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Monday, November 26, 2012

Women rightfully complain but are also hypocrites

Okay, here is a video I think is very important in term of message about women needing to rail against the media's massively disgusting imagery of women.

But at the same time, they sit and whine about something halfway through that just pisses me off.

They rightfully state that 51% of the US populations women and yet only 17% of Congress is women. There are more women in politics in China, Iraq, and Cuba than in the United States. In fact, the US stands at number 90 in terms of women in legislative positions.

But these are the same women who jumped right on the band wagon of misogyny in 2008 when all the media attacks against Sarah Palin derailed an important election. I don't care who you wanted or who you voted for in that election, you cannot deny the downturn in American politics that took place amidst all the bitch, ditz and sexist comments about a former Governor. All efforts were made to minimize the fact that she had immense qualifications for office, a proven track record of non-partisan efforts for the citizens of her state - just so they could remind everyone she was a beauty pageant contestant, meaning she couldn't possibly have a brain. (Remember the bikini clad, gun totting Palin photoshopped picture circulating around the internet and in print magazines? Remember the Tina Fey SNL parody that was often erroneously quoted as having been said by Palin herself . . . and the liberal folks at SNL who perpetuated the lie?)

All these women were right there with the major media dismissing Palin, jumping on the Misogyny Bandwagon. Why? Why would these people who complain about being 90th in the world for women in legislature demean a woman? I couldn't tell you why these women are such hypocrites.

They also did it to Hilary Clinton, but to a lesser degree. That was just as wrong.

So how can you take what they say now seriously when they are such hypocritical sods?

Well, no matter where you fall on their hypocrisy, their message against an industry that thinks this is how we view / should view women is still valid.

So, watch. React. Fight against this and all stereotypes. Call the television stations, write the advertisers. Threaten boycott. Or better yet, ACTUALLY boycott. Threats do nothing, but when they see their sales TANKING . . . well, you know the old saying. Money talks.

Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter. Because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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