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Sunday, December 5, 2010

No surprise to the lies

The Democrats are telling lies that anyone with common sense can see through. But people who want to believe them are not using common sense.

The first lie is that the "TAX CUTS" will cost us $750 billion while the extension of unemployment benefits will cost $18 billion.

Common sense will tell you to look at what they are talking about. The tax cuts will not cost anything. They will keep the government from receiving $750 billion over ten years, while the unemployment benefits will cost $65 billion each year. So that is about $75 billion in uncollected money each year for the tax cuts while the unemployment extension will cost $65 billion each year.

The second thing to look at is that the tax cuts are not tax cuts. The stopping of them will cost business by RAISING tax rates.

Next lie about all this is that the Republicans are heartless people who believe that people would rather get an unemployment check than work. The truth is that Republicans know that unemployment is a problem. There are people out there who would rather collect a free check than work but this is not why the Republicans are taking a hard line. The fiscally conservative person knows that first we must tighten the belt and find a way to pay for the unemployment extension AND help business get the economy moving and hire people.

It is the Democrats that would rather spew rhetoric than address the real problems. They are more willing to offer people a hand out and get them addicted to government help then give a hand up and help people fend for themselves, as it should be. They are like drug dealers, except the drug they choose to peddle is dependence on the government. And they peddle it well.

The next lie they are pushing out there is that business are greedy and don't care about anything but their bottom line. This is so far from the truth. Business depends on people to succeed. They depend on people to buy their products and services. They depend on people to see their products and services. In a down economy, neither is happening.

But what Democrats don't understand or refuse to understand is the concepts and facts about business and a capitalistic society. If you keep making the atmosphere for business constantly question what will be happening next, it is hard for them to plan or operate their businesses effectively. They cannot have the rules changing every year or every few years. They plan YEARS down the road.

If the Democrats would stop being beholden to their union puppeteers, they would work on HOW to pay for the unemployment benefit extension, which is all the Republicans are asking. If they were serious about getting the economy up and running again and have people be able to live their lives how they want without being dependent on the government for everything, they would get off the nonsense of lying about the tax cuts. The "rich" they so quickly label business owners currently pay 35% in taxes (a whole hell of a lot more than the average Joe working stiff), but would have to pay another 3% (which is a lot more when you consider the big numbers we are talking about here) if the tax rate is not maintained.

It is not a tax cut. It is a status quo of the tax rate. Imagine if you were asked to suddenly pay 3% more in taxes next year. at a $40,000 a year job, that comes out to an additional $1200 in taxes, or $100 a month. Can you afford to give the government another $100 a month? What bill will you stop paying? Do you stop paying rent? Or stop buying food? Maybe you can stop paying those credit card bills or don't buy clothes for your kids. Now imagine you have employees working for you, and pulling in $250,000 a year, you have to stop paying $625 a month to someone. An employee, a vendor or maybe cut coverage for health or something. Tell you employees there will be no Christmas bonus this year. Now who appears heartless?

Add to this the whole healthcare costs you will now have to deal with. If you don't believe that nugget will affect businesses, just look at the million dollar a year hit AT&T has reported to the SEC (as is required by law and not a politically motivated stunt).

The Democrats such as Pelosi are lying so big that most people out there seem to be just dazed by the non-common sense of it all and are believing it.

Don't be fooled. And don't take my word. Stop and think about it. Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner. Or better yet, relate it to your own household. If you have less money coming in but more expnses to deal with, do you borrow from the bank or on your credit card or just print up your own money? Or do you tighten your belt until you make it through the hard times?

Agree or disagree, it makes no difference to me. Just so long as you stop believing the rhetoric and start thinking for yourselves. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

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