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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Money more important than deeds?!

Okay, I am calling out the President, Romney, the GOP, the Democrats, and all the money people out there who are so keen and intent on "buying" the Presidency.

You have all got it so wrong! Its not the money, STUPIDS! Its the deeds!

Obama spent 18 minutes complaining to donors the other day that he will be the "first sitting President to be outspent on his re-election campaign" in modern history.

What!?!? WTF, even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all really have your priorities screwed up. And the mainstream media is not helping by pushing these stories and not telling the people the records. Its not money, you frigging dunderheads! It is what you have done, what you have plans on doing and howw that sits with us, the Americans who would put you in office.

Negative campaigns, big dollar fundraisers, PACS, SuperPACS, "outside alllies"!


But what the hell am I saying?! The dolts out there who listen to your BS and spread it around like fertilizer on the farms are just as bad. They actually listen to your whining and complaining and stupid arrogant platitudes.

I am so very fed up with the lot of you.

People are starving in America. That's right. Starving. If you put even a FRACTION of all that money you waste on these stupid things, America would be better off. Whole families rely on food pantries to feed their children. Food pantries! Its unthinkable that in today's America there would even be a need for a food pantry. And you whine about being outspent. Where the hell is your humanity? You patriotism? Your sense of service to the people. Outspent. Jeez! What a little baby you are. Not a man at all. And certainly not a true President of the United States.

People are being forced out of their homes at alarming rates. Foreclosures by banks YOU support and BEG for their campaign dollars. Oh wait, thats right. you expect the people who don't have homes to live in, money for gas and food to put on their table to give YOU money so YOU can keep being President. Or in Romney's case, want to be President. You guys aren't leaders in any sense of the word.

Americans are losing their jobs left and right. SPIN all the numbers you want. It ain't playing at this theater. Just go out onto the streets and ask a random person if they are jobless or know someone who is jobless. I will bet you a doughnut that you will get an affirmative answer every time. And that is not just sad, but it is pathetic. You think you are fit to lead this country? You don't even know what this country is going through. You don't know the struggles faced by AVERAGE Americans, the ones YOU want to donate to YOUR campaign.

In 2008, you all spent a total of over $50 BILLION dollars for the election. DO you know how much that $50 BILLION could have helped average Americans?? Of course not. Its not real money to you. Its not even YOUR MONEY!!!!!! You frighten it out of little old ladies. You cajole it out of people just trying to survive. You trick it out of people who might want just a small piece of history (dinner or lunch with a President or wannabe) so they can find some sense to go on in the misery YOU ALL have created.

Leaders? I think not! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your priorities are ALL screwed up! Shame on you, Mr. President for your whining! Shame on you, Gov. Romney for your fear mongering! Shame on all the SPIN doctors and politicians and political parties and special interest groups and millionaire king maker wannabes! You have no clue what AMerica is, what America needs and who Americans are.

You only see dollar signs and power.

The lot of you should be thrown to the streets.

Agree or disagree, I don't care. If you can't see these people for what they are then shame on you, too. But what the hell, like you even listen to anyone else anyway. If they are not a celebrity or a big name politician or a person with huge chunks of money, you can't even believe they are someone worth listen to. But if you do listen, just for a brief second and see that they are all screwed up. Maybe you will be able to break out of the cocoon of SPIN and think for yourself. Thats all i can hope for. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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  1. Love this editorial cartoon. Only thing missing is threat of jail. Spot on!