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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Enough is Enough!

Stop catering to cowards and murderers who want nothing more than your annihilation!

I know this will cause some commotion. But I am so sick of the "political correctness" of remaining silent. I feel no pity for the people of muslim countries. I do feel sorrow for them, but not pity. They follow a religion that for centuries has been about the total domination of the world under an Islam banner. They believe there is no room for any other religion. And any muslim that says they want a peaceful coexistence with others is either lying to you or themselves. Their religion says its okay to lie to anyone not a muslim. So when someone cries about why there is no coverage of how we bomb them or shoot them or whatever, I just get so boiling mad. We would leave them be if they would stop doing things like Paris. Like 9/11, like London, like Moscow. We would leave them alone if they would stop trying to usurp our countries, our religions, our laws, our customs and our traditions. But they will NEVER stop. People really need to understand this. I do not want harm to come to anyone. But I will also not sit by while they decide to cause me, mine or other innocent people harm. Enough is enough.

Moderate Islam. Extreme Islam. Peaceful Islam.

These are all the same.

They want nothing more than the total annihilation of those who are NOT Islam. Thats it. Bottom line. Its what their religion, what their "prophet", what their entire ideology calls for. Their "great book" calls for the destruction of infidels. Make no mistake about it, thats us, folks. Thats anyone NOT muslim, NOT followers of the prophet. NOT believers in Islam.

For those who say "they don't know any better" I say BAH!

People have brains. People have common sense. If you are taught and indoctrinated into thinking this is right, then you are foolish. You are mindless. You don't know how to use your brain and think for yourself.

How many Germans fought against Hitler because they knew it was wrong? How many fought Stalin? The czars? These people were taught and indoctrinated into a certain belief. And they KNEW it was wrong. These people WANT to believe its right to cause the genocide of the world that is not Islam.

So I don't want to hear that they don't know any better because its what they were taught. Its like all those morons who were taught differently but decide to join these cowards and murderers. They WANT to do what is wrong!

So if you want to play all nicey-nice and sympathetic to them, and let them kill you. Go for it.

Me and mine? I'm not going let anyone do this. And you can call me mean, heartless or whatever. I don't play nice with someone dedicated to destroying me and my way of life.

Agree, disagree, I just don't care anymore. You want to be sheep and let them erase you, you want to listen to the spin that our bogus leaders are spewing, you want to NOT think for yourself . . . by all means, go ahead. This is just me, Thinking Out Loud and deciding enough is enough of being silent.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Expansion Project Update

Expansion Project Update Calling All Angels Mission, which runs the Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe in Milford, PA has great news! They hit the goal for Phase One in just about a month! Due to generosity of residents, patrons and friends! Think about supporting this project. Its about homelessness, its about hunger, its about educating people to help themselves, its all about giving a hand up rather than simply just a hand out . . . and you know this is something I can get behind!

And if you know some really wealthy people looking for a way to give back - help, families, veterans, seniors and the like - have them contact these people. They do REAL good work!

Have a great day.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lessons learned - Mother's Day 2015

A break from my traditional, and often political, rants.

I am a son. I have never been a mother – although there are many dads out there who have had to be both mother and father. And though I have been a father, son, brother, nephew, uncle and cousin, I have not always been the best at these.

But I had a mother. She is no longer with me, but her lessons are. And hopefully she is looking down on me smiling that I have remembered them.

Here are some things I would like to pass along to mothers everywhere.

Be patient. Your children will make mistakes, both as children and adults. You have taught them not only all the good lessons in life, but also to be their own people. And people are fallible. Keep in your heart that they had learned these lessons, and will continue to learn lessons well after you are gone. They will, sometimes after many trials, make the right choices.

Be kind. You are their mother. They look up to you as the font of knowledge and wisdom – even if they don't always think they do. A harsh word or disapproving glance or indifference to their struggles from you is more painful than a physical wound. The kindness you show will follow them throughout their lives and it will be visited upon people you have never met, but will be grateful for your example.

Be loving. This empathic link you have with your children is not only a source of comfort to them, but it is how they will learn to be loving and empathic of others. Your heart is their heart. What you give and show and teach will then be given and shown and taught by them to the world.

Be respectful. You have been teaching them from before they were breathing air on this earth. They will make good choices, bad choices and many choices in between. Its okay This is what you wanted for them . . . to send them out into the world and make it better. So respect their choices, even if you don't agree with them. They often come to these decisions after much deliberation.

And finally, be secure in the knowledge that even if they don't say it – or even if they say to the contrary – your children do love you. You are their mother.

Mother is not a job, its not a career, and at times it is not even a choice. But it is work nonetheless. And the lives you have brought into the world, or have raised into the world, are precious. And even though many think it is the case, being a mother doesn't end when they go off on their own to fill the world. There will always be worry and always be care and always be love.

One last word to the children of these mothers. All these things said of mothers, I now repeat to you. Be patient, be kind, be loving, be respectful and be secure. Mothers have worked hard to give you the world. What you give back can be just as impactful.

Happy Mothers Day to all, whether you gave birth, adopted or were just there for when they needed you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stalking is bad . . . unless you are a union worker?? Really Pennsylvania??

Can't believe this is just now being fixed in the Pennsylvania legislature. Is this 2015 or 1960??

Kudos to the FBI for finding this and for Pennsylvania's lawmakers who are fixing this.

But I do have to wonder . . . 84 people voted against this? So 84 legislatures thinks its okay to harass, stalk and threaten??

Bill Ending Exemption Allowing Stalking, Harassment and Threats of Violence Heads to Senate

HARRISBURG – Highlighting a special state criminal code exception for business management and labor unions in the Commonwealth, the House voted to prohibit stalking, harassment and threats of violence for everyone, House Majority Leader Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) said today.

By a vote of 109-84, House Bill 874 passed the House and heads to the Senate for consideration.

“Without exception, stalking, harassment or intimidation is wrong and should never be tolerated – especially in law,” Reed said. “The majority of business managers and workers work together honorably and effectively, yet the laws of this state should protect all Pennsylvanians from stalking or threats of harm.”

Currently, Pennsylvania’s criminal code, Title 18, exempts management and organized labor from prosecution for harassment, stalking and threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. It is illegal to call in a bomb scare, or stalk people or their kids, except if the caller or stalker is involved in a labor dispute.

This exception was brought to light last year when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested 10 members of Philadelphia Ironworkers Local 401, including union leadership, for aiding racketeering and arson, and indicted them under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

According to the indictment, union members repeatedly threatened non-union construction employers with violence unless they hired a certain amount of union members. The indictment noted violence was “deeply ingrained in the structure of their organization.” Federal prosecutors brought charges against 12 members of Philadelphia Ironworkers Local 401, and most pled guilty before trial.

“It’s unfortunate, but by allowing intimidation, such as harassment, stalking and threats of violence in state law, it took the FBI and United State Attorneys to charge and prosecute under the federal law the criminal actions of some members of Philadelphia Ironworkers,” Reed said.  

Well, guess we can just look at the voting record on this bill and find out who should NOT be working for the people come next election, eh?

Just me, as usual, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

RAPID Act or short cut for donor interest?

With all the bruohaha from local environmental groups and paid protestors, I am very surprised that there is no news or petition or any murmur from these groups about this particular bill running through the legislature.

The bill will streamline the current permit approval process for energy, infrastructure, and other construction projects by setting hard deadlines, cracking down on prolonged lawsuits, and consolidating agency management of the approval process from start to finish. It was passed by the House by a bipartisan vote of 229-179.

In a press release from Marino's office:

Marino’s RAPID Act Passes House Judiciary Committee
Washington D.C.—Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) issued the following statement regarding the passage of the Responsibly And Professionally Invigorating Development (RAPID) Act of 2015 (H.R. 348) today in the House Judiciary Committee:
“I am encouraged by the prospects of advancing and passing reasonable, meaningful and much-need regulatory reforms like the RAPID Act. This Act passed the House in both the 112th and 113th Congresses – every time with large bipartisan support, and I have every expectation it will do so again in the 114th. The RAPID Act’s mission is simple: federal agencies responsible for permitting critical infrastructure and construction projects, especially in the energy sector, must provide approval or disapproval of a project in a reasonable amount of time. This is a positive and significant step in the right direction which helps jump-start many commonsense projects across the country as well as create jobs. I am thankful to Chairman Goodlatte for his leadership on the Committee again and look forward to advancing more regulatory reform bills.”

See the House Judiciary Committee and Chairman, Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) statement below which was released earlier today:
The House Judiciary Committee today approved by a vote of 15-11 the Responsibly And Professionally Invigorating Development (RAPID) Act of 2015 (H.R. 348). This bill, sponsored by Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law Subcommittee Chairman Tom Marino (R-Pa.), streamlines the approval process for federally-funded and federally-permitted infrastructure, energy and other construction projects and delivers faster approvals.
The RAPID Act recognizes that delay and uncertainty in the process for new construction and infrastructure projects, undermines job creation, and economic growth for hardworking Americans.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Subcommittee Chairman Tom Marino (R-Pa.) praised today’s Committee vote.
Chairman Goodlatte: “Our country’s burdensome and time-consuming regulatory process only adds to the American people’s frustration with the federal government. Bureaucratic red tape slows the permit approval process for infrastructure investment, and continues to be a barrier for many Americans who look to these jobs for stable employment.
“The RAPID Act would bring accountability and expediency to the permit approval process by setting hard deadlines, instituting oversight on those who control the process, and cracking down on costly and time-consuming lawsuits.
“This legislation will be an open door for the American people who are looking for work in challenging economic times. The RAPID Act is a concrete mechanism that would act as a job creator for Americans across the country, to the effect of 1.9 million jobs annually during construction of the projects, and hundreds of thousands of jobs every year following the completion of the projects.”

And yet, SILENCE from those who are busy screaming about things they can do nothing about. This is something that requires closer scrutiny. Wonder where the naysayers are now.

Agree, disagree . . . it really doesn't matter to me. Just don't let others think for you. Don't believe their spin. Think for yourselves for a change. Don't even just blindly listen to me. I am just the voice in the wilderness bringing these things up for debate. But you know, this is just me . . . . thinking out loud.

Have yourselves a great day.


(Rep. Mike Kelly - R-PA 3rd District - defends the Act.)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thinking about voting for Hillary? Read this first . . .

If you are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016 . . . all I ask is that you read this first. You can still vote for her if this and all the recent news from Benghazi to her flagrant snubbing of her nose at the law, Congress and the American people does not dissuade you.

And its not a woman thing. I know that will be what many people say. Just like they said (and still do) that any criticism against Obama is a race thing. Which is ridiculous. I could care less if he is black. I just just don't like him, his olitics, his arrogance and his vapid allegiance to everyone OTHER than the America people. Anyway . . .

But read this and then make up your own mind. Don't just believe me. Read and research the truth. Don't be fooled by SPIN. Think For Yourself.

But this is just me . . . thinking out loud!

Have a great day.


Pike County Historical Society gets grant

Pretty cool news. Pass it along. I will be resuming my blog shortly but will - from time to time - pass along bits of news items. (Mostly because I can't stop being a journalist, even though I have stopped being a journalist for the year to concentrate on other projects - like my CD and books.)

Brown, Peifer Announce Local Cultural and Historical Grant

HARRISBURG – The Pike County Historical Society has been awarded a $4,000 grant by the state’s Cultural and Historical Grant Program, Reps. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Pike/Monroe) and Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wane) announced today.

 “It is because of the important efforts of the Pike County Historical Society that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy and learn about our county’s history, heritage and culture,” Peifer said. “I thank them for all they do.”

The Cultural and Historical Support Grant Program, run by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), is awarding nearly $2 million in grants to qualified museums and official county historical societies. The one-year grant program is distributing funds designated by the state Legislature to support the preservation of Pennsylvania’s history.

“These funds help the Pike County Historical Society to bolster the good work they already do to preserve history,” said Brown. “Our history plays a significant role in education, especially for future generations.”

To be eligible, museums must be located in Pennsylvania and have annual operating budgets exceeding $100,000 and at least one full-time professional staff person. Historical societies must be designated as a county’s official historical society.

The Pike County Historical Society seeks to maintain and perpetuate the historic legacy of Pike County through preservation, leadership and education. The society acquires, preserves and protects the historical sites, artifacts and records which pertain to the heritage and culture of Pike County.