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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The President shows America the middle finger

The President of the United States just flipped us all off. In a time where jobs are needed, desparately, by many Americans, the President used a sneaky, underhanded ploy to get what he wants. He appointed three people to the NLRB that are so anti-business, so anti-American, so anti-jobs that their liberal agenda will stifle any growth possibility for the coming future.

And he has shown his true colors. He is anti-people. This move, however politically motivated or astute, is by far the most ludicrous action by a President who says he lsitens to the people and who says he cares about the peiople and who says he is pro-jobs - jobs are his number one concern.

But as he has lied to the American public in the past, he is lying to us again. And this time he is sending that middle finger loud and clear. All he cares about is protecting his own job. He wants to pander to as many groups as he possibly can, using his social agenda of spreading the wealth (among his labor cronies) and fair share (for his buds in DC and in liberal bastions everywhere) of things they never worked for.

He has appointed these union-friendly thugs to make sure his National Labor Relations Board,, which has proven itself in the Boeing case to be MEGA anti-business (which means anti-job), as the enforcement arm of power mad and money hungry union officials. The same union officials who want to do away with Americans rights to choose, in private, whether they want to be in a union or not.

These unions are anti-American. The NLRB is anti-American. And the President has just proven, once more, that HE IS ANTI-AMERICAN.

(I only say all this because unions don't care about jobs unless they are getting a cut from them. And with their union-friendly White House comrades, they can get things done to whittle the rights of the American worker, because it suits them.)

How much longer are Americans going to sit idly by while they are being insulted by their leaders? How much longer are we going to sit here, jobless, hungry, struggling, while this President sits down to fancy dinners with his "supporters" and, like a dictator of old, proclaims not only does he know what's best for you but he is going to do whatever he wants so his pals can get whatever they want . . . all the while screwing the people.

If he really cared, he wold not have made these controversial appointments, basically behind our backs. He would have waited and argued out the process of appointments. But since he knew we didn't want them, because he knew they were a sleazy deal, he did them when he would face no opposition. (And by the way, Congress may have been on recess, but the members of Congress have been holding meetings practically every few days. So it may have been "recess" but it was a working one.)

And in the background, while everyone is focused on recess appointments and GOP battles and claims of racism by America's top cop, they are slowly eroding even more of our rights. They want to "protect" intellectual property rights by giving themselves the power to arbitrarily shut down sections of the internet. (See SOPA and PIPA, which are - as usual with government legislation - not a bad idea but the wording goes BEYOND helping and delves dangerously toward censorship and not unlike what the Hitlers and Mussolinis of history did. The only people who are for it, are afraid of reprisals from the likes of that sleazy AG, Eric Holder.)

Obama and his ilk know nothing of Freedom, except when it refers to them having the freedom to strip away ours. They know nothing of jobs, except to figure out how to get power and money from those who want to control them. They know nothing about rights, except as a cause to hate.

I know I am coming on pretty strong here, but the rest of the media is not going to say anything about it. I know I am coming across as harsh, but it is the DUTY of a free press to stand as the fourth estate over government, to be the people's eyes and ears and express the people's outrage at corruption and injustices perpetrated by a government who's professed role is to govern the people by the WILL of the people.

So agree with me or disagree with me, it really doesn't matter. So long as you look at what I offer up with a reasoning mind and come to your own conclusions. Don't allow them to dictate to you what they are doing is right. Look at it and see the truth, determine the reality, avoid the SPIN. Stop being sheep. Anyway, this is just me, one man among several hundred million, Thinking Out Loud.

have a great day.


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