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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The audacity of politicians!

Just because the Democrats can't build a big enough backbone to upset the apple cart and send a nominee against Obama in the Primary, doesn't mean they can assume (you know what they say about that) to deny the voters their choice. Its like they discount voters (which they have done ever since "O" was elected where they said he had a mandate (49% to 51% is NOT a mandate by any stretch of the imagination, Mr. President). Now they are denting the chance for those in states who haven't voted yet to make their choices known.

From the Democrat machine: "Since Rick Santorum dropped out yesterday, the Obama-Romney general election has fully engaged.

Just hours after Santorum’s announcement, Karl Rove teamed up with the Koch Brothers to launch a $1.7 million SuperPAC ad buy attacking President Obama in key battleground states.

There’s too much at stake to fall behind Romney, Rove, and the Koch Brothers."

I know its highly doubtful that Ron Paul wold win the nomination. And its not very likely Gingrich will win. But maybe the rest of the GOP voters who have NOT spoken will have a different opinion of who should be the nominee. And maybe they will push for a brokered convention. No one knows.

But apparently the Democrats and the President know who is going to be the nominee in the November General Election. They are all set to "go to battle" against Romney.

It is this kind of attitude that has disenfranchised so many millions of Americans - Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc - and caused voter apathy. I am so sick and tired of our elected officials discounting me and ignoring my concerns. Aren't you?

I think that all those Democrats who "say" they are tired of Obama ignoring them should write in Hillary. I think that all those GOP voters who don't think they even need to go to the polls - because the powers that be KNOW who they SHOULD vote for - should get out there and vote for Ron Paul. Just to let the establishment know how peeved we are.

Anyway, agree or disagree, it only matters to me that you stop letting them walk all over us. STOP BEING SHEEP and think for yourselves. AVOID THE SPIN they are trying to shove down your throats and let them know you won't be bullied or discounted or ignored anymore. Either way, this is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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