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Friday, October 7, 2011

Harry Reid to destroy US Senate

Harry Reid has decieded, in his almighty status as head of the US Senate, to destroy a deliberative body that has stood for centuries as a means of legal jurisdiction and citizen representation.

In a move to protect his Democrat colleagues, he turned around a Senate rule that allowed for conversation, albeit often fraught with arumentative and fractious debate, into a pass for anyone having to make tough votes that may get them booted their next election cycle.

For this move alone, Reid and all his croney buddies should get the boot. Their should be recalls and citizen outrage.

But what will happen?

Nothing. Because the President, the Congress and so many rich loud mouth politico wannabes will squash any attempt to do so. They will do it with page 23 news of Reid's move, lashing out at anyone who makes an issue of it and burying any news article that attempts to inform the general public that it is being done.

This is what is wrong with this country. Not the TEA party movements, not the talking heads of media circus shows, not the legitimate disagreement between people who have a differing view of things. It will not be done by business, it will not even be done by unions (although they are quite often behind the squashing of real dialogue and all about disinformation). It will be by the power mad leaders of this country who care more about their position, their jobs, their public image than they do about America and Americans.

Just as Nancy Pelosi did in the opening of the Democratic majority House in 2008 by making sure no Republicans could offer bills or amendments, Harry Reid has decided that no Republicans can offer amendments or force a vote that will make his Democratic buddies look bad.

Shame on you harry Reid for abandoning the ideals and principles that made this country and the august body of Congress great! Nail another coffin in the future of America that you have so diligently worked so hard to destroy in your selfish and self absorbed bid to stay in power. Shame on you and anybody who blindly follows you into creating a hell WE all have t live in!

And don't think I don't believe for a second if the shoes were reversed that the entrenched Washington machine of the Republican Party would not chomp at the bit to do the same thing.

All these politicians are just as guilty of destroying this country and losing focus on what it truly means to be American, to work for a better America - one where there is a future as proud as its past.

(Before you naysayers and America bashers start enumerating the foibles of America's past and their faults, I do not overlook them - I just choose to see the big picture that DESPITE the missteps of America's history, it is STILL the greatest nation in comparison to the rest of the world.)

AGree with me or disagree with me, I don't care. Just open your eyes, stop letting others do your thinking and realize the damage being done by those in power who have forgotten their duty. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

You have yourself a great day.


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