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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Will they ever learn? Or care?

"Today, Mitt Romney is holding a $50,000-a-head fundraiser in the Hamptons with one of the Big Oil billionaire Koch Brothers.

They'll have a lot to celebrate together: Romney's campaign brought in a whopping $100 million in June and the Kochs have raised millions more for their outside groups.

Charles -- I won't mince words: If Mitt and his SuperPAC backers can bury us under a wave of corporate special interest cash right now, we will lose in November.

We need you right now."

This is from Robby Mook.

Here's my response:

"Yo, Robby. You and the President and all your PACS, along with Mitt, the Koch Borthers and all their PACS can go scratch and kiss my a**!

You guys want to win in November? And I mean you or Mitt or whoever? You morons want my vote? Get your priorities straight! Stop whining about how your going to be outspent. We don't want words or spin or rhetoric or blaming of the other guy. We want action. We want demonstrable leadership. Whining is not leading. Show you can be a leader who isn't intent to ask the people who are set to hire you (again, in Obama's case) for money to convince them to hire him (again).

I mean think about this for a second. Just use some freaking common sense.

If you went to Walmart for a job. Then went and asked all the employees, managers, owners and shareholders of Walmart to give you money so you can put up a billboard stating whay you should be hired and why the other applicants are lame. That is exactly what you are doing.

Stop begging and start doing. Stop whining and start listening. In 2008 President Obama did not "win by a mandate." He only got a liottle over half the votes. In my opinion, that means that he didn't get almost half the votes.

And you all spent an unbelievable amount of over $51 BILLION dollars for him to get the job.

Do you know how much food for food pantries across the country this money could have provided? Do you know how many Americans who have been kicked out of their homes that could have used some of that to get caught up so they didn't have to end up on the streets, in food lines, in homeless shelters, bunking with family?

You all really need to get your priorities straight."

I really sent this reply back. He probably won't read it. No one will probably read it. But that would be typical of politicians today. They don't get it, they don't hear it and they really don't care.

But maybe, if everyone sent replies back to all these stupid, whining, moronic emails, they might just start. I know that we got them to change their "raffling of the White House" with our campaign to end the "Dinner with Barack" campaign lottery. We got Mitt Romney to include a "no purchase necessary" line which made Obama do the same.

So who knows, maybe they will listen to the little guy if enough little guys gang up on them.

But who knows. I mean, who the heck am I? Who the heck are you? To them anyway.

Agree, disagree . . . doesn't matter. Just think for yourself, see these butt holes for who they are - buncha rich, fat cats, who only listen to special interest and really don't care about the common American. But hell, who am I? Nobody. Just a guy, an American with some conservative values that loves this country, Thinking Out Loud.

have a great day.


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