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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take that, Mister President

BAM! Mr. President! WE built this stuff. And most times had to struggle through tons of red tape to do it. But,a s the video shows, Americans build things. And its the tax dollars form what WE build that pays for the salaries AND RETIREMENT PAY of all those lame, do-nothing politicians. Including YOU, Mr. President! What the hell did YOU build?!

"So," you may ask, "what got you riled this time?"

Not riled up, JAZZED!

Bristol Palin asked for and received photos of things and businesses Americans built. Without government help. In fact, many times with government interference.

What she received was an incredible trove. She made a video with just a sample of what was sent. It is inspiring. AND its an "in-your-face-Mr-President" moment.

AS you can see, I am still annoyed at the arrogance and ignorance of such basic truths about America that President Obama just doesn't appear to get. I outlined in a recent blog post all the problems with that particular speech. But this one thing still gets me peeved because Obama is so completely oblivious to it. He doesn't even get what he said was wrong. And neither do his blind supporters.

I understand people who are passionate about their choices in political office. Really, I do. But to so BLINDLY follow everything they say and be a complete air-headed cheerleader for them is just so beyond me.

Thats my biggest problem with the people I like to term Obama-nites. They're SHEEP, plain and simple. Mindless, drones who re-spout the party line without any thought of their own rattling around in their head. If they actually knew what the hell they were spouting and did it anyway, I could respect that. America is made up of diversity, including of opinion. But if these echo machines of the liberal party stopped and said "oh wait, thats not right", I would respect them more. But they don't. They blindly follow whatever SPIN is sent their way. They do not question what the "great one" says or his SPIN-masters pass along.

Here is a fact. Government is supposed to provide an environment for businesses and people to succeed. AN ENVIRONMENT! Not the give away whole freaking she-bang! Government is not supposed to be a cradle-to-grave hand out system. James Madison argued that government would NEVER become this way because the people would not allow their liberties to be usurped (Federalist No. 46).

Guess he was wrong. Because we are creating and evolving a nation of SHEEP. A nation where they think the government will solve all their problems. A nation of CHILDREN. Children who not only can't think for themselves, but who can't do for themselves either.

No wonder the President thinks the government did and does all these things. He never ran a business. Never had to build anything. And he was given everything . . . including the Presidency. In 2004 he was a nobody junior Senator from Illinois. Someone gave him the speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. From there he just kept campaigning and was given all the resources that kept getting him elected and running again. From state Senator to US Senator to President in just six short years. Who does that? Nobody . . . . without help from a machine.

So of course HE thinks government does everything for you. He's never had to do for himself. But his followers are out here in the real world. And they still don't get it either.

Well, I am just going on. I'll stop my rant and just remind you all that whether you agree or not, I just want it to be YOU who is agreeing or disagreeing. I would prefer you think for yourself and STOP BEING SHEEP. I would hope to help you AVOID THE SPIN. And really, don't even take my word as gospel (not that anyone does), look at everything going on and decide for yourself how you feel about it. But heck, either way, this is just me - as usual - Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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