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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jaw dropping hypocrisy

I have been pretty vocal about my opposition to politicians in general. Yes, I am a conservative American. And yes, I often slam the liberal or Democrat view. But I think I have let it be known that I am opposed to ANY politician who SPINS and lies and just takes the American people as stupid.

But I have to do a Jaw Drop on the recent Democratic Party hypocrisy. NOt that their message is any less valid. But the fact that not only are the Dems showing their stripes, but they have famous SPINners doing it for them.

Come on. WHo the hell is going to believe a word out of James Carville's mouth. I can't believe that even Democrats in the general population can say they believe or even listen to anything this lying sack has to say. But then I forget. These nimwits keep voting these lame asses in govetrnment, so how smart can they be as a wghole right?

But seriously, James Carville, repeating a Pelosi email, has one going out with his name all over it.

"Have you been watching all these Republican men telling women what to do with their health care?

Last week it was a Congressional panel on women’s health with five men and no women. This week, it was the GOP presidential candidates debating what women should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with their own health care choices.

This Republican War on Women has got to come to a stop. My friends at the DCCC want to hit $1 million in grassroots donations before the February FEC deadline to show these Republicans that we won’t let them get away with this nonsense"

Begging for money bootstrapped onto outrage at how the "Republicans and GOP candidates are treating women in discussion of healthcare." . . . .

Okay, have to take a breath now because this is making me want to scream and swear. SO I will do a list. That usually calms me down.

List of Hypocrisies

1) Nancy Pelosi decided to pass rules as soon a the DEMS took over the House so that there would be NO Republican voice in legislation. - Which also meant no AMERICAN voice being represented by those same Republicans. So, Queen Nancy effectively cut off half of America. Toook away their voice in government.

2) "You must pass it to see what's in it" Healthcare Legislation. Obama and Pelosi and Reid made a complete SHAMBLES out of American healthcare, stealing ALL our voices by not having more revelation about this 1900 page monstrosity of a legislation. Legislation which did not FIX any health care problems in this country and had as its sole goal to make universal, government run, single payor healthcare the next step. - They stole all of our rights on this one. Some of the things in there were part of what we wanted as a country, most of it wasn't. And the things that would have made good, affordable healthcare possible, were IGNORED by the Democrats in power.

3) President "I need to get out there so I can explain it better" Obama thinks Americans are stupid. On every issue that we oppose, he just wants us to think he isn't explaining it enough. So he just keeps talking. All President talk a lot, you might say. But he is talking so much he is NOT Listening.

4) Democrats and liberals have been plastering the airways and getting the media on their bandwagon (mostly with threats of loss of access if they don't play along) with the complete BULL . . . okay, not swearing here . . . complete nonsense that if you disagree with the President or if you don't like his policies or just plain don't like him you are a R-A-C-I-S-T! - I can't even go on with this line of thought because it makes me so mad.

Time and time again, in the last three years, these hypocritical have done everything they can to silence those who object to their actions, question their motives and refuse to back down from their threats and insinuations. And they still have the gall to complain when others seem to be doing similar things. AND THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK FOR MONEY from the hard working people of America to fight these "injustices."

Wait a minute!

Don't we already pay these charlatans to do just that?!?! Isn't it their JOBS to see to it that people are not cut out of the legislative and governing process??!?!??


Before I go, I just want to say, for the record, that there should be a representative grouping of those affected by legislation to be present during all aspects of that legislation's life cycle.

Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter. Just don't take a middle of the road approach to this sort of thing. Just don't take the word from those who could really care less about you. AVOID THE SPIN! STOP BEING SHEEP! Think for yourselves. Look at everything, mull the facts around in your head (the facts, not the SPIN), and come up with your own thoughts on these things. Don't even take my word as gospel. Look it up. Read on it. Think about it. That's all I ask. But, no matter. This is just me, as always, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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