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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eliminate FEMA? Hell yes!

People are so upset that Romney wants to eliminate FEMA.

But what the heck is so wrong with that? I mean, FEMA is a federal agency, right? How are federal agencies funded? By us, thats who! Through taxes! So we pay less federal taxes. We will still need to pay taxes, but to the state emergency management agencies.

Think about it.

Local taxes to be distributed by local agencies for local emergencies. Makes more sense to me. Instead of having to go through all the federal red tape when we need emergency situation funding, we do it through our local agencies. No more crap from the feds on what is and what is not an emergency. instead of our governors begging for money from the federal government, they can just take care of it themselves.

$3.6 BILLION dollars to fund FEMA. But what if the states had access to that right away? faster response, better services and more accountability of the state governments to their local citizenry.

Americans have gotten so used to the nanny state mentality of the federal government. They have forgotten that when the founders created the federal government they envisioned a weak form that was accountable to the states and not the other way around. They have forgotten that if the federal government oversteps their bounds, the states have not only a right but a RESPONSIBILITY to stop them.

We need MORE federal government agencies cut! Not less.

But thats just my thoughts. Gotta go now because I have no power (thank you Hurricane Sandy) and have to leave where I am. So agree or not, doesn't matter, just so long as I get you to think and stop listening to the SPIN. This is just me Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day and be safe.


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