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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disgusting attack on morality, Christianity and personal choices

An adult website that specializes in helping - helping, for heaven's sake - people cheat on their spouses and significant others has decided to sink even lower.

Tim Tebow, the new Jets Quarterback and formerly star on the Florida Gators football team, has publicly embraced his morals and Christianity. He said that he was saving himself for marriage.

And this website has the audacity to offer a BOUNTY on his virginity.

People may laugh, news announcers may snidely snicker and "wonder" if he can survive such an assault on his manhood.

But the truth is that this is an open attack on morals, Christianity and common decency.

People should be outraged by this. But, of course, they won't be. In a time when young people who decide to follow a course of abstinence are ridiculed, when a famous person stands up here for what he believes is right and is vilified, when porn stars reach the stature of fame and envy, it is a sad state of affairs for our country.

It seems it is okay to attack a person's Christianity but not if you speak out against abortion. It is okay to attack moral standing but not if you speak out against debauchery.

I personally am sickened by this kind of outright attack on a man's right to live a decent and spiritual life. I may not be a huge Tim Tebow fan. But I do respect the man for his stands. It is impossible to do anything about this website's actions. How do you boycott a business whose very services you would not deign to use? How do you stop the deceitful and despicable kind of women who would see this as a challenge?

The only way I can see is to call upon those hackers out there who do such things just for the heck of it, to go and hack the living crap out of this website. The only way I can see to make an impact on behalf of Mr. Tebow is to call upon the media, our politicians and religious leaders to rise up and make a public hue and outcry against such an attack on morals.

But this won't happen. The very people who I would call upon to do this would never do it. Hackers are probably making book on Tim's fall. Politicians are probably slinking into their dark hidey holes because they use this website's services. The media are probably laughing at the whole affair and hoping there's more news, one way or the other, to report on because sleaze sells.

Agree, disagree. But I hope you think about how bad this is. I pray you realize just what this assault and the lack of disgust over it will affect the American society your children and grandchildren will inherit.

Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud, and shaking my head in sadness.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PA Primary - is there even a reason to vote?

As I sit around waiting for results and looking for (the relatively non-existent) news stories at the polling places, and the chill wind of a sudden winter storm blows the maddening rain across my face, (western PA got hit with upwards to 23 inches of snow yesterday - sheesh!) I have to wonder if there is even a reason for Pennsylvanians to get out there and vote in the Primary.

I mean for Democrats, what choices do they have? Um, they can vote for Obama. There's no other choice running on the Democratic ticket. And all the other races are pretty much the same. No choice.

On the GOP side, you have Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum (who isn't even in the race anymore). But what choice there? Hell, Romney has already decided he's won and is searching for a VP nominee. The rest of the races are the same.

Oh, don't get me wrong, there are little tiny races for convention reps and some state legislature races. But all in all, nothing. Not much choices.

So why vote, right?

For two reasons. The first, of course, being that no one should dictate to you who to vote for or whether it matters to vote or not. It is both the right and responsibility of every American of age to exercise their right and responsibility to vote.

The second being that freedom and rights and responsibilities are like muscles. If we don't use them, they atrophy and become weak. The phrase "use it or lose it" really has a ring of truth to it. If we as a people abdicate our rights and responsibilities to those in power or those WITH power than we lose those rights.

Are you ready for America to lose their rights? Then exercise your responsibilities and get out there to vote. You only have yourself to blame if you don't do this. If you allow those with money, power and influence to run the country then you are a fool. What makes America great, what makes others jealous of what we have, is thew same thing that most Americans take for granted when they don't vote.

And vote responsibly. Those who follow us - our children, grandchildren, etc - depend on us to get it right. When you vote as a knee jerk reaction to either popularity contests or to some extreme member of America (or outside America influences), then you make the wrong difference. But if you look to the issues and look to the needs of our country as a whole, then your vote will make a difference. And history has shown that ONE VOTE can make a difference.

Agree or disagree with my assertions. But at least make sure that agreement or disagreement is yours. STOP BEING SHEEP and AVOD THE SPIN by those who want to steal your rights. But what the heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gotta agree with Harry Reid, Vegas rocks, but . . .

Come on GSA, $800,000 for a conference? Man, you guys were rooked. They saw you coming a MILE away!

Vegas is a pretty coo place. SO are a lot of places. And I don't even have a problem with conferences. They create jobs, they offer a learning experience as well as sharing of ideas and such between disparate groups of people in one organization.

But $800,000?!?! Come on. If you really need help figuring out how to spend money, I am available. Seriously, I can plan a party / conference / whatever for a whole lot less than $800,000.

I would like to pin this one on "O" but I guess with all his negative bad mouthing of Vegas, he just COULDN'T be responsible.

Anyway, agree or not, I don't mind. Just think for yourself. But hey, this is just me, Thinking out Loud.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disability quotas? Really? Like they've worked before, right?

You know, I always thought it would be a BAD idea to let potential employers know that I had a disability. (Damaged knee from last job, can't drive an 18-wheeler anymore.) I carefully avoided saying " let go due to injury or disability" to anyone during a job interview. I figured it would be a death kneel for any job future.

But lo and behold, not only did I STILL not get a job (have been a writer for almost 2 years now full time because I haven't been able to get a traditional, benefits included (insurance, vacations, etc), but NOW I find out that companies who want to get / keep nice lucrative Federal contracts will NEED to hire people like me. That is, people who are disabled but still able to work in most situations.

What am I talking about? The NEW quota the Feds just placed on anyone with or wanting a Federal contract. Read it here.

Don't they realize that not only do quotas never work out, but those "disabled" people who have been avoiding that label like the plague will STILL not be hired? Just say the word "disability" to an employer and they shrink in their seats, squirm because they feel guilty that they are NOT going to hire you, and scratch your name off the potential list and move it to the "only if I am desperate" list.

Once more, the "good idea / bad idea" people in DC, the do-gooders who really do no good, are going to tout how much they are doing and not really helping anyone.

When will Americans completely WAKE UP and stop sending these clowns in who only muck things up further?! I wish I had the funds to really get the word out that Americans need to STOP BEING SHEEP and AVOID THE SPIN that all these nincompoops spew out there!

Okay, I'm getting riled here, so I better stop before I get those nutjobs in Washington to censoring me with their internet crap of shutting down websites who don't agr. . . -. - - 0i-9 87 87968 9v 7 8ds7 4 875687^*)&^)^ )&^%R(T *ATABN QDSJM

Just kidding folks. Those back room dealers have better things to do that read a blog by yours truly.

Anyway, agree with me or not, it only matters to me that you get to using that gray matter between your ears and start thinking for yourselves. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The audacity of politicians!

Just because the Democrats can't build a big enough backbone to upset the apple cart and send a nominee against Obama in the Primary, doesn't mean they can assume (you know what they say about that) to deny the voters their choice. Its like they discount voters (which they have done ever since "O" was elected where they said he had a mandate (49% to 51% is NOT a mandate by any stretch of the imagination, Mr. President). Now they are denting the chance for those in states who haven't voted yet to make their choices known.

From the Democrat machine: "Since Rick Santorum dropped out yesterday, the Obama-Romney general election has fully engaged.

Just hours after Santorum’s announcement, Karl Rove teamed up with the Koch Brothers to launch a $1.7 million SuperPAC ad buy attacking President Obama in key battleground states.

There’s too much at stake to fall behind Romney, Rove, and the Koch Brothers."

I know its highly doubtful that Ron Paul wold win the nomination. And its not very likely Gingrich will win. But maybe the rest of the GOP voters who have NOT spoken will have a different opinion of who should be the nominee. And maybe they will push for a brokered convention. No one knows.

But apparently the Democrats and the President know who is going to be the nominee in the November General Election. They are all set to "go to battle" against Romney.

It is this kind of attitude that has disenfranchised so many millions of Americans - Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc - and caused voter apathy. I am so sick and tired of our elected officials discounting me and ignoring my concerns. Aren't you?

I think that all those Democrats who "say" they are tired of Obama ignoring them should write in Hillary. I think that all those GOP voters who don't think they even need to go to the polls - because the powers that be KNOW who they SHOULD vote for - should get out there and vote for Ron Paul. Just to let the establishment know how peeved we are.

Anyway, agree or disagree, it only matters to me that you stop letting them walk all over us. STOP BEING SHEEP and think for yourselves. AVOID THE SPIN they are trying to shove down your throats and let them know you won't be bullied or discounted or ignored anymore. Either way, this is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Good, The Bad . . . The Obama

Its been an amazing week for the President. And America.

Today, the President signed a bill he touts as his good idea (even though it is part of the Republican's Job Creation plan) . . . and it is a good one. It will indeed make small business start-up an easier process. And the way small biz can create investment capital a real new era thing. There' some "policing" issues that opponents of the bill are voicing. But DAMN, we need to get this economy going again NOW!!!!!!

And since I have been a vocal proponent to President Obama's lack of understanding HOW THINGS WORK IN THE REAL WORLD as far as business goes, I will say, "Thanks POTUS, for listening to the right people this time. These guys KNOW how to get businesses up and running!"

Hey, I give credit where its due. Okay?

Now for the bad. President Obama showed his "dictator" and Il Presidente stripes this week with his ill-advised coments about the Supreme Court. And least you jump in and say he is right (which, um, he's not), first let me remind you what he said. And then let me tell you why, by example, it is wrong.

Obama said that if the Supreme court overturned HIS healthcare legislation it would be "judicial activism" (lets leave that one alone for a spell) and that it would be "an unprecedented, extraordinary step." AND he added that it would be wrong to overturn "a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."

First of all, its not unprecedented. Its the Supreme Court's JOB to make sure legislation is constitutional if someone says to them it is not. They MUST review the law and hold it up to the light of the Constitution. (You know, that silly document the LEFT is always saying is OUTDATED . . . you know, they one that was the FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY!) It isn't unprecedented. Try doing a web search "supreme court overturns law" and you will get a bunch of history about it.


As for overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress"????

Okay, what if that democratically elected congress passes, with a strong majority a law that states we MUST follow Sharia law? We wouldn't like that, would we? Or what if they passed a law that said black and white people could own native American slaves?? We wouldn't like that.

What if Ford came out with THE safest car on the road. "No highway deaths" were a guarantee. What if the Congress passed a law that said every American HAD to buy a Ford this year? What if the law said if you didn't you were a MENACE to American safety and the economy? Would you want the Supreme Court to rule that law was un-constitutional and overturn it?

Now replace "Ford car" with "heath insurance." Does it make a difference. Maybe to some it would and to others it wouldn't. But THAT is not he point.

The POINT is that this is their job. And the President making such comments shows two things. He should be embarrassed as a lawyer NOT to know this. And he should be ashamed as a President for inserting his not-so-lacking-power self into the process. The three branches of government form a series of check sand balances. that is how this country was designed. So that no one branch could be more powerful than the other. That they could keep that POWER to govern in check. So no one in Congress could usurp the people's rights. So that the President could not become a dictator. So that the Supreme Court could not make law and lessen our rights.

Agree or disagree . . . I do care, because I want to show you where lack of self thought can lead to disaster for America - that listening to all the SPIN doctors and lying politicians will lead to a further decline. But in the end, I just want you to listen to all sides, think for yourself, AVOID THE SPIN and STOP BEING SHEEP. Don't listen to the left, the right, the middle ONLY. Listen to everything and then use that thing between your ears - your BRAIN - and start thinking for yourself. But either way, this is just me, Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Thinking Out Loud - The Book" Price Reduction

Why lower the price of the book? Because I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to read it and AVOID THE SPIN that is coming from Obama and the Democrats.

Not to toot my own horn but this book is filled with information and links to what has gone before. Whenever they try to lie about what went on during the 2008 campaign and what the President did his first year in office, you can dispute it. Or at least know the lies from the truth. And that is all I want for you. I want you to know the truth from the SPIN.

And SPIN they will! They've been doing it for four years now. And the main stream media has just gone along with it. There are no journalist out there anymore. Just cheerleaders for whoever gives them the access they want. Remember Florida, when the reporter asked Biden some tough questions and he slammed her? Remember how the campaign then boycotted the station? What was that crap?! That is what journalism has become today. And even the other side has had to bend so far in the other direction just to balance the ledgers. And that is just as bad.

So, I lowered the price and hope you all get to read it and search all the links in it to learn the truth from the lies that are coming. Get mt e-book, Thinking Out Loud - The Book today.

(BTW - Can you believe that Obama called the GOP budget "radical"? I mean, this is the pusher of OBAMACARE calling something radical. Give me strength.)

Have a great day.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 Reason I wish Obama had a REAL opponent in November

Here is a list of FIVE reasons I wish Barack Obama had a REAL opponent in the November elections. (I don't believe that ANY of those running have a chance in hell of beating Obama because the President's liberal followers, those who only follow him because of race and those who follow him because of misplaced guilt are too numerous and the GOP doesn't have anyone who inspires those who feel defeated already to vote in November.)

1) He comments, nationally, on the Trayvon Martin story, igniting even more racial tension in a highly controversial case . . . yet remains completely silent on the disgusting treatment by a union officla causing a female representative to leave office.

2) He thinks its okay to use the White House, his position as a sitting president and dinner to lure people into giving money to his campaign. Not because its a ploy to get donators . . . hell they all use their "celebrity" status to do that. No, its because he is using the White House (which WE own, not him) and he is using the Presidency (again, which WE own, not him) to get people to donate money to his re-election campaign. This is just sleazy. And what's worse, no one is challenging him on it. Hell, no one has even answered my questions on this.

3) He has no concept on how to create jobs. And I don't fault him on not knowing everything. No President can know everything. Which is why they have advisors who are experts in their fields to advise him. But this nimrod of a President doesn't even surround himself with real experts on job creation. He thinks he has to "educate" us on his "vision." And he has people who have never created in their life, are felling guilty about being rich and/or only teach things (in other words, the academia elite who know nothing about the real world).

4) He really believes Obamacare . . . OOPS . . . Healthcare Reform is a good thing. And while I don't disagree that "healthcare reform' is important, his healthcare reform is so NOT! I mean it is NOT about health, its NOT about care and its NOT about reform in any meaningful way. It IS about CONTROL! It IS about POWER! It IS about paving the way for a SINGLE PAYOR SYSTEM! (Which no matter how you slice it IS socialism.) SOme things in there - I guess they happened by accident - are good things. Like addressing the reality of family life today where children are staying at home longer but still need affordable heath insurance. But where is the real reform about tort (which would lower doctor expenses and thus doctor costs)? Or how allowing companies and individuals to cross state lines to buy insurance (which would help self employed, small businesses, and low income workers to get affordable rates - honestly, this one is a whole post to itself, so I will stop here. if you don't see the benefits of this one, comment me and I will explain)? No Obama is about POWER, CONTROL and SOCIALISM (and I mean that in the societal sense not the political, so don't scream that I am calling the man socialist)! He is about doing what he thinks is right even if we (oh the little children we are to his grown-up-ness) don't want it.

5) As outlined above, I think his arrogance, expressed again and again, as well as his contempt of the average American is deplorable. Many a President has sat in that office and believed himself better than the people he "served." But Obama actually walks and talks and acts on this belief of his that he is more knowledgeable, smarter, and better suited to run our lives than we are. And this is something that I simply cannot tolerate.

There are more reasons why I wish there was someone, ANYONE, who could go up against Obama and win in November. I think there have been some who could have done it, but the left, the Democrats and the media have gone out of their way to sour the general populace against those people. Can't have a real opponent out there who could do something for this country and undo the damage he has done in the last three years (gods, imagine what damage he will do this year and in four more where he won't even care about re-elections?). I didn't even really go into all the times he embarrassed this country with his apologies and bowing and demurring to other countries. I didn't go into ALL the racial divisiveness he has fostered with his words and sicking his nose into situations the President's nose has not right being. I didn't even go into the ways he has insulted the average American. Nor did I even bother to mention his complete LACK of presence in many situations where his nose really did belong.

I didn't want to overwhelm you OR me.

But I know there will be those who don't agree. Those who think I am overstating the case. Those who just think I am a "mean man" who doesn't like their President because I am . . . oh no you don't - you are not labeling ME with your poor excuses because you don't have an argument against me . . . well, lets just say there are those out there who will read this (only because someone wnated to get your goat and made you read it) and just not agree with me. You might say that they DISAGREE with me.

Yeah, okay, you can disagree with me. Or you can agree with me. That is not really the point of this blog. I don't want you to simply agree or disagree with me. I want you to listen to what I have to say and THINK about it. If you disagree because you truly came to this opinion on your own - Great! But I want you to STOP BEING SHEEP and AVOID THE SPIN out there! God (or your creator or divine providence or simply the universe or happenstance) gave you a brain. USE IT! It doesn't matter to me if you agree or not. If I get you to think for yourself, I have accomplished what I strive for. but heck, this is just me, after all, Thinking Out Loud!

Have a great day.