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Saturday, August 4, 2012

MoveOn? Seriously, time to MOVE ON!

Why is MoveOn still in existence? Why do they still have the ear of ANYBODY in the public?

These sleaze-bucket perpetuators and ultimate HATE mongers should be out the door with yesterday's trash. But for some reason, all of you people out there who lay claims to HATERS in America still listen to these blowhards.

To what am I referring to now?

The slimebucket ad about Mrs. Romney's horse in the Olympics. Read about it here because I WILL NOT LINK to the ad itself.

ONE - The candidate's wife has MS (thats multiple sclerosis for all you dimwits)
TWO - She first started riding as a therapy for her MS
THREE - She promotes programs to help others get riding therapy for their debilitating illnesses
FOUR - As much as all the left wing liberals want to KEEP promoting class warfare, it smack of hypocrisy when compared to the First Lady's jet-setting, clothes horse lifestyle
FOUR - Candidate's families, unless they hold office or commit a crime or meddle in politics, are OFF LIMITS . . . so says Michelle Obama, your own queen
FIVE - If you can't win on your actual record or proposed ideas then you have no business running for office. If all you can do is belittle your opponent and their family, you have no business trying to be a representative of the people.
SIX - If you are a sleaze bucket organization who is willing to offer tips to criminals on how to beat the system, make tons of false accusations against people who expose you for the sleaze you are and try to exert influence over large groups of the populace by perpetuating hate speech and stereotypes - you should just MOVE ON and get the hell out of America.

But you know, that is just my opinion. You can agree or not and quite frankly I don't care. I am just trying to get you to stop listening to influence peddlers who don't really care about you and your needs - they have their own agenda. I don't even want you to just blindly agree with me. Check it out. Think for yourself. STOP BEING SHEEP! Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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