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Monday, November 1, 2010

About the Midterms and educating a President for real

Barack Obama says in a recent email to constituents, "Washington Republicans have tried to block our progress at every turn. And worse, they're campaigning on taking us back to the exact same agenda that brought us to the brink of disaster: Cut taxes for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class while ballooning the deficit. Give free rein to Wall Street speculators. Lower the minimum wage for millions of hard-working families. Privatize Social Security. And allow insurance companies to deny children health coverage based on pre-existing conditions. The problem is we know what this looks like -- and we know it doesn't work."

The problem is we know that he is lying through his teeth on so many accounts. The first of which is that he has, as recently as early October, where he said he expects to work with the Republicans post Midterm elections. Yet here he is casting animosity among those who would back him. And why should anyone believe him when, like the puppet he has become, he lets Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pull all the strings behind the scenes. Pelosi began the session of the House with rules that made it all but impossible for Republicans to have ANY input into the legislation process, thus cutting off nearly half of the representation of Americans in the House.

In a CNN report, the probable next Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) says, he "promises his style would be a sharp contrast to the way Democratic leaders have run the House. The GOP leader says Republicans will be more transparent and inclusive. Boehner accuses Democrats of doing business "in the dark of night" without "fair debate," and he points to the way Democrats handled massive health care and energy bills -- both of which fueled Tea Party outrage about Congress' inner workings -- as exactly what Republicans won't do."

And this is exactly what this voter revolt has been all about. The whole reason the TEA party groups have popped up, and why Republicans (and Democrats) need to listen, is that they have been doing business in the dark of night and without any real input from those it would govern. Obama felt his election gave him carte blanc to do whatever he felt was meant in "change you can believe in." Unfortunately, that is NOT how the United States works.

Obama and Democrats (and even some Republicans) will suddenly have to come to the realization that the voters are the ones with the final say. The President may have enjoyed a 51% to 49% victory in the 2008 elections. But this Midterm election will remind them that 51% does not a referendum on his agenda make.

Boehner "has proposed a number of reforms to change the way the House works." Among the reforms, he has promised that his "regular order" of doing this will revert back to committees crafting smaller legislation on specific topics instead of the elite small group of conspirators without allowing any input from the people who represent nearly half of America.

It is about time that ALL politicians understand it is the people they represent who they must ultimately answer to. They have been content with a fairly numb electorate. But no more. Post midterms, post TEA party activism, Americans have woken up to what can happen when they become too apathetic and fall asleep at the wheel.

The mainstream media may or may not get the message. Who knows. Those guys are all so radicalized lap dogs, they may not even know what the media in America as concerns our government are supposed to be about. Thankfully we have people willing to stand up and create a new, alternative media.

Agree, disagree, whatever. It really makes no difference to me. All I care is that I may have opened a few minds to a different way of looking at things and not take ANYONE as the ultimate authority. Because in the end, the ultimate authority on what kind of country you want to live in is up to you. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day. And get out there to vote tomorrow, America!

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