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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PA Primary - is there even a reason to vote?

As I sit around waiting for results and looking for (the relatively non-existent) news stories at the polling places, and the chill wind of a sudden winter storm blows the maddening rain across my face, (western PA got hit with upwards to 23 inches of snow yesterday - sheesh!) I have to wonder if there is even a reason for Pennsylvanians to get out there and vote in the Primary.

I mean for Democrats, what choices do they have? Um, they can vote for Obama. There's no other choice running on the Democratic ticket. And all the other races are pretty much the same. No choice.

On the GOP side, you have Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum (who isn't even in the race anymore). But what choice there? Hell, Romney has already decided he's won and is searching for a VP nominee. The rest of the races are the same.

Oh, don't get me wrong, there are little tiny races for convention reps and some state legislature races. But all in all, nothing. Not much choices.

So why vote, right?

For two reasons. The first, of course, being that no one should dictate to you who to vote for or whether it matters to vote or not. It is both the right and responsibility of every American of age to exercise their right and responsibility to vote.

The second being that freedom and rights and responsibilities are like muscles. If we don't use them, they atrophy and become weak. The phrase "use it or lose it" really has a ring of truth to it. If we as a people abdicate our rights and responsibilities to those in power or those WITH power than we lose those rights.

Are you ready for America to lose their rights? Then exercise your responsibilities and get out there to vote. You only have yourself to blame if you don't do this. If you allow those with money, power and influence to run the country then you are a fool. What makes America great, what makes others jealous of what we have, is thew same thing that most Americans take for granted when they don't vote.

And vote responsibly. Those who follow us - our children, grandchildren, etc - depend on us to get it right. When you vote as a knee jerk reaction to either popularity contests or to some extreme member of America (or outside America influences), then you make the wrong difference. But if you look to the issues and look to the needs of our country as a whole, then your vote will make a difference. And history has shown that ONE VOTE can make a difference.

Agree or disagree with my assertions. But at least make sure that agreement or disagreement is yours. STOP BEING SHEEP and AVOD THE SPIN by those who want to steal your rights. But what the heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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