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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Politics are NOT small

President Obama, in a recent cry for more donations (still think this is tantamount to asking Walmart to pay for an ad campaign telling them why they should hire you), he made a statement that I think is not only wrong but very telling.

He said, "Sometimes politics can seem very small. But the choice voters face in this election couldn't be bigger."

I think he also has a video that says this same thing. I saw it on Hulu.

The thing I think that is wrong about this is that politics is never small. It is the politicians who are small and petty and whiney and insincere and lots of other adjectives. Politics is very big. And very important. It is the governing dynamic of our country and thus something to be paid very close attention to.

But it is also very telling about the people who feel this way. They would never admit that it is them who are small . . . and petty and all the other things I mentioned above. They always blame everything on the "other guy." They never, ever take blame for what is going on. Whatever happened to "the buck stops here" mentality?

I know its a basic leadership lesson, but these people in the political game (and I really hate calling it that because its our lives and freedoms at stake, but they treat it like a game) don't seem to know it.

Take responsibility for things that are your responsibility. He is the President. He signed on for this. Everything in DC and the country is his responsibility. If the economy is going bad, take the blame. Then work on fixing it. If your hand-picked head of a government agency (DoJ) goes off the reservation, take the blame - you hired him - and fix the problem. Stop laying blame for what others do simply because it is politically expedient to do so.

Hell, if the President screws up, we the American people take the blame. We hired him. And we fix it by firing him.

Here is a simple list (from the Burlington County, NJ court system) about what defines someone who has transformative leadership:
• Have followers – Not subordinates
• Charismatic, transformative, quiet style
• Good with people (people-focused)
• Give credit to others
• Take blame for problems
• Understand problems and hurdles are natural
• Risk-taking – Open to new ideas
• Break the rules to get the job done
• Followers work for intrinsic rewards
• Be inspired in heart and mind – Show It
• Commitment to life-long learning

Sound like any leader you know?

Nope. Well, maybe some aspects. Lets look at how the President rates.

• Have followers – Not subordinates - The President has MANY "followers" . . . but kind of cultish, if you ask me.
• Charismatic, transformative, quiet style . . . Oh yeah, he is a silver tongued so-and-so
• Good with people (people-focused) . . . god - oops, good - with SOME people, I'll give him that (author's note - that really was a typo but it did fit.)
• Give credit to others . . . Nope, just blames others and credits himself
• Take blame for problems . . . Not even once
• Understand problems and hurdles are natural . . . Nope, makes huge deals out of it so he can seem either superhuman for offering solutions or just human for not being able to fix them
• Risk-taking – Open to new ideas . . . Only if those ideas are his
• Break the rules to get the job done . . . Only to get his agenda done, not his job
• Followers work for intrinsic rewards . . . . Follows work for quid pro quo - whats in it for them
• Be inspired in heart and mind – Show It . . . Only shows things he feels will forward his agenda, or get re-elected
• Commitment to life-long learning . . . Commitment to life long teaching, explaining, whinning - hasn't learned a thing since in office

Now realize, I am only picking on Obama because he is the one who said it. Pick any politician and hold them up to this list. Bet you won't find a single one who can prove their leadership by it.

Agree or disagree, makes no difference. All I ask is that you stop listening to the SPIN, stop being SHEEP, and think for yourself. Use that grey matter between your ears for something other than Xbox or Olympic statistics. Wrap your minds around the issues of this country and listen to the politicians with logical reasoning. Don't let them "play" on your emotions. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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