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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Not ANOTHER year in review article

Everyone has the traditional "year in review" articles. So many cars crashed and buildings burned. So many celebrities got married / divorce. So many of them went to rehab / jail / some third world country. Storms lashed parts of the country, earthquakes struck parts of the world, the moon was see in this or that phase. For every niche paper or magazine or news show or music insert, there is a "year in review."

But NOT here. For my regular readers, you have been keeping up with what the year has held. For those not so regular, the beauty of the internet is that you can go back and look things over.

(Which leads me to the shameless plug for my new book, Thinking out Loud - The Book. If you want to know what went on during the 2008 election cycle and the President's first year in office WITHOUT the spin and the lies and the misconceptions, just buy my new e-book. It is loaded with all kinds of links to references that will show you and tell you what REALLY happened, so you can make an INFORMED decision come November. Not a decision based on what others want to tell you happened. It is on Barnes & Nobel's Nook website.)

There is no need to do a year in review because you all lived through the disaster our government has created. You have dealt with the unemployment, the lack of basic understanding of business concepts by our governing body and the absolute disconnect between what the people want them to do and what the politicians think we want them to do.

So let us look to the future. Let us look to 2012 and decide what we are going to do moving forward. Obama thinks he doesn't need Congress. Since he already doesn't feel he needs the American people, this is not a good thing. He has already shown us that he thinks we are all imbeciles, whom he needs to lecture so that we "understand" what it is he is trying to do.

We KNOW what he is trying to do. And we don't want him to do it. (Some do, but these are either the misguided who can't tell the difference between someone out and giving them a handout - or they are the lazy who don't want to work for even the handouts.) But the American people are so disorganized, between political party rhetoric, losing focus on what the priorities should be and the sheep among us who keep confusing the conversation with the spin, we don't have a firm enough solidarity to stop the politicians from destroying what tenuous grasp we are holding onto now.

So here is what we do. STOP LISTENING TO THE SPIN! Stop listening to the politicians, they just want to keep their jobs - despite not really DOING their jobs. Stop listening to the talking heads because they ARE doing their jobs in order to KEEP their jobs. STOP BEING SHEEP!!

That should be the New Year's Resolution of EVERY American. In 2012, we will STOP BEING SHEEP! I want you to pass this along to every person you know. Have them read this. Or just TELL them to make this resolution. Repeat after me, "I WILL STOP BEING SHEEP!"

All you Occupy types, STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you Obama-nites, who can't see that he CAN do wrong, STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you Conservatives with the capital "C" STOP BEING SHEEP!

All you liberals who don't understand you can be helpful without being irresponsible, STOP BEING SHEEP!

Now you can, as usual, agree or disagree with me. That doesn't bother me either way. What I find most distressing is, after reading what I have to say here, you still listen to those out there who don't have YOUR best interest at heart. And I KNOW they don't because the only one who has YOUR best interest at heart is YOU. So, STOP BEING SHEEP, and I will consider my job done well. Start thinking for yourselves, and I will know I have done what I set out to do. Even one person. Just STOP BEING SHEEP! But, no matter, because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have yourself a great day. A happy New Year! And be SAFE out there tonight (and every night).


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