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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not interested in the SOTU speech??

Okay, the response I got from the previous blog shows me something both interesting and quite disturbing.

The population in general is not interested in the President's State of the Union speech.

Here are some possible reasons for this:

1) They don't believe a word that comes out of his (Obama's) mouth so they just ignored it
2) They believe every word out of his mouth so don't want to listen to anyone else
3) They just don't care because they have become disillusioned with politics and politicians
4) The State of the what??
5) They'll find out what they are supposed to think about it from the TV news or political ads, thank you.
6) They are just sick of me bashing the President of the United States for crying out loud!

And here is why these are not good reasons:

1) Even if you don't believe him, you still need to listen to what he says. People didn't listen to the WHAT of his words in 2008 . . . its why we're in this mess today.
2) You're hopeless. No politician says the truth 100% of the time. Its more like 19% of the time. But even if you believe its more, believing EVERY word anyone tells you is the sign of a fool. And if you're a fool, PLEASE don't vote in the 2012 election. We need help to fix things, not the folly of more fools.
3) I understand how disheartening it can be. BUt we cannot give up. That ways lies true disaster.
4) Even more hopeless than those who believe every word out of the President's mouth. If you're not involved in your government and don't keep an eye on them, you deserve the fate that lies in your future. Just don't drag the rest of us into your America.
5) The news SPINS. Politicians and political ads SPIN. None of them tell the truth, the whole truth. Gone are the days of journalistic integrity. And never were the days of political integrity.
6) Oh come on, I am not bashing the President of the United States. I am exposing the truth of President Barack Obama. There is a difference. I call it as I see it. And I almost always back up what I have to say with truths. I document the differences between words and action. And there is practically TONS of differences between this President's words and actions. But bear in mind that there is almost always differences between what ANY President says and what he does. SO in this way, Obama is not that much different than past Presidents. The difference, as I see it, is that Obama has done MORE damage with his actions than most past Presidents.

So, here is how I see it. If you ignore what is going on in your government, you are as bad as those throughout history that have let bad things happen to their countries and societies. If you are not involved in your government, you get the government someone else wants. And if you want a government that takes care of you from the cradle to the grave without giving back, then move to Europe or China or somewhere else where you don't have the freedoms we have historically lived with in America.

Because, to give up your freedoms simply to be taken care of is not American. Americans have worked hard to get what they have. Which is why I have such a huge problem with the whole re-distribution of wealth and the Occupy movement in this country. Lazy people want what someone else has without doing the work to get it. Its not a racial thing. Lazy people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and stripes. There are lazy white people, black people, brown people, red people, whatever. there are lazy conservatives and lazy liberals and lazy you-name-it people. There are lazy men, women and children.

America is not lazy. At least it never used to be. People worked hard to get what they got. And didn't fret over what someone else had. Coveting their neighbors stuff and life was seriously frowned on. Unless it inspired you to work harder.

But Obama and his ilk want you to covet your neighbors stuff to the point you want the government to get it for you. This is wrong on SO many levels.

Which is why I am more vocal these days against everything the President does. NOt what he says. Heck, I think that there is too much vitriol in the halls of government. I think there is too much bickering and not enough work getting done. But instead of backing up his words with deeds, he just spoils everyone for a fight and then tosses fuel onto the fires. He says he wants more cooperation, yet cooperates little himself. He says he wants no more bickering, yet bickers himself. He says he wants civility in the halls of government, yet says nasty things about anyone who doesn't immediately agree and do what he says.

And his attitude that HE knows more than US - or anyone else for that matter - is just too annoying.

But enough of my "president bashing."

I am here to bash those who are "not interested" in the State of the Union. Its just the President telling us what he has done and intends to do. And HIS actions bear a direct impact on YOUR life. If you don't carefully monitor his word and gauge them against his actions, you have no RIGHT to vote in the next election. And that is not easy for me to say, as I believe in the right of EVERY American to vote. But if you are going to do it uninformed and stupidly, I would rather you didn't. My children and grandchildren have to live in the America you put in place with your vote. And as a father and grandfather, your STUPID actions will really piss me off.

Anyway, agree or disagree, I don't care. Just have an opinion that is YOURS. Not some politician, SPIN jockey or talking head. Hell, don't even just take my word for it. Go out there, get informed and STOP BEING SHEEP! (I think that is forming up to be a 2012 theme for me, huh? Maybe I'll make T-shirts up.) If you do that, if AVOID THE SPIN and think for yourself, I have done my job. But heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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