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Monday, January 23, 2012

Politicians and family values? Seriously??

Okay, I just have one question. How can ANY politician or political Party talk about family values with a straight face?

I mean, anyone who thinks this is possible is seriously delusional.

“If Newt wins, we won’t be able to make family values an issue in the general.” This is a quote from an evangelical leader.

As if ANYONE in politics can make family values an issue. Even if you think you know about a politician, or a party, the next thing you know someone is talking about open marriages or affairs or a gay thing or a child porn thing or some fetish that makes your skin crawl. Or there is divorce or other marital issues that come to light after - sometimes YEARS after - you elect them.

So let us just take the issue of family values or honesty or trust completely out of the picture. Because you can be assured of none of these from ANY politician. You can make it an issue if YOU want, but don't expect to be able to hitch a ride on any political apron strings. Or at least your SHOULDN'T hitch a ride on any political apron strings.

Evangelicals are (mostly) nice people, who really do want the country to do well. But they just delude themselves with politicians. Throwing your entire group support behind a politician or political party is ludicrous. Well meaning, but ludicrous.

Fortunately, the evangelical leadership is throwing a wet blanket as opposed to a brick filled sack. This is because it seems that only the leadership (and the few fanatics who think they are infallible) trusts politicians to be faithful, decent, trustworthy. Most of the evangelicals in the "real world" understand the worldly ways of politics and politicians.

Unfortunately, the few "fanatics" that join forces with the leadership have a LOT of money and a LOT of influence. So what they say and do as far as political support will garner a lot of press and momentum for whoever they throw it behind. Be it Santorum or someone else.

Agree or disagree, tell me politicians as self serving scum or there really ARE decent politicians at the national level - it makes no difference to me. What does matter is that I get you to really look at the issues, look at the history, look at the records, and THINK for yourself. Stop being SHEEP and following whatever the "leadership" of whatever grouping you belong to TELL you what to think. but heck, this is just me, THINKING OUT LOUD.

Have a great day.


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