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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unions to War, Obama proves clueless

President Obama is so very clueless on many things. Unions and war are just two.


Because of his union boss support (not necessarily union MEMBER support), Obama is looking at where the money is coming from instead of where America is going to find jobs. Instead of stepping in (because he doesn't want to), Obama is letting the NLRB run rough shod over state's rights and worker's rights. Unless something illegal is being done (and I don't mean some theoretical revenge fantasy), then the NLRB has no right to tell states how they can create jobs, they have no right to tell companies where they can and cannot build their business units, and they shure as heck don't have the right to play patsy with union bosses who only whine when something goes NOT their way.

Boeing is the visible example of Obama's cluelessness about business, and his money / political motivations. After Boeing began building a new (not a replacement) facility in South Carolina, the union was mum. When employees were hired and they were part of the union, the union stayed quiet. But as soon as the workers (who were in their rights by all national and state standards) decided and voted to get rid of the union )so they could just do their jobs and get paid without having to lose part of that pay to union dues and have to worry about some union thug telling them they had to strike or do whatever) did the union cry foul. Only when their funnel of money dried up did they whine to the NLRB that Boeing was "retaliating" against them due to a previous strike, by opening this new facility to South Carolina.

The question to ask is why wait until the workers decide to oust the union? Why wait until they are no longer getting money to file a complaint? And why does Obama not step in and tell these (UNELECTED and ONLY ANSWERABLE TO HIM) NLRB nutjobs to back off? Most of the answers are obviouos. The last answer is two fold.

Because Obama has no clue how business works and jobs are created (he still thinks HE creates actual jobs), and because he doesn't want to risk his re-election funding. (Which is ironic as he says he doesn't care if he only serves one term. LIAR!)


I don't think I really have to explain how clueless the President is when it comes to war. But I will elucidate a few points.

I would prefer our men and women are not fighting and dying in some foreign country. I would prefer that the underlying issue for politicians (not civilians or military - their bottom line is security of America and Americans) were not money and oil. I would prefer that radical nut jobs stick to killing each other and let the world alone. I would prefer many things. But the fact is, we are at war. And as such, we have a responsibility to our national security and the well being of those that fight for us and along side us. Among those responsibilities are not encouraging our enemy, not giving vital intelligence about the movement and intentions to our enemies, not making confusing statements to our military and allies, not denigrating our country nor allies nor military, and most assuredly not outlining what we are going to do next. War is fought to win. One side or the other wins and those who are dead, destroyed or affected - lose. It is that simple. If you do not win, you lose. If you do not intend to go for a win, you do not go to war. (And I am not just talking about the wars from the previous Administration - Libya is a war if we are attacking, destroying and killing people in another country.)

Which leaves the President clueless or delusional about war. In Afghanistan, we continue until we and the Afghans are safe. If that means until the enemy is completely destroyed or until the Afghans can handle it themselves. That is a win. Anything else is a loss. And a loss to these fanatical jackals would only encourage them. In Libya, either do the business or get off the pot. Because right now, it is a war. Just as the terrorist declared war on the USA, Obama and the allies declared war on the sitting government by their actions.


An email from the Human Events website quoted President Obama as saying "I believe in American Exceptionalism, just as I imagine that Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism and the British believe in British Exceptionalism."

The email went on to proclaim, "But as former Speaker of the House and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich points out, American Exceptionalism isn't about cheerleading for the home team. It's about recognizing and honoring the history-making, world-changing ideals that made America great — exceptionally great." However, I am reminded of a line from a popular movie a few years ago.

In The Incredibles, Helen (the mom) is telling Dash (the son) why he couldn't use his powers. He says that his dad says "our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, they make us special." To which his mom says "Everyone is special, Dash." Muttering under his breathe, Dash utters the phrase Obama seems to embrace. "Which is another way of saying no one is."

I understand there are things the President knows but the average citizen will never know. But there are so many things that no matter what the true situation is, no matter what secret special information that Obama knows, there are still so much that he is getting wrong . . . just from a common sense standpoint.

And this is where I have such an incredibly staggering frustration with not only the President, but also with the many politicians (who have other agendas) and the main stream media (who are so paranoid about losing access that they will subvert their very responsibility to keep it). When faced with a torrent of water coming at you, it just makes common sense to close the door, hold you breath and surface when it is safe. But to open the windows, turn on the faucets and yell real loud at the oncoming wave is just silly. And this is how Obama and his Administration approach every problem this country is facing.

Simply stated, in a word, clueless.

Agree with me, disagree with me, whisper to yourselves that somebody should call the men in the white suits (or black suits and glasses, whichever). It makes no difference to me. So long as I opened some eyes and get you to think for yourselves, I have done my job, done my best to contribute to the future of America. But heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day!~


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