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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unemployment dropping? REALLY?!

So, Obama and all the media pukes are rallying behind the numbers saying that the unemployment rate is dropping.

This gets me so mad. They way they play with numbers and lie right to our faces. I just want to scream! Because the average American will just go, "oh great, so what are the Republicans and Obama detractors yelling about?"

We are yelling because they are lying to your face and you are believing them.

God, stop being so stupid!

Here's a bit from Erik Erickson of Red State.

"The household survey says unemployment has fallen. Jobs are being created. A few days after American Airlines announced it would lay off 15,000 employees and other companies are laying off as well, the unemployment rate fell with new hires.

It is good news for Barack Obama, except not really.

The unemployment rate fell, but so did the number of people participating in the workforce. If those people were factored in, the unemployment rate would be 11 percent. In fact, people 55 years and older and people just entering the workforce are having a ridiculously hard time finding jobs.

We know this is so by the number of foreclosures in the country — which are still high. The household survey data suggests good news for Barack Obama's re-election prospects, but reality suggests otherwise. 70 percent of Americans, according to Rasmussen, know someone struggling to find a job. And these people will take it out on the incumbent. But there is a danger for the GOP. If the unemployment number keeps falling, they'll need a bigger platform than just claiming they can put people back to work. They will have to work hard to cut through the media noise cheerleading unemployment numbers that ignore those who've just given up on Obama's hope.

—Erick Erickson

Its the same thing I have been trying to tell you all for years. Unemployment rate so not mean what you think they mean. Instead of believing the government SPIN doctors, the politicians and the foolish media jerks like Keith Oberman. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors.

I bet you know at least one, if not MANY more who are out of work, unable to pay bills, being foreclosed on, can't find a job, can't get health coverage - can't even scrap up enough food for a decent meal each night.

Obama is lying. The media is lying (I say this because they can't be as stupid about this stuff as they let on). The SPIN doctors get PAID to lie to you.

Look out at the real world. Look at how it really is, instead of the LaLa Land THEY would describe for you.

We need to get all these liars out of office. We need to shut down all these media outlets who lie for a living instead of doing their jobs.

Agree with me or not. I honestly don't care. But at least STOP BEING SHEEP and look around you. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don't even believe me, because I am human and have my own perspective on life (didn't have work for so long I went to work for myself). You make up your own mind. After all, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. And support your local food pantry (money, food, time, whatever).


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