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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney chooses Ryan and Democrats choose same old lies

Romney chooses Ryan and the Democrats choose to go with the same old lies that didn't work months ago.

Here's an email, which came out just after Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate.

This from Obama for America staffer, Patty Murray:

"The news just broke: Mitt Romney has announced GOP Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan is best known for the extreme budget that bears his name -- one that would end Medicare as we know it while giving huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. A Romney-Ryan ticket is a frightening prospect for the middle class and anyone who might one day need Medicare or Social Security."

Problem is, that denounced this is patently untrue back in April, May, July, etc, etc.

So why go with the same old lies?

Because the party faithful and the uneducated masses out there will believe it. Say it enough times and people will just believe you on anything. At least that is what President Obama and the Democratic machine want you to do. Believe everything they say no matter how false, unprovable or just plain stupid it is.

Anyway, Ryan was a good choice, and one that I had been saying for some time privately. (I don't go about speculating on running mates because they never pick who you SAY they will. And you just end up looking stupid.)

He is an intelligent, well spoken, passionate patriot who really has shown he has a backbone and won't back down to opposition pressure. He has represented his state well while keeping the needs of the country forefront in his mind. This is how all members of Congress should act. But they don't, of course. The only downside to Ryan being chosen as Romney's VP, is that it will be one less intelligent voice in Congress when Romney wins the White House in november.

That's right. I said WHEN Romney wins the White House in November.

I think with the choice of Paul as his VP, Romney has swung enough Republican voters to actually voting in November. So many were of the opinion that it didn't matter because Romney was not their choice and he didn't stand a chance of winning.

I predict (which I will rarely do in print) that the polls will show a dramatic increase in Republicans and independents for Romney. I predict a majority of states will be leaning toward Mitt by late September and early October. I predict that Obama's "slight edge" in the polls will slip markedly after Ryan and Biden participate in the VP debate on October 11.

So, as the Democrats whip up the frenzy of the Party drones and uneducated America, just remember, you heard it hear first. This will be the first of many "really stupid moments" in the 2012 Democratic campaign now that the tickets are complete.

Anyway, agree or not, doesn't matter to me. Your use of that gray matter between your ears does matter to all of America. Use it instead of leaving for others to fill. Think about what is being said. Look into the truths and lies. Decide for yourself. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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