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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Good, The Bad . . . The Obama

Its been an amazing week for the President. And America.

Today, the President signed a bill he touts as his good idea (even though it is part of the Republican's Job Creation plan) . . . and it is a good one. It will indeed make small business start-up an easier process. And the way small biz can create investment capital a real new era thing. There' some "policing" issues that opponents of the bill are voicing. But DAMN, we need to get this economy going again NOW!!!!!!

And since I have been a vocal proponent to President Obama's lack of understanding HOW THINGS WORK IN THE REAL WORLD as far as business goes, I will say, "Thanks POTUS, for listening to the right people this time. These guys KNOW how to get businesses up and running!"

Hey, I give credit where its due. Okay?

Now for the bad. President Obama showed his "dictator" and Il Presidente stripes this week with his ill-advised coments about the Supreme Court. And least you jump in and say he is right (which, um, he's not), first let me remind you what he said. And then let me tell you why, by example, it is wrong.

Obama said that if the Supreme court overturned HIS healthcare legislation it would be "judicial activism" (lets leave that one alone for a spell) and that it would be "an unprecedented, extraordinary step." AND he added that it would be wrong to overturn "a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."

First of all, its not unprecedented. Its the Supreme Court's JOB to make sure legislation is constitutional if someone says to them it is not. They MUST review the law and hold it up to the light of the Constitution. (You know, that silly document the LEFT is always saying is OUTDATED . . . you know, they one that was the FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY!) It isn't unprecedented. Try doing a web search "supreme court overturns law" and you will get a bunch of history about it.


As for overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress"????

Okay, what if that democratically elected congress passes, with a strong majority a law that states we MUST follow Sharia law? We wouldn't like that, would we? Or what if they passed a law that said black and white people could own native American slaves?? We wouldn't like that.

What if Ford came out with THE safest car on the road. "No highway deaths" were a guarantee. What if the Congress passed a law that said every American HAD to buy a Ford this year? What if the law said if you didn't you were a MENACE to American safety and the economy? Would you want the Supreme Court to rule that law was un-constitutional and overturn it?

Now replace "Ford car" with "heath insurance." Does it make a difference. Maybe to some it would and to others it wouldn't. But THAT is not he point.

The POINT is that this is their job. And the President making such comments shows two things. He should be embarrassed as a lawyer NOT to know this. And he should be ashamed as a President for inserting his not-so-lacking-power self into the process. The three branches of government form a series of check sand balances. that is how this country was designed. So that no one branch could be more powerful than the other. That they could keep that POWER to govern in check. So no one in Congress could usurp the people's rights. So that the President could not become a dictator. So that the Supreme Court could not make law and lessen our rights.

Agree or disagree . . . I do care, because I want to show you where lack of self thought can lead to disaster for America - that listening to all the SPIN doctors and lying politicians will lead to a further decline. But in the end, I just want you to listen to all sides, think for yourself, AVOID THE SPIN and STOP BEING SHEEP. Don't listen to the left, the right, the middle ONLY. Listen to everything and then use that thing between your ears - your BRAIN - and start thinking for yourself. But either way, this is just me, Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


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