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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why do union members put up with this stuff from their supposed leaders?

If this is true, then Gov. Walker, Congressional leaders and President Obama need to investigate it.

But you know they won't.

In an email from the TeaPartyExpress:

"Details emerge as to why Sen. Pam Galloway resigned!

Yesterday we reported that we have our first casualty of the union-led Recalls in Wisconsin. Republican Senator Pam Galloway announced that she would resign instead of face the unions' Recall and strong-arm tactics of intimidation and harassment.

Now, it has been reported by The Blaze that union and self-proclaimed Recall leader John Spiegelhoff was obsessed with strong-arming and intimidating Sen. Galloway to the point of harassment. In his emails to her he called her a "pig," suggested to the female Senator that she should "stay at home, Pam" and cautioned that they were "coming for her."

We thought these kind of union strong-arm tactics died with Jimmy Hoffa, but apparently they are alive and well in Wisconsin. It is deplorable that these are the kind of schoolyard bully tactics that the pro-Recall crowd is using. Like we have been saying, when the unions and liberal left do not have the truth on their side, they will resort to lies and name-calling.

While Sen. Galloway has publicly said that the unions' harassment of her is not her main reason for her resignation, I am sure that the idea of enduring such personal and rude attacks during a nasty Recall election was not very appealing. It is definitely no way to treat a sitting Wisconsin Senator, respected doctor and esteemed surgeon.

We can not let them get away with this kinds of behavior and must stand up to them and defeat their frivolous Recall efforts."

Why does ANYONE put up with this kind of thing from such abusive and power hungry dipsticks?

Why do union members allow this sort of thing from their supposed leaders? (As if this is the actions of ANY kind of leader. Its the actions of thugs and misogynists.) What if Rep. Galloway was their mother, or daughter or granddaughter or sister or wife? Would they allow these despicable people to do this? Why aren't they in an uproar?

I don't think most unions are necessary anymore and they are often breeding grounds for the power hungry or greedy. But some people like the idea of unions. And if they don't abuse their positions, force themselves onto workers who don't want to be a member, or actually work on behalf of their actual members, I guess thats up to those people. But for me, they have just become sleazy.

But why would ANTONE think this type of activity from ANYONE is okay?

President Obama, are you listening? Rep. Pelosi, this is one of your own (a fellow female politician), are YOU listening?

Probably not. Bunch of deniers.

You may agree with me. You may disagree with me. I don't really care. So long as you are not APATHETIC about the whole thing. So long as you THINK about this type of activity. Look into it yourself to see if it is a valid claim. If YOU find out it is, if you see for yourself (not be told by some SPIN-miester) then tell your politician, your leaders, your President, that this type of thing will not be tolerated. But don't just listen to me or take my word for it. And definitely don't take the word of others. AVOID THE SPIN. DON"T BE SHEEP. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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  1. Here's a link to the story that warranted the Tea Party Express' email and this blog post.