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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Independent write-in candidates begin for the 2012 election cycle

Every election cycle for President of the United States, numerous write-in candidates make a run for the office. Not backed by any party and not famous, these people have limited resources and very little news coverage.

But this season, I am making a prediction.

Glenda Sturkie will become a household name. Not only because the internet will play a huge factor in the campaigning of ALL the candidates, but yours truly intends to make it so.

In this vein, I want all of your, not just my readers in the US but my readers all around the world, to follow my Examiner page and pass along any story where I mention Ms Sturkie. Let us give a voice to someone who is patriotic but doesn't have the deep pockets of Obama, Bachmann, Gingrich, et al. The Presidency should not be bought. If it was, many great Presidents of the past would never have been elected.

We will begin with an interview I conducted with Glenda and keep going from there throughout the elections. Which are really going to begin fully in August. (That is when everyone will be declared and still viable, and folks will be back from summer vacation.)

If you believe in true democracy, or if you just like screwing with the MSM (Main Stream Media) and fat cat politicians alike, then lets get this thing going full speed.

Have a great day and VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

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