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Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney "Bain scandal" actually an Obama staff lawsuit waiting to happen

I started writing a reply to an article in the Atlantic Wire, but realized it would fall on deaf and dumb (the lack of intelligence kind of dumb) ears.

So, I thought I would share it here today. Maybe tomorrow I will find the inspiration to talk about Madison and the federalist papers.

In response to the article referenced above, the specific and the general comments by the "readers" of this bit of media fluff, I wrote:

"Its amazing how everyone can DEMAND to know all about this or that fact when it comes to Romney, but there were so many bits of information about Obama that never saw the light of day in 2008. And now that the FACTS they are so hyoed about turn out to be false, they will still scream for JUTSICE. All they want is the free government handouts the Obama Administration is offering. ** They don't want to work, or earn, or create or contribute. (** The illegal immigrant and their relatives want Obama's free ride to citizenship. The welfarers want Obama's free healthcare and continuation of free handouts. The rich liberals want Obama's free "feel good about themselves" card.)

I am not saying I am convinced Romney is worth my vote. But let us all be smart and stop believing the rhetoric of campaign spin doctors.

Here is a fact maybe all of you can understand. In 2008, the run for President raised $51 BILLION in donations to secure the job for the winner. This election looks to go even higher than that. Yet Americans are subsisting on food pantries for their meals. Americans are being kicked out of their homes left and right. Still. Americans are worse off than they were four, ten, twenty years ago. Families have to decide between food for their kids, medicine for their parents, electricity or rent/mortgage. Jobs are scarce, no matter what "jobs report" comes out from whom. Today, Americans are more likely to know someone who is hungry, homeless, jobless then they were ten years ago. Young American men and women are dying everyday to maintain YOUR freedoms. Yet we still have politicians who whine about being outspent on an election campaign, whine about Americans "not getting" what they are trying to sell, whine about this party or that party stopping them from spending more, doing less and listneing not at all."

It really frustrates me to no end how stupid people are, how willing to listen to people who really don't care about them. And I refer to the above statistic as the grounds for that statement.

If Obama, his people, Romney, his people, and everyone else in elected office for more than 12 years (the span of two Senate terms) really, truly, cared . . . they would stop the rhetoric, stand on records, stop pandering, stop patronizing and stop whining about who is spending what to get elected. I personally know dozens of people who do not get enough to eat every week.

This is America. This should NEVER happen.

I know dozens of people who do not have jobs and have no prospect of getting jobs in the near future.

This is America. This should NEVER be.

And I know far too many politicians who care more about their lobby buddies, their tenure, their political fortune than the people they are elected to represent.

This is America. And this should NEVER be stood for.

Agree or not. Just look at the facts. Look at the information. Look at the records and then listen to the rhetoric and do a "Judge Judy". If it doesn't make sense (not if you can't bend it to your advantage), its not true. Either way you look at it, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Try to have a great day.


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