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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Enough is Enough!

Stop catering to cowards and murderers who want nothing more than your annihilation!

I know this will cause some commotion. But I am so sick of the "political correctness" of remaining silent. I feel no pity for the people of muslim countries. I do feel sorrow for them, but not pity. They follow a religion that for centuries has been about the total domination of the world under an Islam banner. They believe there is no room for any other religion. And any muslim that says they want a peaceful coexistence with others is either lying to you or themselves. Their religion says its okay to lie to anyone not a muslim. So when someone cries about why there is no coverage of how we bomb them or shoot them or whatever, I just get so boiling mad. We would leave them be if they would stop doing things like Paris. Like 9/11, like London, like Moscow. We would leave them alone if they would stop trying to usurp our countries, our religions, our laws, our customs and our traditions. But they will NEVER stop. People really need to understand this. I do not want harm to come to anyone. But I will also not sit by while they decide to cause me, mine or other innocent people harm. Enough is enough.

Moderate Islam. Extreme Islam. Peaceful Islam.

These are all the same.

They want nothing more than the total annihilation of those who are NOT Islam. Thats it. Bottom line. Its what their religion, what their "prophet", what their entire ideology calls for. Their "great book" calls for the destruction of infidels. Make no mistake about it, thats us, folks. Thats anyone NOT muslim, NOT followers of the prophet. NOT believers in Islam.

For those who say "they don't know any better" I say BAH!

People have brains. People have common sense. If you are taught and indoctrinated into thinking this is right, then you are foolish. You are mindless. You don't know how to use your brain and think for yourself.

How many Germans fought against Hitler because they knew it was wrong? How many fought Stalin? The czars? These people were taught and indoctrinated into a certain belief. And they KNEW it was wrong. These people WANT to believe its right to cause the genocide of the world that is not Islam.

So I don't want to hear that they don't know any better because its what they were taught. Its like all those morons who were taught differently but decide to join these cowards and murderers. They WANT to do what is wrong!

So if you want to play all nicey-nice and sympathetic to them, and let them kill you. Go for it.

Me and mine? I'm not going let anyone do this. And you can call me mean, heartless or whatever. I don't play nice with someone dedicated to destroying me and my way of life.

Agree, disagree, I just don't care anymore. You want to be sheep and let them erase you, you want to listen to the spin that our bogus leaders are spewing, you want to NOT think for yourself . . . by all means, go ahead. This is just me, Thinking Out Loud and deciding enough is enough of being silent.