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Monday, February 13, 2012

Keystone XL asks "Who is in charge?"

Keystone XL Pipeline would bring over a million barrels of crude a day to the U.S. - nearly tripling the current supply from Canada – and almost 400,000 jobs.

The government under President Obama has said there are “issues” that must be resolved. Excpet his own agencies have given the okay for the pipeline deal, said there was no environmental impact and found the jobs growth acceptable. But the President and his Administration apparently has not read those reports.

So why the delay? Is it because the pipeline is an unknown quantity? Phase I was completed in 2010 and Phase II in 2011. Bringing over 500,000 barrels a day. It is in operation now. The barrels of crude and jobs the XL deal would bring are ADDITIONAL to existing ones. So it is not an unknown quantity.

Are there environmental issues that would bring unknown dangers? The State Department says there would be no significant environmental risks. So that one is off the table.

Or is it? The State Department, on January 18, 2012, sent a letter advising the President to deny the permits to build. Why? They stated issues with the Sand hills portion of the pipeline. This, however, is in contradiction to their analysis (“EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Final Environmental Impact Statement
for the Proposed Keystone XL Project”). On page 13, the Department of State determined that any spill would be minimal, not affect more than a localized area and Keystone agreed to all the clean-up and financial impact to residents if one did occur.

One must wonder who is running the show in Washington these days. If the Department of State can reverse their decision, and advise the President to deny a permit that would help us toward less dependency on Middle Eastern oil AND bring 400,000 jobs to a desperate economy, who is in charge? Surely not the President. He is letting the DoS tell him what to do without question. And certainly not the Department of State, as they are reversing their own decision. So who is telling them to do it?

This is, as many would argue, a very complex issue. And should not be dealt with lightly. And I would absolutely agree.

However, it is an issue that has been kin the works since 2008. that is nearly FOUR years of determinations and analysis and surveys and legislative issues and God only knows what else. (Trade discussions, market research, et al) And it boils down to the Department of State issuing a decision in opposition to their own studies. And a President that doesn't even know what is what and allows a department within his own government to tell him what to do – which he does, without question – on a decision that will impact our country, our economy and our security.

Something is just not kosher with this set up.

Meanwhile, American suffer. Tyrants and madmen dictate our security. And Congress argues about whether it is right or not for them to use insider information to get richer. And politicians argue who has better family values, who has the neatest hair and who is more politically sensitive than who.

For crying out loud!

All these putzes have to go. We need leadership that thinks of America first. And yes, I mean the people in the Supreme Court – Justice Ginsberg, you heard me – too. We also need all you morons out there – who continue to just regurgitate the rhetoric fed to your by people who really could care less about you in order to get themselves more money, more power and power influence – off the voter registration rolls. I know I have been an advocate of everyone deserving the right to vote. But remember, I have also always said it and Uncle Ben told Peter, “with great power [the right to vote] comes great responsibility [the effort to understand what you are voting for].”

Agree or disagree, I don't care. Just think about it before you agree or disagree. Know what it is you are agreeing or disagreeing with me about. STOP BEING SHEEP! AVOIOD THE SPIN! (I swear I am getting bumper stickers made soon.) Think for yourself, for crying out loud. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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