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Friday, January 13, 2012

Why don't you write more often?

Okay, I get this question from time to time. And it is a valid one. Because, heck, you know I have a lot to say.

But here is the thing. I have to make a living. That is part of the bottom line. The other part, which is pretty much related to the first part, is that I don't want this blog to get a rep as just some lame spouting off of gripes.

What I mean by that is, I want to not only let you know what is REALLY happening so you can make an informed decision without relying on all the SPIN that is out there, I want you to have ACCURATE information so you can make those truly informed decisions.

I am not one of those talking head types, that will spout off the latest and greatest SPIN from their side and TELL you what to think. I actually want you to think for yourself. In order to do that, I want to give you the real deal. I want to offer you sources to look stuff up yourself, and then THINK FOR YOURSELF, instead of just regurgitating what all the HIGHLY paid political consultants (i.e. THE SPIN DOCTORS). And that includes me. I don't want you to just take my word for things.

Which means I need to know what the hell I am talking about in the first place.

I did this with the old version of this blog (same name, different web location). And it is what I did when I published the book (Thinking Out Loud - The Book). I added, researched and made available all the resources I based my rants on. So you can look them up. Even four years later. Because I want you to avoid the SPIN this time around.

And all this takes time. Sometimes time I do not have since I am trying to make money to pay the bills. I have my Examiner articles to write. I am trying to write more for so they don't fire me. I am working with clients in the real world doing media blitzes and PR and press releases and blog stuff associated with my business (Reynolds Publishing Company). Plus I am working on some more e-Books (Catharsis is now out in eBook-land - KOBO and soon Barnes & Noble), with fingers crossed people will actually buy them.

Anyway, not to leave this as all about me, me , me . . . but it is, you know. Just kidding. I will leave you with a few thoughts.

The lowering unemployment numbers the President, press and liberal SPIN miesters are all touting do not tell the true story about unemployment in America.

The truth is halfway between what they are saying and what the other side is saying. Jobs are slowly coming back. Mostly because business is getting tired of waiting for Washington to stop farting around with this legislation and that new tax schedule. They are doing what business does, taking a risk and expanding or re-hiring or whatever they need to do to succeed.

But also there is still millions out there without jobs going on three years now. Their unemployment benefits (which truly cannot last forever no matter what the Dems and libs want - and I know of what I speak because I am one who never even received unemployment all this time since Nov '09) are running out but still have no jobs. So they are turning to the next government option. They are applying for social security disability insurance. Like these people in Ohio. 21,200 claims this year. Even the Huffington Post has recognized this trend to use social security disability as the new unemployment benefits.

So all those people who tout the dropping numbers from the unemployment rolls are not telling you that the numbers filing claims (and over taxing a system not meant to handle this many claims) are on the rise.

Well, I was going to rant on about ENDORSEMENTS being nothing but a job application and not something you should take seriously, even if you like the person is making the endorsement. Because they are only doing it to INFLUENCE your vote and thus get themselves a new government job with the new President or whatever. Seriously, what should you care about who THEY are going to vote for? Voting is both a personal thing and BIG responsibility. You know, like Jim DeMint (R-SC) endorsing Newt or Mitt or whoever. None of the GOP candidates would fall into his acceptance (given his past record and public views). But if he endorses someone, then he is SELLING out for a new job. not for your benefit. So, if I were to talk about this ENDORSEMENT thing, I'd say DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!!!!

Anyway, as usual, agree or disagree with me. (But maybe buy my eBooks so I can spend more time here - I like it here.) It (the agreeing or disagreeing thing) doesn't matter to me either way. SO long as I get you to think for yourselves and AVOID THE SPIN, then I have done my job. Stop being sheep and following people who have no interest in YOUR best interest, only theirs. But heck, this is just me, Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


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  1. So glad Jim decided to heed my criticism of his possible endorsement.