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Monday, March 23, 2015

Thinking about voting for Hillary? Read this first . . .

If you are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016 . . . all I ask is that you read this first. You can still vote for her if this and all the recent news from Benghazi to her flagrant snubbing of her nose at the law, Congress and the American people does not dissuade you.

And its not a woman thing. I know that will be what many people say. Just like they said (and still do) that any criticism against Obama is a race thing. Which is ridiculous. I could care less if he is black. I just just don't like him, his olitics, his arrogance and his vapid allegiance to everyone OTHER than the America people. Anyway . . .

But read this and then make up your own mind. Don't just believe me. Read and research the truth. Don't be fooled by SPIN. Think For Yourself.

But this is just me . . . thinking out loud!

Have a great day.


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