squashing of real dialogue and all about disinformation). It will be by the power mad leaders of this country who care more about their position, their jobs, their public image than they do about America and Americans.

Just as Nancy Pelosi did in the opening of the Democratic majority House in 2008 by making sure no Republicans could offer bills or amendments, Harry Reid has decided that no Republicans can offer amendments or force a vote that will make his Democratic buddies look bad.

Shame on you harry Reid for abandoning the ideals and principles that made this country and the august body of Congress great! Nail another coffin in the future of America that you have so diligently worked so hard to destroy in your selfish and self absorbed bid to stay in power. Shame on you and anybody who blindly follows you into creating a hell WE all have t live in!

And don't think I don't believe for a second if the shoes were reversed that the entrenched Washington machine of the Republican Party would not chomp at the bit to do the same thing.

All these politicians are just as guilty of destroying this country and losing focus on what it truly means to be American, to work for a better America - one where there is a future as proud as its past.

(Before you naysayers and America bashers start enumerating the foibles of America's past and their faults, I do not overlook them - I just choose to see the big picture that DESPITE the missteps of America's history, it is STILL the greatest nation in comparison to the rest of the world.)

AGree with me or disagree with me, I don't care. Just open your eyes, stop letting others do your thinking and realize the damage being done by those in power who have forgotten their duty. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

You have yourself a great day.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The GOP Field

Chris Christie is not running. Sarah Palin is . . . who knows where she is at these days. Rick Perry shot himself in the foot with a homophobic statement and other "missteps". Ron Paul is sounding better - which is scary in and of itself. Newt Gingrich never really has a chance. Michelle Bachmann doesn't deliver the total unity of the GOP to go against Obama in 2012. Santorum, Johnson, Hunstman are all the second tier stuff that don't make it past Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina. Herman Cain is, well, Herman Cain. I really don't know what to make of him. Does anyone? But a serious contender for the 2012 slot against the Big "O" (and I don't mean Oprah - not this time)? Nah, doubt it.

SO where does that leave us? Romney? Please, the guy is so not ready fro prime time players it is not even funny.

There is no one out there to go up against the Democrats candidate. And I sure as heck am not voting for Obama.

So where does that leave anyone who doesn't want Obama to get a second chance to mess things up worse?

Green Party candidates Mesplay or Stein? Or Constitutional party types like Roy Moore or Virgil Goode? R Lee Wrights for the Libertarians? Or Alexander for the Socialists? How about Nader, Ventura or Schriner (this will be the journalist's 4th and last try at the Presidency)? Why not go with Robert Burch, the Naked Cowboy of New York?

(Yes, these are all either candidates or have said they were running - excpet for Nader and Ventura - for President in 2012.)

I think Hillary Clinton would have a good chance of beating her boss for the nomination and the Presidency. But like a good little Democrat, she will not run. Not that I'd vote for her . . . maybe.

But it is very discouraging to see there is little chance of finding someone out there worth voting for.

I won't stay home. But I am having a hard time deciding. Maybe I will run this time. Maybe. Who knows.

Anyway, the usual spiel . . . disagree or not, it doesn't really matter to me. Just as long as I got you thinking for your own selves. because heck, this is just little old me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, October 3, 2011

DADT - Stop bickering already!

I have said this before and will say it again. Don't Ask, Don't Tell should be a strictly military decision. It should be a policy decision based on the impact of having it or doing away with it will have on the military. In days past, it was an issue of security. If someone was ashamed of being gay, a foreign country or interest could use it as leverage. but in today's environment, this is not such an issue. Being gay is more accepted in the public. It does not have the stigma of say the 50's or 60's. Therefore it should be the military that decides if it makes sens to keep or not. And how to implement changes as necessary.

It should not, however, be a political issue. It should not be a political "football." It should not be political in any way. It should never be a political promise one way or the other. It should not be a campaign trail talking point. It should not be something debated by Congress, debated by a President in the press.

What I am talking about is the recent ballyhoo over the booing of an American soldier, who happened to be gay. I mean Rick Perry saying he would re-instate it if elected. I mean all the squabble back and forth by Presidential wannabes and political hacks, from the New York Times editorial room to the halls of the Congressional offices.

And I mean President Obama's recent derision of Republicans, too.

It should not be used by anybody to gain either political favor nor political office. Although I agree with the President's sentiments, I disagree with him making a public display. This is partisan politics at its usual. (I can't say at its worst because it all sucks.) Political bimbos from Pelosi to McConnell are constantly making public statements that are not only none of their business but none of their business of state. It is political posturing. Plain and simple.

For the record, I find it reprehensible that anyone who willing served their country during peace or war should not be accorded more respect than any politician or statesmen or public figure of any kind. The next time you drive from one state to another without having to "produce your papers," think of those who have served and are serving. The next time you fill up your gas tank or shop at WalMart or drink a beer (or soda or whatever) on your back porch, or the next time you publicly disagree with your elected officials and don't fear being arrested in the middle of the night, remember the military. These men and women who selflessly serve to protect the freedoms this country enjoys, either by direct confrontation or by simple presence (otherwise known as detente or a Mexican standoff), deserve our respect and admiration.

It shouldn't matter if they are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Filipino, nor if they are Catholic, Protestant, Wicca, Jewish or Buddhist. And it should not matter if they are gay or not. They - without forced necessity nor peer pressure - served and protected your freedoms, your liberties, your choice to not serve. And they ask nothing in return. But they deserve so much more than nothing.

That said, it is not my intention to blast any particular party. It is my intention to remind EVERY public official to act like the "representatives of the people" that they are. If they don't stand up for anyone in our military, it is a telling indictment of their character. I will write them a letter or NOT vote for them. But for the President, or any public figure, to single out anyone for this lack of reaction, is wrong. He should have said that ANYONE in public office should be upset by this booing. But he didn't. He made it political. He made it partisan. And for this, I simply sigh, shake my head and chalk up another "poor leadership" moment for President Obama. And in the next election, I will weigh all of these moments (and there are a lot), against the other candidates. And make my choice.

I hope that anyone who agrees or disagrees with me will comment. Because this is something that should concern every American. This is the reason for such partisan bullc**p in Washington. This is the reason we can't get anything done. We need to move forward. We need jobs. We need a stable economy. We need people in public office to act in the best interest of America and Americans, not themselves or lobbyist or special interest. If doing what is right does not win them an election, so be it. President Obama said he didn't care if he was a one term President, so long as he was able to do something to improve America. But he lied. He w3ants to be elected a second term. And he will use partisan politics to do so. Just like all those4 other liars and hacks in Washington DC.

Agree with me or disagree with me, tell me I am full of it or cheer me on for telling it like it is. It doesn't matter to me, so long as I get you to thinking for yourself and not just being a robot of the establishment. Because, hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.