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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back . . . and the weird keeps coming

Unbelieveable. A website company that makes specialty dolls that are topical just came out with an Anthony Weiner doll. You get a version that is (i guess) family friendly. For ten bucks more you get one that is anatomically correct and for another $18 you can get a toy blackberry to go with it. Guess the anatomically correct expense is less than the amount to make the blackberry. Does that say anything about size? Guess it just says that people are pretty sad when it comes to this type of shame inside the beltway. This is really low. Can you imagine if they come out with a monica Lewinsky doll that said something silly like "My knees bend" right on the box . . . oh, wait. Awww, that was just soemthing funny someone thought up. I mean no one would make fun of the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal like that . . . or would they?

Its not so much the American obsession with the Weiner scandal (come on, the name just screams for the jokes), but it is the Main sleaze Media's obsession with it. It is unbelievable the number of news outlets that made this scandal story one. Breaking news. Headlining the news. Tonight's top story. And the topic of numerous "exclusive." Truly despicable when considering all the things that need our attention, and this is what they find newsworthy. I guess we should just be glad Weiner was not cut from the same jock strap as Australian politician Troy Buswell, who also refused to quit when his odd sexual scandal came out.

Okay, this weird one is old (about a year and a half), but it popped up in my scanning so I had to share. As the ecstasy about the election of President Obama died down a bit, police in the tiny town of Palmview, TX found custom made drugs (balck tar heroine and ecstasy) in the shape of President Obama. (They were also in the shape of Homer Simpson, but you know . . . they were for druggies. DOH!) I guess since the thrill of the election was turning south, some people may have needed a pick me up. Oh well.

And on the Obama front news, the first family is okay with dad Barack only serving one term as President. Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint them, now would we. If only the Republican field had some much better choices.

The huge brouhaha of the Sarah Palin emails has finally come to the light of day. Here is a scoop: The left and all the Palin-haters out there are just dying to find some dirt or scrap of scandal to hang out the former Alaska Governor . . . but are coming up not only short, but enhancing the possible GOP candidates likability and approval ratings. Even Jon Stewart realizes this is a bad tactic to pursue.

I love Stewart. Even as a conservative, I can really appreciate the humor and the slivers of truth in his comedy.

Top staff at the Newt Gingrich 2012 campaign left. Some are shocked. Some are glad. Some just want to have fun with the whole thing. But serious, Newt, you really can't think you have much of a chance, do you?

Anyway, this is some of the odd that has happened while I was away relaxing. Agree with me or not about this stuff, it doesn't matter. Just wanted to make you think about how we have to deal with all this nonsense from our government and what passes for news agencies these days. But heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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