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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yaeh, Liberals and Conservatives can work together - but not in DC

Its the air. Its the water. Its the long term exposure to the fumes that encircle the capital on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, it is evident that those in Washington, DC do not know the meaning of working together for the best interest of America.

And I don't mean on some ideological basis. I mean working on getting people back to work, companies back on track and the pride of a nation back to being what it was and always should be.

I am so sick and tired of a president who doesn't know that he doesn't know. I am sick and tired of a Congress who is more intent on weinning the next election than winning the war on unemployment. I am sick and tired of all the sicophants from all political parties who would cut off the noses to spite their big toe. Yes, not only doesn't that make sense but one has ntohing to do with the other. Exactly.

I am not feeling very charitable right now (as I am among the - mostly - unemployed), and I will lambaste ANYONE who gets in the way of my soapbox.

Boehner, Reid, Obama, Romney, Eric Erikson, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Sean hannity, Obermann, all of y'all can just stick a fistfull of dirt if you are not willing to do your jobs, to do your best, to get America on TRACK. Not a liberal track, not a conservative track, not a track that roams the landscape of the upcoming election or the "winning" of some philosophical issue.

Philosophical issues do not hold fmailies together. Political chest thumping does not put food on the tabel. Nor does it keep gas in the car. And it sure don't make people happy with their lot in life if that lot includes beating the pavement for the fiftieth week in a row without getting so much as a nibble.

Obama. Mr President. Listen close. America is not your personal experimenting ground. Do your experimenting during better times. Or better yet, as you sit in retirement and write your memoirs. This is not the time for you to be whining about how no one is willing to work together out of one side of your mouth while you stump and browbeat and make snippy remarks about your "opponents" in DC and beyond. You should be worrying about how much you don't know about business and economics. You should be looking at all those stupid lousy decisions to squander your opportunities to have been a pretty decent President by getting America and Americans back on track.

Congress. It is really pissing me off how you are so small and self centered that all you care about is "the next election." ~ "We're gonna win the White House!" ~ "We've got to stop their take over attempts!" ~ "The other guys are screwing America!"

Guess what, you petty little tweeps, YOU are screwing America.

How about this. How about we (the American voting population) tell you that we are not going to vote for ANY of you, not matter what your party affiliation, next election?! How about we let you know that you will not have a job after next election cycle?! At least not one paid by us. THEN will you stop bickering and get down to doing the job we put you in there in the first place for? Will you start getting the bills together that make sense? Will you stop STOPPING the next opposite party legislation and clean it up to mkake it workable?

I want to work. I am willing to do most any job. (I really have a problem with shoveling slop for 8 hours a day. Not because "its beneath me," but because i would be throwing up for nine hours a day. You have to know your limitations.) But you are making it so businesses don't know what you're doing next. They can't plan on hiring. They can't plan on expanding. They can't start up those new businesses. Because you are making the next month, let alone the next year or next five (which is the minimum they plan for as a rule), uncertain. They don't know what the hell you guys are going to do next. What bill you are going to put up, shoot down, villify or praise.

Stop it. Stop it now. Tell us if us promising NOT to elect you will get you serious about doing your job.

If a worker in America did the lousy job y'all do, we'd be fired in a heart beat. THINK ABOUT IT!

Agree with me or not, I just don't give a rat's behind. Think for yourselves. Look at all the things this President, this Congress, these media types, those potential candidates . . . look at what they are doing and NOT doing. And THINK FOR YORSELVES! But hey, this is just me, fuming, and Thinking Out Loud.

Anyway, have a great day.


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