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Friday, August 10, 2012

Holder's incompetence not just a headline

You may say I don't like Eric Holder simply because he is part of the Obama Administration. And I obviously don't agree with much the Obama Administration has done since taking office nearly four years ago.

BUt the fact is, I just don't like Eric Holder.

He is incompetent and arrogant and, quite frankly and in my opinion, a racist.

But it is much worse than that. Holder's incompetence is much, much more than just a headline to be splashed about in an election year. He is a menace to people's lives. And I don't say that in a grandiose frame. I mean he is a menace to very specific individuals' lives.

Take, for example, the case of Special Agent Jay Dobyns.

This ATF agent has had his family threatened and nearly murdered, his home burnt down b y criminals in retaliation for putting them in prison, his job on the line for demanding his supervisors follow up on the investigation of the fire and the protection of his family, and even been the subject of an investigation as a retaliation by his own department. He is one of the whistleblowers who brought evidence of the incompetence and corruption of his bosses in the Fast and Furious case.

But since Holder is teflon on that case, it seems he is teflon on all cases of his own incompetence. But his incompetence and arrogance is not only becoming a a block to the Constitutional freedoms of Americans (as in his dismissals of cases involving the rights of Americans to vote without intimidation), but he is dangerous to individual lives as well.

Eric Holder is, simply put, a hinderance to the security of America, of American idealism and to American's indvidual rights and very lives. His arrogance makes him feel it not necessary to resign. His incompetence makes it IMPERATIVE he be removed from office. Obama's reluctance to demand either gives him confidence, as the ATF supervisor had and has by his own removal not happening, to stay right where he is.

If Obama does NOTHING else of any significance in the days leading up to and after the elections, he has to gather his scrawny little testicles and FIRE this dangerous man.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it until it happens. ERIC HOLDER MUST GO!

Come on, Mr President, grow a pair. Make him resign today or fire him!

Anyway, you can agree with me or not. So long as I get you to think about what is going on and use that brain of yours to decide what to do without anyone, even me, telling you what to think, then I feel I have done something worthwhile. This is America, after all. The land where individual courage, strength of conviction, passionate enthusiasm and brilliant innovation has been leading the world for 236 years. No matter how you feel about what I say, though, its okay. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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