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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

America is STILL a sovereign nation

The UN should not be allowed to run anything that is American. PERIOD!

They should not be allowed to tell us how to write our laws. They should not be allowed to tell us how to handle our gun rights. They should not be allowed to run our military. They need to keep their grubby hand out of our wallets. And they should definitely keep their collective mitts off our internet.

We are a sovereign nation. We fought a war 236 years ago that says so. We broke from a distant regime that tried to rule us then and we should not allow these foreigners any power to do so today.

I don't mean we should not cooperate with our neighbors in this world. But let them run their own damn countries and leave ours alone. The internal workings of America is OUR business, not theirs.

The minute our leaders abdicate our rights in the name of world cooperation is the minute we kick their collective butts out of office. And I mean that. I don't care if its a Democrat or Republican controlled government Administration. The UN has no business trying to run our country. Despite what has been going on the last several decades, America is run by Americans. True, the people have had very little say in our own government, but that is OUR fault. Collectively, we have given up our rights to an ever expanding Federal control. But it is still our American Federal government. The folks at the UN have a different idea.

And that simply cannot be allowed.

Get involved. Call and / or write your local, state and Federal officials. Tell them not only NO but HELL NO! to the UN takeover of America!

You can agree or disagree with this that the UN needs to stay out of America's business. You can agree or disagree that we need to maintain the sovereignty we fought to get and maintain over the past 236 years. But whatever you do, do NOT sit idly by as our leaders sell us down the river. Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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