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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy man threatens while we are sleeping

Here we go. A leader of a small country, ranting and raving about the rights of his country to rule the world, er, rule their own destinies, threatening the security of the rest of the world and just plain making shit up. And the leaders of the rest of the world. Well, they're sitting around with their thumbs up their collective . . . anyway, not doing anything but 'talking' and 'discussing' the issue. Some are even agreeing with this lunatic. They call him a true leader, a patriot to his fellow countrymen, an inspiration for taking on the bigger countries and not being cowed by their 'superiority.' There's talk of sanctioning his country. There's talk of being 'stern' with him. Meanwhile, he threatens with military might and global destruction in order to secure his country's future. Damn the rest of the world. And what does the President of the United States do about it? Nothing, as usual.

You know who I am talking about.

Yea, that's right . . . Hitler.

What? You thought I was talking about Am-a-nut-job in Iran?

Actually I was talking about both. And in conjunction, I was talking about how the leaders of this world do not learn form the past. But the thing is, the leaders of the '30s when Hitler was rising didn't learn form the past would be conquerors such as Atilla, or Ceasar, or Wilhelm (yea, he was thew Prussian – or Germany – guy before Hitler in WWI). They didn't learn and even admired the fanatic for what he was doing in his own country. Ignoring what he was SAYING and what he was DOING and the rhetoric he was laying out there to rile up his countrymen.

True, back in the day when Hitler was doing his recapture of ancestral lands and and spouting his need for Germany to have “living space” to grow and breathe, there was no 24/7 news coverage of the world, there was no internet. But still, they knew and they did nothing, even when his Arayan race thing included the decimation of an entire people – which ironically or sadly enough (depending on your point of view) – is the same people.

Today, however, the world has no excuse for not seeing what this irresponsible, power mad, well, just plain crazy dictator is doing and saying and proposing. And they, especially our very our leaders, have no excuse for just dilly dallying around.

First, no one has aright to endanger the world at large with their bullshit beliefs. I don't care if you squeal that everyone has a right to do in their country what they want. Like Hitler, we are not talking about someone who wants to limit their beliefs and way of life to their own country. This madman wants to 'wipe out' another country and all its citizens. He wants to expand his religious and political beliefs into ALL countries of the world. He threatens all this with nuclear weaponry, which everyone YEARS and YEARS ago agreed are a BAD IDEA. Super powers around the globe have been dealing with how to responsibly and fairly deal with the REDUCTION of these potentially world altering AND world ending instruments. And along come this mush for brains who wants to make NEW ones.

And his expansionist agenda, backed by his threat of conventional and nuclear force, is being ignored by the powers that be. Instead of aiding those in his own country who SAW how bad this fruit cake is, we all did nothing. Our leaders did nothing. And our very own President, fresh off his “I am so sorry we are big and powerful” tour of the world, started a campaign to ignore him.

Now, like Hitler, he is just making shit up. A scientist and military member were 'murdered' by someone. I can't tell you if it was the US, Israel, another country or this madman himself. But he is using it to expand his agenda, to find an excuse to go on a global rampage. And justify it, even if it is just in his own mind.

And our leaders DO NOTHING, SAY NOTHING. Well, they did send a letter. Uh, yea, right. This is not leadership. This is, if not plain old cowardice (political or otherwise) or some subconscious need to be subservient to the outside world, it is really poor judgment and even poorer leadership.

But who can blame our leaders? They are so busy trying to prove to the rest of us that they deserve to lead the country for the next four years . . . oh wait, wouldn't their LACK of leadership prove just the opposite is true?

Not in the world, or minds, of politics. If they shake their left hand in the air over here you don't really notice or see the dog biting the right hand. Or more appropriately, the dog pissing on the right leg and sporting a nuclear missile adorned collar. If they spew their SPIN about the economy – its good, its bad, its not coming back, its coming back (when the truth is somewhere outside of all that) – you can stay distracted from their not being leaders. The election is the be all and end all of the thing for these losers. They don't even really care about the stuff they are talking about. All they care about is getting you to VOTE for them.

And don't think I'm just harping on the O-miester. The GOP side is just as guilty about talking about what they think will get you to VOTE for them.

None of these losers deserves to be the President of the United States because none of them are DOING anything deserving of the job.

You know, you can agree or disagree, or even act like our leadership and STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND. It really doesn't matter to me if you do (except for the sticking your head in the sand – that just pisses me off), so long as you think long and hard on what the hell is going on around you and come to your own conclusions instead of listening to the SPIN of others. Think for yourselves and I will consider my job done. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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