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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, whiners are whiners, right? So Obama won. Big deal. Get over it.

This is the call from the left.

Its a mandate, some cry out. You lost. Stop whining you big babies.

All the Chris Matthews of the world clamber.

So what is with the rush by 30 states now to file petitions on the government's We The People website?

Is it really a bunch of people who lost the election crying in their beer that they didn't get their way? Is it a bunch of rich white people who hate poor black America? Is it thieving, conniving  Republicans who want to steal money form little old ladies, push grandma over a cliff and rip-off poor young students? Is it a bunch of racist pigs who want to stop poor latinos from getting into America?

Or is it something more? Could it be a reaction by true patriots who want to stop the madness that has left America on the brink of third world status? Could it be anger of the other half of America who don't want to see the country plunge into the abyss of European socialism? Could it be citizens who understand what the Federal government has been doing over the past several decades in gathering power they were never meant to have?

Maybe its just a bunch of pissed off people who are tired of a government intent on treating fully grown adults as irresponsible children all the while acting like the mindless irresponsible morons who couldn't figure out that 25 cents a pound is better than $60,000 a ton.

Maybe its a way for the common people to actually get a deaf government - who thinks they know better and we would too if they could only explain it better to us - to LISTEN to us.

The real issue behind the petitions of secession is to place the President on notice that there was no landslide, no mandate, and that the Federal Government as envisioned by the founders (read the Federalist Papers to understand how far we have traveled away) has been seriously eroded. Madison argued for a central federal government by dismissing claims that it would become too powerful and steal the rightful power of the states and the people. Despite Madison's assurances, this is exactly what has happened. These petitions are a response by a frustrated and angry citizenry. The President, Congress and the Federal government as a whole need to listen. If they don't, it will only get worse. These petitions of secession are not threats but cries for a government out of control to return to one of the people, for the people and by the people.

Agree, disagree, but stop listening to the Party apparatus on both sides. Research the things this is about, check out what the actual people are saying, ignore what the SPIN masters are saying and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF what you think about it. No matter how you come to a thought on this issue make sure it is YOUR thoughts. No matter what you decide, so long as YOU decide, then I will have done what I set out to do. After all, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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